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Time traveling at

February 22, 2024 by Elliot James 3 Comments

If you used to collect magazines and video tapes of the big-breasted stars of the late 1980s and 1990s, like I did, and maybe you spent some quality time watching big-boobed feature dancers in strip clubs, like I used to, SCOREClassics is the website to check out. I haven’t walked into a strip club in years because there are no dancers like this group anymore. Tragic.

Minka & Danni Ashe

Tiffany Towers & Lacey Legends

Zoryna Dreams

Letha Weapons



SCORE magazine Volume 32 Number 3

January 4, 2024 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Busting out in this edition of SCORE, #1 in big boobs since 1992: covergirl Charlotte Queen. Ashlyn Peaks, Safira Yakkuza, Bad Bella, Stacy Vandenberg and Alexsis Faye. Nadia Mia, Danielle Derek and Patty Michova in super-hardcore XXX action. Get your copy at Your choice, digital or good old-fashioned print.

The boob lover’s bible.

Emanuella Rossa makes a cock disappear, and remembering an old haunt

December 9, 2022 by Dave

Emanuella Rossa is a girl of many talents.

Newcomer Emanuella Rossa returns to today to suck, fuck and take a big load on her huge naturals. A photo like this one makes we wonder how the average guy fares with Emanuella’s tits. I mean, if you’re sporting five inches hard, her tits must completely envelope your cock. Tom here is pretty well hung, but when Emanuella pushes her tits together, it’s gone. Not that that’s a bad thing. Emanuella is really quite a woman.

On a different subject, I found out the other day that Sunrise Mall in Massapequa, New York, on Long Island, has shut its doors for good. To me, this news is very sad. A long, long time ago, back in my early magazine-buying days in the 1970s, I purchased my adult material from the newsstand kiosk on the mall’s second floor. When I heard about the mall closing, I searched YouTube and found a walking tour of the nearly deserted mall. In the video, as the person walked towards the place, right at the top of the escalator, where that kiosk used to be, I felt the same familiar excitement of so many years ago, when I’d walk to the store, eager to see if any new big-tit mags had come in. Those were the days of Gent and Fling, way before SCORE. When I told him, SCORE founder John Fox found it very amusing that I liked buying mags from the little old lady behind the counter. I guess I got off on her thinking I was a young perv, which I was. If I could have seen the future, I would have told her, “I’m studying for my future career as a big-boob mag editor.”

Those were in the days before polybags, when mags were out in the open and you could pick one up and page through it until the clerk said, “Buy it or put it down.” Realize, I’m talking over 40 years ago.

Sunrise Mall also had a Nathan’s with those crunchy hot dogs and crinkle cut fries, and I gotta tell you, right now, I wouldn’t mind sitting at Nathan’s eating a hot dog and fries while anticipating getting home and paging through my new skin mag. Sorry if I sound like an old man, but those were the days.

The new Vmag is here with the 2021 awards winners

August 21, 2022 by Dave

Two-time Model of the Year Cheryl Blossom got the cover. Molly’s looking over her shoulder.

The new issue of Voluptuous (Vol. 29 No. 1), in which we announce the winners of Newcomer and Model of the Year, is on-sale now at in digital and print versions.

The big news in the issue is 18-year-old Molly Evans winning Newcomer of the Year, edging out SCORELAND Newcomer of the Year Holly Garner by a scant 0.3% of the vote. Honestly, I’m glad Molly won. It’s looking like Holly is going to win SCORE Newcomer of the Year, too, and it would have been a shame had Molly not been honored for her pretty face, youthful looks, big, beautiful floppers and hot posing. So congrats to Molly.

For the second consecutive year, Cheryl Blossom is Vmag‘s Model of the Year. As I wrote, repeating as Model of the Year puts Cheryl in a category with Sharday, Nicole Peters, Renee Ross, Joana Bliss and Vanessa Y., and if that’s not big-boob royalty, I don’t know what is.

The issue has new pictorials of Molly and Cheryl, the debuts of Katie Rose and Oksana, Joana Bliss XXX and much more. It also comes with 12 full-length XXX and solo videos you can stream on any device. I get the issues and videos for free now, but I wish we had this stuff when I was buying magazines.

It’s Bliss when Joana celebrates SCORE‘s 30th Anniversary

July 16, 2022 by Elliot James

Joana Bliss recreates Linsey Dawn McKenzie‘s famous cover of January 2002 SCORE magazine.

Joana was a very good choice for this since both Linsey and Joana are royalty in the big-boob world and Joana did hardcore for the first time this year. They’re physically different but they have those larger-than-life qualities that create a superstar.

LDM is one of Joana’s favorite models. They never met in-person and we never photographed them together although they modeled at the same Spanish location in the Costa del Sol, Linsey in 2003 and Joana a few months later in 2004.

The latest SCORE magazine is busting out

June 29, 2022 by Elliot James

It’s SCORE magazine’s 30th anniversary, and Volume 31 Number 1 stars Katy Ann recreating Pandora Peaks’ famous cover of the June 1996 issue. See 2020 Model of the Year Katy Ann pay tribute to Pandora, then feed your endless need for big boobs with pictorials of Hitomi, Minka, Victoria Lobov, Demora Avarice and Oksana. Special sections include “Oil & Cream, ” “Bigger is Better,” “First Fucks” and “Growth Spurts.” This issue also has the voting ballots for the 2021 Newcomer of the Year and Model of the Year contests and SCORE‘s Big-Boob Hall of Fame. Plus 4 hours of solo and XXX bonus videos. Available in digital format now and print.

Greedy about her massive boobs

June 9, 2022 by Elliot James

The one and only Demora Avarice chose the name Avarice because she’s greedy about her super-huge breasts. There are women who love big breasts and there are woman who LOVE big breasts.

Demora’s a wife and mom, and she goes to college also.

“I have an exaggerated vision of a body type that I like for myself, and that vision happens to have large breasts,” Demora said in an interview.

“I have a family so I often dress conservatively. When it’s just me and my husband I tend to emphasize them. I don’t get to see the ‘wow’ looks as much as my husband or our friends do but apparently I get them quite a bit.”

Demora’s SCORE magazine debut is in Volume 31 Number 1, on-sale July 19.

Demora: wife, mom, huge-boob star.

Katy Ann: Covering Pandora Peaks

February 19, 2022 by Elliot James

When the first issue of SCORE (June 1992) arrived at newsstands and stores, no one knew how it would be received. The big-bust magazine field was a crowded one. I saw the debut edition on the shelf of a store and immediately bought it.

“The odds of any new magazine succeeding are slim,” SCORE editor Dave wrote in Volume 30 Number 4, the first of the special 30th Anniversary editions coming in 2022. “The odds of a big-tit magazine lasting 30 years? Well, just ask all of the other big-tit mags that were around in ’92. Every single one of them is gone. We’re proud that SCORE is still going strong in its 30th year.”

The SCORE Group’s 30th Anniversary celebration at SCORELAND begins today with busty beauty Katy Ann recreating an iconic cover (July 1996 SCORE) featuring one of her all-time favorite <i>SCORE</i> Girls of the 1990s, feature dancer Pandora Peaks.

“I had a wonderful time and was so honored to recreate the iconic Pandora Peaks cover!” said Katy Ann, a SCORE star of today inspired by the stars of the past.