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Andie Anderson visits SCORELAND today

May 30, 2024 by Elliot James 3 Comments

“I’m a bookworm and an artist,” Andie Anderson said.

I think my definition of a bookworm needs serious updating. Andie is a hottie with a busty body.

“I don’t try to draw attention to my boobs. They’re just too big to hide. So I stopped trying.”

Andie loves being a porn star. She has a sex drive that’s in overdrive.

Andie Anderson hails from the big-boob state of Texas.



Today at, Nicole Colina’s tits partially eclipse a lucky dude’s head

April 12, 2024 by Dave 3 Comments

It’s okay to perform this act without the proper eye protection, although there is a chance that Nicole’s nipple will poke your eye out.

We had a total eclipse of the sun this past week, and if you were lucky enough to see totality, you know how special it is. Even a partial eclipse is an event.

I bring that up because of this photo from Nicole Colina’s new posting today at The dude’s name is Vincent, and I don’t think I’ve seen a photo like this more than a handful of times in my life and maybe never. Nicole’s huge left tit is getting in the way of his head as he’s trying to eat her pussy. Or, to put it in astronomical terms, his head is getting partially eclipse by Nicole’s boob flesh. I think in this case, totality would be impossible, but have you ever seen what’s going on here? I mean, I love when a huge-boobed natural leans over and her tits brush against her thighs, but this? This might be even rarer than a total eclipse (which happens about once every 18 months somewhere on Earth).

Although Vincent eats lovely Nicole’s pussy in the video, we don’t get the same angle that we get in the photo set. He does, however, attempt a total eclipse of her tits with his load.

Notice to Cheyenne’s friends and family: If you see this photo, take a deep breath. Calm down. Everything is going to be okay.

January 26, 2024 by Dave 3 Comments

The people who know Cheyenne would be shocked to see this photo of her. Guess they really don’t know her, do they?

Cheyenne Duvallon, a MILF from Switzerland who has big tits and a voracious sexual appetite, said, “My colleagues and family are sure that I am a serious and strict girl who wants a serious career, but I am not like that.”

Nope. Today at SCORELAND, she sucks and fucks for all the world to see. At, you can see her getting ass-fucked and spreading her ass wide so a young dude can shoot his load into her butthole.

I guess that’s serious stuff.

Here’s more serious stuff. According to Dr. Cassann Blake, “Wearing a bra doesn’t affect the risk of breast sagging.” I saw the same info on a Columbia University website.

If this is true, women can go braless whenever they wish as long as they don’t mind their tits bouncing and their nipples poking through their tops.

I love bras, but I’m also okay with that.


I’ll take Aly Guzman and a side of boobs

December 7, 2023 by Elliot James

This is a girl with a super-natural body. Girls like her are in low supply and high demand. My focus went right to this side-boob photo.

“I would prefer to not wear a bra, but my breasts are so big, maybe it’s better that I wear one,” Aly Guzman said. It’s good that she wears a bra so she can take it off.

I didn’t think she would do a video with a guy. I’m happy to be wrong. I’d like to see her do a scene with another big favorite of mine, but I won’t write who so no one thinks I’m sending a coded message about a future shoot.

This new photo set and video posts today. What you might not know unless you read it at SCORELAND is that Aly also owns a pharmacy besides being a super-model.

Once you’ve seen Alexya, she lives in your head forever

December 3, 2023 by Elliot James

Alexya‘s fan base at SCORELAND have called her F-cups the best they’ve ever seen. This is her latest scene.

Our attempts at video interviews usually veer off the road because Alexya usually busts out laughing.

When we ask a question, Alexya is silent for a second and then slowly smiles. We can see the giggles coming. She tries to hold it in and then she starts laughing.

There’s nothing like a pretty woman with big breasts laughing.

“I don’t think of modeling as work,” Alexya said.

Sandra follows her star

September 7, 2023 by Elliot James

Big-boob royalty Sandra Star earned a university degree in business administration, but she found her calling in what she’s doing in today’s scene. Sandra has her royal throne room and her royal scepter fit for a queen.

“Men usually ask me questions about my boobs. About their size, their weight and the effect they have on people,” Sandra said. “They fascinate the guys I meet. I can see in their eyes that they want to touch and kiss them.”

Sandra spreads joy wherever she goes.

Big-titted MILF alert!

August 26, 2023 by Dave

Two lucky dudes community service McKenzie Lee.

McKenzie Lee is a 44-year-old MILF from England who barely weighs 100 pounds, and a lot of that is in her tits. She’s super-slim, super-stacked. In McKenzie’s scene this week at, she’s enjoying a quiet afternoon at home, sitting on her couch and reading, when she hears a knock on the door. She’d rather not be bothered, but when she opens the door, she sees two men standing there and invites them in.

“We’re here to do some community service,” one of them says, “and we were wondering if you needed our assistance.”

Community service, eh? I’ve heard that before. If these guys want to go door-to-door in search of big-boobed babes to fuck, why don’t they do something more productive, like become plumbers or cable TV installers?

Meanwhile, over at SCORELAND, 19-year-old Crystal Chase is back and looking smashing, and I think her bush is bushier than before.

Enjoy your weekend.

Crystal Chase



A short musing on why some girls do porn

June 30, 2023 by Dave

If a girl’s gonna get ass-fucked, she might as well get ass-fucked by the best.

Sometimes I wonder what a girl is really up to when she decides to fuck at SCORELAND. I thought about that today while I was looking at the new photos and videos of Jennifer Mendez. Watching her getting ass-fucked by Tom Holland, I wondered, “Is this girl doing this because she feels the best way to have enjoyable anal is to do it with a porn stud?” I mean, let’s face it: A lot of guys want to fuck girls in the ass but not all of them know how to do it. Or they’ll get in and within a few strokes, they’re shooting their loads. But a girl like Jennifer knows, “Not only will Tom know how to do it but he’ll also fuck my ass good and hard in a whole bunch of positions without blowing his load.”

Along the same thinking, I’m pretty sure one of Shelby Gibson’s main reasons for going all the way was she wanted to suck and fuck JMac. By this way of thinking, if she had called up JMac and said, “Meet me here, we’ll fuck,” that would be cheating. But by doing it on-camera with her husband watching, she can…have her cock and eat it?

Same thing with Sheridan Love, who I’m pretty sure fell in love with JMac’s dick.

I’m also pretty sure that a whole bunch of girls who have passed through our studio came to us for the easy access to porn stud cock. I mean, some girls do it for the thrill. Others do it for the money. And others do it because…well, if you had a chance to shoot hoops with LeBron James, you’d grab it, right? Same thing. Kinda.