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September 10, 2023 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Music artists Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B have a new CD out called Bongos.

That reminded me of the times when the girls have played the bongos at our studio. Because when I see the word bongos, I think of…

Melissa Manning

Chloe Vevrier

Heidi Hooters.

Ines Cudna.

Flashback time: Cherry Brady

May 28, 2023 by Elliot James 8 Comments

Cherry Brady. A woman who subscribed to Voluptuous magazine years before she sent in her pictures to our office 21 years ago and became a famous covergirl herself. A man’s woman.

Cherry loves the vintage lingerie look.

Demmy Blaze covers Tawny Peaks

September 3, 2022 by Elliot James 4 Comments


The celebration of SCORE‘s 30th Anniversary continues with Demmy Blaze recreating the May 1994 SCORE cover of famous feature dancer Tawny Peaks.

Demmy is excellent as always. The studio staff did a good job finding clothing and accessories that approximated what Tawny wore 28 year ago.












It’s Bliss when Joana celebrates SCORE‘s 30th Anniversary

July 16, 2022 by Elliot James 8 Comments

Joana Bliss recreates Linsey Dawn McKenzie‘s famous cover of January 2002 SCORE magazine.

Joana was a very good choice for this since both Linsey and Joana are royalty in the big-boob world and Joana did hardcore for the first time this year. They’re physically different but they have those larger-than-life qualities that create a superstar.

LDM is one of Joana’s favorite models. They never met in-person and we never photographed them together although they modeled at the same Spanish location in the Costa del Sol, Linsey in 2003 and Joana a few months later in 2004.

Molly Evans is real and real spectacular

May 21, 2022 by Elliot James 5 Comments

The word is “unbelievable.”


“Guys are always trying to meet me,” said teenage supergirl Molly Evans. “They say things like, ‘Are you a sorceress? When I look at you, everything disappears.’ I have heard very funny things. But no one needs to say such things. They should be themselves and real.”

I hope Molly keeps away from them. They’re a bunch of lying creeps who are not fit to breathe the same air she breathes.

I asked Molly what she thinks about modeling for us since her debut in December. She is a fast learner.

“I really like the experience. When I was contacted by one of your photographers, I didn’t know what to expect. I imagine how many are turned on by me and it turns me on. I think about being a top model in the future. ”

My reply was, “You already are a top model.” Today’s photos and video prove it again.

The latest Voluptuous magazine (Volume 28 Number 5) is out in digital format and it includes the contest ballot. The print edition will be here in a couple of weeks.

Molly is one of the girls up for Newcomer of the Year.

This is as good a time as any to look back at previous Newcomer of the Year winners. Will Molly be the name next to 2021 next year?

2002: Nadine Jansen
2003: Nicole Peters
2004: Kelly Kay
2005: Bea Flora
2006: Anna Song
2007: April McKenzie
2008: Karina Hart
2009: Ashley Sage Ellison
2010: Miosotis
2011: Leanne Crow
2012: Siri
2013: Roxi Red
2014: Alana Lace
2015: Alexya
2016: Rachel Raxxx
2017: Milly Marks
2018: Amora Lee
2019: Stacy Vandenberg
2020: Diana Eisley

What do members think about married models? The SCORELAND Poll has the numbers

March 18, 2022 by Elliot James 16 Comments

During the early years of SCORE, the marital status of a model was something we never revealed. It was a hot button topic and most of the girls wanted to keep their marital status confidential. It was never brought up in interviews unless the model brought it up. “There was a time when if a SCORE Girl was married, we didn’t mention the existence of her not-so-insignificant other,” Dave wrote. “That was to preserve the fantasy. But these days, a big part of the fantasy is knowing that you’re watching some guy’s wife.”

So we came up with the acronym WILF, or Wife I’d Like To Fuck.

With some models such as  Barbie KelleyDolly FoxShelby GibsonVictoria LobovRed Vixen and Kelly Christiansen, their husbands were instrumental in encouraging them to pose for SCORE as well as getting fucked on-camera by porn guys. Other SCORELAND WILFS include Emma Shay, Brooklyn Springvalley, Lily Bordeaux, Brittany Elizabeth, Dee Williams and Sandy Bigboobs.

In 2019, we polled SCORELAND members with the question: Do you lose interest if you learn that a model is married?

11% said yes

41% said no

48% said it doesn’t matter

The current poll with a slightly different question on the home page yielded these results:

Does it matter if a model is married or has a boyfriend?

80%: It doesn’t matter either way.

10%: I like her less

10%: I like her more

It looks like marriage is here to stay.

Sheridan Love made a pretty bride at the SCORE studio.

Maggie Green and the lesson of never say never

February 25, 2022 by Dave 3 Comments

‘Twas a time when Maggie showed her tits and nothing else.

Whenever mag readers and SCORELAND members ask when a girl who won’t even take off her panties is going to do hardcore, my first urge is to laugh and say, “Are you kidding, dude? She won’t even show her pussy and you’re wondering when she’s gonna fuck?” And then I remember Maggie Green, who, when she first came to us in 2009, showed her tits but went out of her way to cover her pussy.

But a year later, Daphne Rosen was fucking Maggie with a strap-on in the movie Boob Science, then a year after that, she was getting tit-fucked by a real cock, and then a year after that, she was sucking and fucking for all the world to see.

So like the old saying goes, ya never know.

Now it’s 2022 and Maggie has done a lot of porn. Today, she’s fucking again at SCORELAND (you can also see her at

So will a girl like Holly Garner ever fuck on-camera? I mean, are you kidding, guys? She doesn’t even show her pussy.

Oh, yeah. Right. Maggie Green.





Katy Ann: Covering Pandora Peaks

February 19, 2022 by Elliot James 4 Comments

When the first issue of SCORE (June 1992) arrived at newsstands and stores, no one knew how it would be received. The big-bust magazine field was a crowded one. I saw the debut edition on the shelf of a store and immediately bought it.

“The odds of any new magazine succeeding are slim,” SCORE editor Dave wrote in Volume 30 Number 4, the first of the special 30th Anniversary editions coming in 2022. “The odds of a big-tit magazine lasting 30 years? Well, just ask all of the other big-tit mags that were around in ’92. Every single one of them is gone. We’re proud that SCORE is still going strong in its 30th year.”

The SCORE Group’s 30th Anniversary celebration at SCORELAND begins today with busty beauty Katy Ann recreating an iconic cover (July 1996 SCORE) featuring one of her all-time favorite <i>SCORE</i> Girls of the 1990s, feature dancer Pandora Peaks.

“I had a wonderful time and was so honored to recreate the iconic Pandora Peaks cover!” said Katy Ann, a SCORE star of today inspired by the stars of the past.


Joana Gets Her Bliss On

January 27, 2022 by Elliot James 4 Comments

“I have a positive personality because of my meditation and my Yoga,” said the one and only Joana Bliss. “I was 16 years old when I started. I think everyone should practice these ancient ways.”

Joana shows off some of her daily practices in today’s new video and photo set.

Here’s a pop quiz for you. Don’t cheat by looking it up. In what year did Joana first appear in Voluptuous magazine?


And while I’m Blissing out over Joana today, here are two group photos suitable for framing.

I don’t know what Joana’s Yoga pose is called but I like it.

Valory, Hitomi, Sha & Joana.

Bozena, Kelly Kay, Crisa, Joana, Eden & Florri.