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Barbie Nicole is living her breast life

February 3, 2024 by Elliot James 2 Comments

In addition to Barbie Nicole‘s most recent photo shoot and video today, we have an exclusive 27 minute interview with Barbie on-video for the first time.

Barbie is the covergirl of the upcoming SCORE Volume 32 Number 4.

Barbie talks to Dave about her early days as a model, her time as an exotic dancer, her breast quest and living the mega-boob bimbo life. Since this is a SCORE interview, Barbie is topless for most of it.


Holly Garner talks about her first hardcore scene, now at SCORELAND

December 22, 2023 by Dave 13 Comments

The waiting is over.

Today’s the day! Holly Garner’s first hardcore is live at SCORELAND, and I couldn’t be more excited. Actually, I could be if I were the one actually fucking Holly, but those are the breaks. Just for the record, I was not surprised when Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Chloe Vevrier broke their hardcore cherries. I was surprised that Sheridan Love and Angela White waited so long. Maggie Green? Surprised. But not like this. This is on a whole different level. The Most Surprising Big-Tit XXX Debut Ever.

Enjoy the first of three Holly XXX scenes that you’ll be seeing at SCORELAND.

SCORELAND: How come you decided to have sex on-camera?

Holly: It seemed to me that this would be an interesting experience, and it is!

SCORELAND: Did you enjoy doing the scenes?

Holly: Not all the scenes were perfect, but I definitely enjoyed them a lot.

SCORELAND: How do you think your fans will react to them?

Holly: I hope that the assessment of my beloved fans will be positive. But I am also ready for negative assessments. I have to deal with judgment quite often. Everyone has different tastes and opinions, and I accept that.

SCORELAND: How is sex on-camera different from sex in your personal life?

Holly: The first experience seemed completely different from ordinary sex. I always thought that people’s facial expressions during sex don’t look very aesthetically pleasing and I tried to relax my face, but I soon realized that I wouldn’t succeed. The second experience was brighter. I think everything comes with experience.

SCORELAND: Do you think you’ll watch your scenes?

Holly: This is a very interesting question! I’m still in doubt, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to cope with my curiosity.

Is Helena Hope the greatest deep-throat artist ever?

July 22, 2023 by Dave

Helena gets it all.

Some of you have asked me how I manage to maintain my composure when the girls I’m interviewing start talking dirty or showing off their tits and pussies just a few feet away from where I’m sitting. I must admit, there have been times when I didn’t know how, like when Penny Porsche made herself squirt and Daphne Rosen talked about how tight and accommodating her tits and pussy are and when Mia Khalifa sucked her first on-camera cock while I tried to ask questions and when Naughty Alysha locked her feet behind her head and slammed a toy balls-deep into her pussy and when Linsey Dawn McKenzie took a bath while I watched. Another time happened more recently, when Helena Hope demonstrated her deep-throating skills on a huge toy. I have to admit, I nearly had to excuse myself to go to the men’s room.

Today at SCORELAND, Helena shows off her dildo-swallowing skills in photos and video. It’s definitely worth watching.

Me: Your deep-throat skills. How does one discover they’re good at deep-throating?

Helena: I was never bad at giving head, but as I got into this [webcamming], I really started to practice, so I’d say, “I’m going to try to keep this down my throat for 30 seconds and try not to gag.” I started with six or seven inches without much girth, and I’d start with 30 seconds and record myself and focus on something to try not to trigger my gag reflex, and then it turned into three minutes, then it turned into 30 minutes, and I’ve done two or three sessions where I was sitting there for two hours with a dildo down my throat, so I’d have tears and mascara coming down my face.

Me: You know, I’ve never envied guys with 12-inch cocks because they can never get a good blow job. Very few girls can get much of their cocks down their throats.

Helena: They’ll have to come to Helena! [Giggles then swallows a 10-inch dildo]

Me: Did you ever have a gag reflex?

Helena: Yes. It’s literally just from constantly doing it that I don’t anymore. I push myself a little further each time. And I really like giving blow jobs ‘cause I like the reaction I get.

Me: When you’re with a guy for the first time and you go that deep on him, he must cum in like three seconds, no?

Helena: Yeah. I think they’re more shocked than anything because a lot of women say, “I’m really good at deep-throating,” but they’re not as good as I am. They can’t get it all the way down.

Now please excuse me. I have to go to the men’s room.

Victoria Vale: Super-Stacked SCORE Girl

December 16, 2021 by Elliot James

Victoria Vale: rubs lotion on her breasts every day.

My personal philosophy and daily decisions are based on the fortune cookie messages I read. A couple of years ago, one of those little pieces of paper predicted that there would be a resurgence of hot women with mega-boobs. Sure enough, once again those cookies were right.

Today, we have super-stacked blonde bombshell Victoria Vale, who recently did her first boy-girl scenes here. I was able to ask Victoria some new questions yesterday, the kind that would get me thrown out of the local burger joint we go to for lunch if I asked the waitress.

SCORELAND: Victoria, what is something you have tried but will never do again?

Victoria: No sex for a month! [Laughs]

SCORELAND: What’s your favorite way to satisfy a guy in bed?

Victoria: It depends on what he is into. I love to please!

SCORELAND: That’s apparent in your boy-girl scenes. How important is cock size to you?

Victoria: Very.

SCORELAND: What makes you orgasm the hardest?

Victoria: I love dirty talk.

SCORELAND: What’s it like for you going through an airport?

Victoria: If I’m wearing something tight and in heels, I get a lot of stares and people–even women–will point my boobs out to who they are with and comment on how huge they are. I had a TSA agent ask for my phone number once!


Checking out Brooklyn

September 9, 2021 by Elliot James

You’re checking out a girl and then she catches you checking her out so she checks you out, too. It happens to all of us checkers.

When it comes to checking out girls, a looker like Brooklyn Springvalley gets checked out more than the average girl. Even if Brooklyn didn’t have huge boobs, she would still get checked out. In her scene posting today, Brooklyn sees she’s being checked out while she’s arranging patio furniture, so she decides to do more than check out the checker.

There’s smooth, suave checking out and then there’s Three Stooges goofball checking out.

“I was at the store getting some groceries, and there were these three young men pushing a cart, and they were staring at me and pushed their cart into a giant display of candy and almost knocked everything over!” Brooklyn said in an interview for Thick ‘N’ Curvy magazine.

That was definitely goofball checking out.

Brooklyn lives in Texas but has a Florida Girl vibe.

The perfect doll is living her big-boob dream

August 12, 2021 by Elliot James

So I asked Anastasia Doll, “Do other girls ever comment about your breasts or ask you questions?’

And Anastasia replied, “All the time! I answer all the questions with no problem, and also a lot of girls always want to touch my boobs, even without my permission.”

Mademoiselle Doll does get recognized (she kind of stands out, y’know) and sometimes guys will ask if they can snap a photo with her. Especially if she’s wearing a bikini at a pool or at the beach.

I remember years back when the great Kerry Marie was here, Dave, another editor and I were interviewing her and we talked about what happens when she wears a swimsuit. Her reply reminded me of those British Carry On comedies.

“I went on holiday to Cyprus with a girlfriend and this guy at the hotel, the whole time, kept asking me, ‘Can I rub lotion on you?’ He kept following me around and asking me. It got to be an awful bother,” Kerry answered.

Because we’re veteran professionals, the three of us didn’t ask Kerry if we could rub lotion on her during the interview.

Anastasia gets that “Can I rub lotion on you?” question at the beach, also.

In this new scene, Anastasia puts a silver plug in her ass, plays with her huge tits and pats her pussy.

We don’t know who that masked man was but he left this silver bullet.

Emma Shay Comes Clean

July 17, 2021 by Elliot James

After putting the show in shower, Emma Shay towels off and gets in bed. She graciously answers the questions the waitresses and cashiers at our local burger joint always refuse to answer.

SCORELAND: When did you start dressing to show off your body?

Emma Shay: I would say not until I was about 19. That’s when I really got my body confidence.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate often? Fingers or toys?

Emma Shay: Yes! It is very important to still enjoy yourself with some free time. I usually start off with fingers then grab my favorite vibrator.

SCORELAND: What kinds do you own? Did you buy them yourself?

Emma Shay: I own so many! Tons of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and more! I bought some myself and others were given to me by fans.

SCORELAND: Do you ever masturbate while looking at yourself in a mirror?

Emma Shay: I have before, for a video.

SCORELAND: Do you play with yourself while watching porn videos?

Emma Shay: Yes, sometimes.

Breastfully clean.


Ivanna Lace heats up the house

April 8, 2021 by Elliot James

When the curvy and sexy Ivanna Lace gets home after slowing down traffic and making pedestrians walk into streetlight poles as she walks to her apartment, she does what you love to see.

I asked Ivanna a few questions for this fresh set. Because that’s what I do.

XLGirls: Have you ever seen another woman yell at her husband or boyfriend for staring at you?

Ivanna: Sure. We have eyes in order to see and watch. If a man looks at a woman, it means he likes to watch what he sees. My big breasts always draw attention. I can wear anything but I prefer to wear tops in public that expose my cleavage because I am proud of my body. People always ask me if I am a model.

XLGirls:  How are you? How is your daily life now?

Ivanna: Last year was not easy for me, as it was for many of you. But thanks to the internet, I began to read more and communicate with friends. I don’t watch TV.

Ivanna is one of the girls in the debut edition of Thick ‘N’ Curvy, the first new magazine we’ve published in a long time.

There are more videos of lovely Ivanna at eBoobStore.

Ivanna Lace has many superpowers and knows how to use them for the good of humanity.




Cleo’s jiggle gym

March 5, 2021 by Elliot James

When Cleo did her bra-testing video, SCORELAND member Breaststroke commented, “This lady is amazing! The real thing, perfect boobs and figure…more please!”

“More please.” The number-one comment at SCORELAND. That’s a good thing.

If we can provide the more, we will.

Cleo works out at her jiggle gym. She jiggles ’em high, she jiggles ’em low.

Big-boobed girls from the Netherlands are ultra-rare at SCORELAND. I don’t know why that is. Ariana Angel is from Amsterdam. Remember her?

SCORELAND: Welcome back to SCORELAND, Cleo.  What or who motivated you to become a model?

Cleo: My husband first suggested it. I didn’t think anyone would be interested, but I guess I was wrong.

SCORELAND: What size are the bras you buy now?

 Cleo: EU 75K. 

SCORELAND: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or naked?

 Cleo: I sometimes watch TV with nothing on. But only in summer! 

SCORELAND: Do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it?

 Cleo: I like giving them a squeeze sometimes. I just can’t resist. 

The Netherlands’ #1 big-bust star.

What can she say? She’s stacked!

March 4, 2021 by Dave

If you’re wondering, Holly, it fits great.

The continuing very happy tale of Holly Wood’s breast expansion continues today at SCORELAND with new photos and a video. Miss Wood, now an H- or an HH-cup, depending on the day, tries on sweaters and tight tops, which is always one of my favorite things to watch a girl do. I would’ve made the greatest women’s clothing salesperson. Seriously. My patience would be endless as long as the customer has big tits.

“Here, try this one. It’s two sizes too small!”

SCORELAND: Did you have to buy new bras and clothing?

Holly: Everything! I had to get a whole new wardrobe, and I’m a little high maintenance so it’s not like I could get normal stuff. I had to get the fancy, pretty, amazing stuff, and I can’t just walk into a normal store and buy a bra. They don’t carry my size, so it’s a bit of a mission now. Special ordering them or finding companies online that actually carry my size. Shirts are a little bit easier to find than big bras, and I don’t want ugly bras. They gotta be cute. Who wants to cover these up entirely? Why?

[Rosenbaum’s note: Indeed, why? Even cold weather isn’t an excuse. I once knew a girl–the girlfriend of a player I coached in hockey–who was really stacked. One day, she came to the ice rink, which was cold, wearing a sweater that was cut-out so her cleavage was on display. I thought, “What’s the use of wearing a sweater that’s cut like that? She’s going to freeze anyway.” The reason, I guess, is to keep most of your body warm while still showing off your rack. The girl was basically saying, “Nothing will keep me from showing off my tits.” Now back to the interview.]

SCORELAND: Do you find yourself dressing to show them off?

Holly: Yes, especially here in Miami. It’s always hot year-round, so why wouldn’t I show them off? Now, back on the west coast, it’s a little colder, so unfortunately, I can’t get away with it, but when summer rolls around, I’m going to be hopping again because I love it.

SCORELAND: How about tight sweaters?

Holly: With me, every sweater is a tight sweater. Like I said, my tits are Ms for massive! People have to see them for themselves to understand. I cannot hide these tits no matter what I put on, and the wardrobe change I’ve had to go through is crazy.