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Melissa Long: Fresh & busty

December 1, 2023 by Elliot James 1 Comment

SCORELAND is posting a new scene of Melissa Long today and I’m glad of it. It was overdue, in my opinion. Melissa is busty and proud of it.

Melissa said when she was in school, her classmates accused her of putting socks in her bra. That comment reminded me of a model named Bre from Georgia. We filmed Bre in 2003.

Bre’s classmates also accused her of the heinous crime of bra-stuffing. She said they were merciless.

“I was short and cute with boobs, and they had no boobs at all,” Bre said  “One time, we were at this pep rally and all these guys were saying, ‘You stuff your bra! You stuff it with toilet paper!’ I lifted up my shirt and I said, ‘Yeah, that’s right. I stuff it with my titties.’ I got in trouble and got suspended. I was always getting in trouble in school for wearing little skirts and little tops. I hated school because I always got into trouble for no reason, just because of what I wore.”

I hope that Melissa was not treated as badly as Bre was.

Twenty years later and some girls and some guys are still accusing other girls of being bra-stuffers. Where is the progress?

Pretty Melissa Long is tiny and top-heavy.


A Q&A about T&A with Victoria Vale

March 11, 2023 by Elliot James

Victoria Vale is back at SCORELAND today in a fresh set. Victoria reminds me of the SCORE Girls of yore. Mostly exotic dancers, they dominated the big-bust world and the magazine racks in the 1990s. I counted 54 SCORE magazine covers from 1992 to 2000 of Tawny Peaks, Colt 45, Casey James and other super-busty stars. While that strip club scene is gone today, it looks like up-sizing is making a return.

SCORELAND: So, Victoria Vale, do women ever comment on your breasts or ask you questions?

Victoria: All the time! Most comments are positive or asking if my back hurts! Sometimes they get mad if their boyfriend or husband is staring at my chest.

SCORELAND: What do the guys like to see you do?

Victoria: Always boobs! Titty-fucking, trying on bras or bikinis and titty oiling are always my most requested!

SCORELAND: Tell us about driving. Do shoulder belts fit you comfortably? How is it handling the steering wheel?

Victoria: They never fit over my boobs! I have to sit pretty far back from the steering wheel!

Who wants to go for a motorboat ride with Victoria? I sure do.

How Valory Irene helped a couple have a baby

March 24, 2022 by Elliot James

We get a lot of unusual emails and letters  from SCORE and Voluptuous readers. This could be the most-unusual letter Dave and I have ever read.

“Allow me to mention why Valory Irene is special to me and my family,” Mr. JF wrote. “My wife was having challenges conceiving a child. We underwent a procedure called intrauterine insemination. When I went to the fertility clinic, my wife asked me if I wanted to whack off to her F-cup bra. I replied that I’d like to jack off to a pair of her bikini panties.

“When I got to the clinic, I was ushered into a bathroom. The nurse unlocked a vanity that contained several men’s magazines. Bless my lucky soul, they had SCORE magazines. I picked up the February 2011 issue with Valory and thumbed through the issue until I came to Valory’s pictorial. What a beautiful woman. Large, succulent breasts that I imagined fondling, sucking and sliding my cock between. When I finished making my deposit (or withdrawal), I placed the cup in its designated spot at the lab and walked out into the lobby, filled with expectant moms. My face was flushed after the most-incredible orgasm. True story.

“Nine months later, my wife gave birth to a healthy, happy boy. Every time we drive by the fertility clinic, my wife asks if I’d like to go back for a return visit. My wife also thinks Valory is awesome and has impressive 40F tits. Thanks so much for the mammaries, Valory.”

Valory doesn’t know it but she helped a couple she never met.

What do members think about married models? The SCORELAND Poll has the numbers

March 18, 2022 by Elliot James

During the early years of SCORE, the marital status of a model was something we never revealed. It was a hot button topic and most of the girls wanted to keep their marital status confidential. It was never brought up in interviews unless the model brought it up. “There was a time when if a SCORE Girl was married, we didn’t mention the existence of her not-so-insignificant other,” Dave wrote. “That was to preserve the fantasy. But these days, a big part of the fantasy is knowing that you’re watching some guy’s wife.”

So we came up with the acronym WILF, or Wife I’d Like To Fuck.

With some models such as  Barbie KelleyDolly FoxShelby GibsonVictoria LobovRed Vixen and Kelly Christiansen, their husbands were instrumental in encouraging them to pose for SCORE as well as getting fucked on-camera by porn guys. Other SCORELAND WILFS include Emma Shay, Brooklyn Springvalley, Lily Bordeaux, Brittany Elizabeth, Dee Williams and Sandy Bigboobs.

In 2019, we polled SCORELAND members with the question: Do you lose interest if you learn that a model is married?

11% said yes

41% said no

48% said it doesn’t matter

The current poll with a slightly different question on the home page yielded these results:

Does it matter if a model is married or has a boyfriend?

80%: It doesn’t matter either way.

10%: I like her less

10%: I like her more

It looks like marriage is here to stay.

Sheridan Love made a pretty bride at the SCORE studio.

Cleo’s jiggle gym

March 5, 2021 by Elliot James

When Cleo did her bra-testing video, SCORELAND member Breaststroke commented, “This lady is amazing! The real thing, perfect boobs and figure…more please!”

“More please.” The number-one comment at SCORELAND. That’s a good thing.

If we can provide the more, we will.

Cleo works out at her jiggle gym. She jiggles ’em high, she jiggles ’em low.

Big-boobed girls from the Netherlands are ultra-rare at SCORELAND. I don’t know why that is. Ariana Angel is from Amsterdam. Remember her?

SCORELAND: Welcome back to SCORELAND, Cleo.  What or who motivated you to become a model?

Cleo: My husband first suggested it. I didn’t think anyone would be interested, but I guess I was wrong.

SCORELAND: What size are the bras you buy now?

 Cleo: EU 75K. 

SCORELAND: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or naked?

 Cleo: I sometimes watch TV with nothing on. But only in summer! 

SCORELAND: Do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it?

 Cleo: I like giving them a squeeze sometimes. I just can’t resist. 

The Netherlands’ #1 big-bust star.

Ten years ago at the SCORELAND Blog: They Can’t Hide Their Smiling Eyes

March 24, 2020 by Elliot James

Smilin’ Christy.

Originally published March 28, 2010.

Smiling. It’s a subject that’s been generating controversy for years at SCORELAND. I think everyone loves a smiling model, but when a model doesn’t make smiling her natural expression or doesn’t smile a lot, then what? Some guys take it really hard. They write letters, like this one from R.C., slightly edited.  “I love big boobs, but they are number two on my list of what makes a model, or any woman, desirable. Number one is the smile. A smile means that she is comfortable with herself and enjoys what she’s doing. I don’t get that from Ashley (Sage). Ashley, if you want to win me over, you must learn to smile.” This is not the first time he’s written about the smiling game.

Smilin’ Karina.

On the flip side, there’s this recent note from S.M. “You know, Ashley doesn’t smile a whole lot in her pictures but so what, she has the look of contentment instead and as long as she’s content, that’s all that matters. Ashley looks so good facially and glamorously, she can afford not to smile.”

Two men. Two opposite points-of-view. There’s no right or wrong, just personal taste. Some models like to look serious because they think it makes them look sexier. Some models don’t like their smiles. Some don’t like their teeth. Everyone has different degrees of smiling. Other models love to smile. Some models are naturally happy-go-lucky all the time so they smile a lot. Others are the serious types. Some naturally smile, others have to be reminded by the photographer. When we see a serious-looking girl, it’s human nature to think she may be unhappy or having a bad day. Women smile more often and more naturally than men, too.

Researchers in psychology and social behavior claim that a smile gets a person what they want, sells more products, makes other people happier, establishes trust and personal bonds. According to the psychology research journal, Psyblog,  “Some of the best-known research on smiling is about how people judge an authentic smile, the so-called, ‘Duchenne smile’ or the ‘crinkly-eyed smile’.” Different smiles are interpreted and associated differently. Tom Cruise’s smile doesn’t mean he’s going to kill someone like movie villain Henry Silva’s smile does.

Christy Marks’ smile, to me, often has a kind of Elvis quality to it. Not a sneer, but a kind of curl to the lip that’s seems lustful and sexual. I like it. Karina’s smile lights up a room. Brianna Costello has a great smile that lights up a room. When I first met her at a Vegas video expo in January, 2006, I noticed her dazzling smile as quickly as I noticed her blinding headlights and I thought to myself, “This girl’s a winner.” She’s got that curl thing going too.

I’d rather see a smile than a straight-faced, serious expression but above all, give me a natural look that doesn’t look like acting. And ultimately, it’s all about her boobs. So Ashley can do as she pleases. We’ve gotten many letters about smiling since 1992. What’s your op about the lip flip?

Smilin’ Ashley and Karina.

Best of the SCORELAND Blog: The real busty wives of SCORELAND and XLGirls

September 24, 2019 by Elliot James

Kelly was a SCORE Model of the Year winner and a reader’s wife.

The SCORELAND members poll asked a tough question.

“Your girlfriend or wife wants to model in a XXX boy-girl video with a pro stud. How do you react?”

The results were:

37%  would firmly object to the idea

35%  would support her decision

16%  would neither support or object to it

11%  said they would try to talk her out of it

The reason I brought it up was because of the trend in married ladies modeling for SCORE, V-mag and XLGirls, in either XXX or solos. I call them WILFS. They can be any age. The mature genres have always attracted wives, divorcees and swingers, but the big-bust girls tend to be unmarried. Some do have husbands but prefer to keep that status confidential. A big part of the appeal of the taboo-busting mature woman genre is that she’s either married or divorced, has kids or grandkids, or is a swinger.

At XLGirls, some of the  wives include Zeta Verrone, Jasmine Jones. Katrin Porto and Danica Danali.

At SCORELAND, there’s Siri, Dallas Dixon, Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley, Dolly Fox, Shelby Gibson, Victoria Lobov, Red Vixen and Kelly Christiansen.

The results surprised me considering that this is a hot-button topic that involves the basic human emotions of jealousy, marital fidelity and possessiveness. I was predicting almost no neutrality, but there’s that 16% zone that was much larger than I would have estimated.

This was in sharp contrast to a previous poll asking: “If your girlfriend was asked to model nude professionally, what would your reaction be?”

47%  said she could model if she wanted to.

18%  would object to the idea of her modeling.

34%  would encourage her to try it.

So solo modeling is okay, for the most part, but sex with another guy can be the deal-breaker.

None of the married models wanted to hide their status and some seemed proud of the fact. Some of them talked about their spouses who encouraged them.

This leads us to the ultimate poll question:

Do you lose interest if you learn that a model is married?

11%  said yes

41%  said no

48%  said it doesn’t matter

So for the majority, a model being married doesn’t spoil the fun and might even fuel-up their pleasure. Only a small percentage were bugged by the knowledge that a model is someone’s wife.

Crunching all these numbers and counting all these beans leads me to conclude that more busty married women should model at SCORELAND.

I invite them to step forward and visit

Dallas Dixon has a full-time job and a husband but she made time for V-mag and sex with professional studs.


So you want to be a SCORE photographer?

January 20, 2019 by Elliot James

How many of you at your jobs stop working and wonder, “I’d rather be working as a SCORE photographer?”

Let me explain. It’s not all high-life, jet-setting and attending black-tie parties.

The life of a SCORE magazine photographer is a hard life. He must spend all day in the company of sexy, hot girls with big tits who are completely naked almost all of the time. There is no getting out of this. He must photograph them with hardly a minute for coffee or lunch for himself since he often has to do technical work during the models’ breaks.

He often must ask these special girls the most intimate of personal questions on-camera for interview purposes, questions of a sexual nature he would be too shy to ask his own spouse, girlfriend or mistress or all three.  Questions that would get coffee dumped on his lap if he asked the waitresses at his local diner. His face is regularly within inches of their pussies, wet from the excitement of exposing themselves to this strange man they have never met before. Their tawny nipples are usually dangling before him…not to mention their rounded ass cheeks.

These neglected men have a new pussy and a new pair of tits a foot away from their faces every day. Can you imagine telling girls you never met before, and may never see again, to spread their pussies and suck on their nipples, and the girls do it? And some girls will ask him if they’re doing it right, their eyes glowing with reverence and love. The photographers wake up in the morning and that’s what they have to look forward to.

Yes, it’s a difficult, demanding job, often unappreciated by the public-at-large. How these men have the strength and the stamina to drag themselves to work every morning is a testament to their job dedication and their fortitude. I salute them.

If you still want to try for this impossible job after reading this, enroll in a photography course and learn the technical basics first. Taking photos with your fancy-schmansy smartphone doesn’t count. There may be local photo clubs that hire models so amateur photographers can practice. This will cut down the cost of hiring your own model. Taking photos of a girl from outside her bathroom window doesn’t count, either.

In the words of one of our now-retired photographers: “I’ve always found that a professional attitude works the best. If you go in like a slobbering pervert, drooling over a naked woman, the girl is going to run like the wind.” Personally, I think some drooling is acceptable.

The guys on the front lines, dedicated to their craft. Longtime SCORE Man Jose photographs Alexya and Sha for On Location North Coast.


Best of the SCORELAND Blog: Big tits: A place to hold all your stuff.

November 28, 2018 by Maria
How many things do you think that you could stuff into Ashley's cleavage, eh?

How many things do you think you could stuff into Ashley’s cleavage, eh?

Originally published on August 14th, 2009.

Today I went to the boxing gym (Yes, I box. Not that Taebo bullshit, either. Real boxing.) and I met up with one of my sparring partners, Christina. She and I are great sparring partners because we both have big boobs. It’s kind of hard to box with big tits (they kinda get in the way), and I have to compensate when I block and throw punches and so does she, so it’s like we’re made for one another in the ring.

Well, when I met Christina at the gym today, she was already in her workout gear (sports bra, shorts and sneakers) and I asked to borrow her spare gloves. She told me they were in her car and then proceeded to put her entire hand into her bra and fish around in there until she pulled it out and produced her car keys. I am not talking about one key, either. I am talking about a key ring with about five keys on it. Then she said, “Can you do me a favor and put my phone in my car when you go?” and she reached back into her tits and pulled out her cell, too. Yeah…she had all that stuff tucked away in her tatas.

(I can’t lie…I tuck lots of stuff away in my cleavage, too.)

I just find it funny that chicks with big tits are like kangaroos, always tucking stuff away in their sweater-puppy pouches. I asked a few guys around the office if they’d ever seen a chick fishing around in her tits for something and they all said yes. In fact, one guy even said, “My ex-girlfriend once snuck an entire bottle of whiskey AND a camera into a concert in her tits.” Wow! I don’t care who you are, you all have to admit THAT is impressive.

I love the idea of the tit pocket so much that I once had Christy Marks head to South Beach, stuff her bra full of random items and stop strangers and ask them, “Guess what’s in my tits?” (Tits and games: The best entertainment.) lol

So, I guess what I am getting at is that tits are not only great headrests, cock holders, things to suck on and something to hold onto on the coldest of nights but also a great place to hold all of your stuff, too.

Three cheers for tits! Their diversity is excellent!


Shelby Gibson’s first fuXXX: SCORE reader’s busty wife gets the JMac treatment

November 16, 2018 by Elliot James

Today’s the day many SCORE Guys have waited three years to see.

Shelby Gibson‘s solo debut was on October 11, 2014.

Shelby did a Tits & Tugs & BJ with her favorite porn star, JMac, on November 6, 2015.

Today, November 16, Shelby does her first full-on hardcore scene with JMac.

For some, it’s a day they thought would never come.

Others managed to keep their faith and hope going.

When Dave blogged that he had just talked to Shelby about her first XXX with JMac, the comments section exploded.

I’ll say now that this scene is everything you thought it would be, and that’s the truth from me.

SCORELAND: Was the first scene with JMac everything you hoped it would be after waiting three years?

Shelby: I really wish that I hadn’t waited three years. Oh, my god, it was even better than I hoped for! JMac is so nice and even hotter in person than he is in pics and videos. I so wish that I had fucked him three years ago! And it was an even bigger turn-on doing it in front of the camera knowing that the SCORE fans would be watching! I love showing off, and it is an incredible turn on having real orgasms during the shoot!

SCORELAND: Did you specifically ask JMac to do anything you had been thinking about?

Shelby: Yes, I asked him to kiss me. It makes me hornier for him. And I asked him to lick my pussy. He made me cum several times last time and I wanted that again. So he did it to me again and made me so wet that I didn’t need any lube to fuck him. Oh my god, it was hot!

Shelby’s 34HH-cup tits demand the utmost attention.