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Natasha Sweet sleeps naked and other things I learned from her new video

September 22, 2023 by Dave 2 Comments

Natasha Sweet sleeps naked. That’s one of the things I learned from her new video at

She wakes up horny. That’s another thing I learned, although it just confirmed my suspicions, which are that Natasha is horny all the time.

She calls for her boy toy. He’s there in an instant. Before long, he has his cock between her tits and in her mouth, sometimes both at the same time, and then in her pussy.

Can you imagine what it must be like to wake up every morning, look over and see Natasha? I have to wonder why this guy got out of bed and didn’t just wait for Natasha to wake up. Maybe she kept bumping into him with her boobs and waking him up.

Anybody who knows me knows that Natasha is one of my all-time favorites, and in all honesty, I can’t think of who I like better than her. Her combination of huge, creamy, chest-dominating tits, sexuality and sex skills is pretty much unmatched. She had me at, “I’m a street hooker who gets picked up by two guys and goes back to their apartment.” That was one of her first scenes back in 2016, and it’s still on my play list.

Natasha Sweet. You can call her The Greatest.

Natasha’s not leaving her bed until she gets some action.

When Natasha calls, be ready for her.




Sofia Deluxe takes a bikini day

September 21, 2023 by Elliot James 1 Comment

When Sofia Deluxe goes to a pool or the beach, every head must swivel in her direction.

Everyone wants to know who that girl is.

“The best part is when they look at me and I know what they are thinking,” Sofia said.

Sofia knows what you are thinking.

The things girls do in porn life that they don’t do in real life

August 12, 2023 by Dave 7 Comments

It’s really not so unusual for a girl to suck a guy’s balls in real life, as newcomer Busty St. Claire is doing here in porn life.

This photo of newcomer Busty St. Claire sucking balls at today got me thinking: Of all the sex acts that happen more often in porn than in real life, which happens comparatively the least often?

Now, I know porn sex isn’t supposed to mirror real life, but on my list of “It Happens Mostly in Porn,” ball-sucking is on the list but way down it. Other than 100-man gangbangs, my order goes something like this, from way-out-of-proportion to slightly-out-of-proportion.

1. Double penetration (Who out there has ever DP’d a girl in real life?)

2. Ass-to-mouth (I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have the balls to ask a girl to do this; she’d have to volunteer)

3. Salad tossing (the girl tossing the guy’s salad; I think the guy tossing the girl’s salad happens quite often in real life)

4. Two guys taking turns on a girl’s ass

5. Anal

6. Ball-sucking

7. Balls-deep deep-throat

8. Facials

9. And, I’m sad to say, the girl tit-fucking the guy’s cock and sucking it at the same time, like Natasha Sweet does so well.

I’m sure I missed some. Your thoughts?


The Greatest Tit-Sucking Party Ever

August 4, 2023 by Dave 5 Comments

From left to right, that’s Kira Clark, Katie Rose and Molly Evans.

The Greatest Tit-Sucking Party Ever takes place today at and SCORELAND: Molly Evans, Kira Clark and Katie Rose all in the same room together, doing what three naturally stacked girls do when they’re in the same room together: They play with and suck each other’s tits. Or at least that’s what they do in my imagination but also in today’s photos and videos.

The three girls were all discovered by the same photographer. They’re all from the same country. But until now, they’d never been together.

This is everything I’d hope it would be when I found out it was happening. In the best-case scenario, stuff like this doesn’t have to be scripted. It happens organically. Or orgasmically. Or both. It happened.


Angie Bravo…Barbie x 10

July 28, 2023 by Dave 4 Comments

South American Barbie times 10.

With all of the recent talk about Barbie, a movie I’m guessing I’ll never, ever see (although, I must admit, I have watched and enjoyed 80 For Brady and Book Club, so who knows?), I thought it might be nice for us to talk about girls who look like real girls look.

Angie Bravo.

Oh. Very few girls look like Angie. Okay. Let’s talk about her anyway.

Angie is only 21 years old, which means her breasts might still be growing. She has K-cup naturals, and her areolae are huge. A lot of girls have come The SCORE Group’s way over the past 30-plus years, and for my money, Angie is up there with anyone. And she fucks on-camera, which isn’t what she’s doing in her newest scene at, but that’s okay when she’s giving us photos like the one above and this one below. Whoa!

You don’t have to see the face to know the girl is Angie Bravo.


To jack to Lauren Hill or Sandra Star…that is the question

July 21, 2023 by Dave 3 Comments

Lauren Hill

Today is a wonderful day. Today, giant-titted natural newcomer Lauren Hill sucks and fucks a real cock at Lauren’s tits are beyond huge. You’d need hands the size of Andre the Giant’s to even have a chance of grabbing all of her boob meat. Actually, you’d probably need a shovel. Although that doesn’t sound very hot, does it?

What is hot is Lauren deep-throating and wrapping her boobs around the dude’s dick and then riding it hard. There’s a look of passion in Lauren’s eyes that says, “I’m really enjoying this.” Good. I enjoy watching her.

Also today, the great Sandra Star returns to SCORELAND with a brand-new hardcore scene. We’ve known Ms. Star since 2010, when she won Miss Hot SCORE. We’ve seen her tits grow. We’ve watched her body mature. We’ve seen her take cocks in all of her holes. Today, she’s taking it in her mouth and pussy. Soon, she’ll once again take it in her ass, too. When Sandra started out, she had the girl-next-door look. She elevated that to the slut-next-door look. I’m perfectly fine with both, and in all honesty, I’m happy with anything Sandra does.

To jack to Lauren or jack to Sandra today…that is the question.

Sandra Star



Would this do it for you?

July 14, 2023 by Dave 1 Comment

Sofia and her orgasm-inducing sucklers.

Today at, Latina girl-next-door Sofia Deluxe sucks and fucks on-camera for the second time. But, as we see here, she also offers up her huge naturals to the lucky guy, and he responds by sucking on them.

Now, I don’t know where your head (big or little) is at, but this would do it for me. No BJ needed. No pussy. Just suck on Sofia’s tits and I’m in Cum Town. And if she wants to reach down and give a few tugs, I’m there even sooner.


Coming August 4: Molly Evans, Katie Rose and Kira Clark in tit-sucking three-way action. That does it for me, too.

Xena Zoraki loves cum on her tits. That makes her a keeper

July 7, 2023 by Dave 7 Comments

Xena loves the taste of cum.

In this photo, Xena Zoraki is licking cum off her tits. She’s just been fucked thoroughly, and on her tits is where her stud decided to leave his load. Actually, we told him to leave it there, but he didn’t need our directions. After he finished fucking Xena’s hairy pussy, he went straight for Boob Land. The new photos and video are at

Which got me to thinking…how many times in your life has a woman asked you to cum on her tits? I can count the number of times on one hand. I’m figuring that the most-common place for a regular guy to cum is in the girl’s pussy, followed by on her pussy, followed by on her ass, followed by on her face (rarely), followed by on her tits. The busty girl who will ask you to cum on her tits is a rare but wonderful find. If you are with a girl like this, do everything you can to keep her.

Xena is one of those girls.

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! This just in from South America: Kim Beltran has broken her hardcore cherry and gone all-the-way on-camera, and we have the photos. And the videos, of course.

Today at, Sofia Deluxe breaks her XXX cherry

June 23, 2023 by Dave 5 Comments

That just-fucked look.

This, my friends, is Sofia Deluxe‘s just-fucked look. She has just sucked cock, tit-fucked cock and gotten her pussy fucked by cock on-camera for the first time, and she looks very satisfied. The lucky dude has just shot his load all over his chest. The load is drying. She looks like she wants to do it again. She will do it again. I promise. But for now, I strongly suggest that you check out her first XXX scene at and see how long you can last before you shoot your load. I’m gonna guess it’ll be long before the dude shoots his. These porn studs…I don’t know how they do it.

Sofia’s first hardcore is now officially one of the Big-Tit Events of the Year.

Sofia Deluxe returns

June 22, 2023 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Sofia Deluxe returns to today, and as Dave blogged last week, tomorrow you’ll see Sofia in her first sex scene with a dude.

I’m happy to see Sofia again. She’s looking sexier and prettier than ever.

A Deluxe body