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Ivanna Lace: No ordinary girl

January 19, 2023 by Elliot James

Ivanna Lace calls herself an “ordinary girl.” I can’t agree with that description. Ordinary is not a word to describe Ivanna.

“People always ask me if I am a model,” said Ivanna. She’s also a professional photographer. “I can wear anything. In public, I prefer to wear tops that expose my cleavage because I am proud of my body.”

I’m proud of her body also. New photo shoot and video today at SCORELAND.

Ivanna Lace in her happy place.



Ivanna Lace: Come fill those cups

May 19, 2022 by Elliot James

You’re at Ivanna Lace‘s place, where the big show never ends. Ivanna is also a very good photographer. This is a classic big-boobs pose.

Dream girl Ivanna tries on bras and panties and approves of how her big tits look in them. I approve also.

“All of my life, since I can remember, guys have paid much attention to me. That is one of the reasons I became a web model,” Ivanna said. “I am very proud of my body. I developed early and I always got a lot of attention. People always ask me if I am a model. I am very grateful to everyone who follows me and supports me.”

Warning. Bra dropping ahead.

Today at SCORELAND and XLGirls

April 7, 2022 by Elliot James

Cheryl Blossom takes over SCORELAND today. “Earlier, I used to hide the size of my chest to feel more comfortable,” Cheryl said. Today, she appreciates the gifts that nature has given her.

“Now I like to wear things with a neckline, although I don’t think that I need to wear something special in order to draw attention to my breasts.”

Cheryl Blossom has the magic.



Today is a day short of one year since Ivanna Lace last appeared at XLGirls. That’s too long an absence. The timing is a coincidence.

Ivanna looks sexier and prettier than ever. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: Ivanna is girlfriend material.

Ivanna finds her happy seat.


Victoria Lobov’s bikini sex photo shoot

March 31, 2022 by Elliot James

To be a pro photographer, you cannot pitch a tent while photographing a model.

You can’t get away with telling the model the bulge in your pants is an extra camera battery.

To be a pro photographer shooting insanely hot women like Victoria Lobov, a man must be a man of steely resolve, like Superman.

Unfortunately, Victoria is wearing a Kryptonite bikini. Her photographer caves in, any self-control gone. The shoot barely begins when it ends. He’s forgotten the pro photographer’s prime directive.

It was worth it, in my opinion.

It’s hard to be a photographer.


Watching an extraordinary girl doing ordinary things

October 30, 2021 by Dave

There may not be any meat in the refrigerator but there sure are some meaty tits out of it.

I love seeing extraordinary girls doing ordinary things.

Today at SCORELAND, Kim Velez does the following:

• She combs her hair.

• She washes dishes.

• She looks inside her refrigerator for something to eat.

• She looks inside her kitchen cabinets for a pot to boil water.

The fact is, I would watch paint dry if I was watching Kim watching paint dry. Of course, Kim does a lot more than that today, like tit-fuck a banana, bounce her tits in slow and regular motion and play with her pussy, but to paraphrase Jerry Maguire’s girlfriend, whatever her name was, “Kim, you had me at bending over with your tits hanging out to get something out of the refrigerator.”

You know what pissed me off about that movie? If he had her at hello, then why did she make him waste his time with that long, pathetic monologue? Was she so hungry for praise? Maguire should’ve dumped her right there.

Sorry. I thinking about Jerry Maguire puts me in a bad mood. I’d better watch Kim washing dishes again.


Hello Kitty

August 13, 2021 by Elliot James

It’s been nine months since Kitty Cute visited XLGirls. A return was long overdue. I love how she pronounces the word “boobies.”

“This girl is a walking pin-up model,” said one of our photographers a few years ago at the On Location North Coast event. “Kitty was always asking someone to take her picture and she’d get into these pin-up poses. She had the time of her life.  Kitty phoned her mother every day. She’s a real mama’s girl. You don’t see that with U.S. girls.”

Kitty began as a webcam girl in Romania. It’s a small nation but, in fact, a major center of the worldwide webcam industry. When we learned about Kitty, we asked her to model.

Kitty is living her best breast life.

“In my neighborhood, I was the girl who got a lot of guys asking me out and wanting to do things for me,” she said. “As I got older, I learned that I had more power than other girls. That made them jealous of me. That is how girls can be and I have no control of that. I am what nature gave me and I like it.”

Kitty suggests a good jack to her enormous tits for health reasons.


Turning on a camera turns on Lucy Rodriguez

August 8, 2021 by Elliot James

A flexible girl and bedroom acrobat, Lucy Rodriguez can get into the hottest positions as she plugs her pussy or self-sucks on her nipples or does both at the same time. She has serious skills, as Dave has pointed out. A serious nipple fetish.

Lucy is reading a book on her balcony when she feels the urge in this new scene.

The urge always comes when the camera is turned on and pointed in her direction. Lucy’s a natural on-camera.

“I like deep penetration and getting my tits sucked hard,” Lucy said.  “I love that.”

Lucy’s a webcam girl who loves squeezing out her breast cream. She leaves lipstick rings on her large, pale areolae. She’ll finger or dildo her shaved pussy while she’s sucking her nipples or milking.

South American girls always seem to pick really big cock-shaped toys. No tiny, pen-sized vibrators for them. Further research is needed about this subject.

Lucy has serious skills.

Victoria Lobov is the happy housewife

July 31, 2021 by Dave

Victoria Lobov shows off her cleaning style.

Today at SCORELAND, Victoria Lobov does The Poppos. By that, I mean she does housework and we get to watch. Now, some might say, “Why would anyone want to watch a woman clean?” Well, normally I wouldn’t, but in this case, the woman is slim ‘n’ stacked Victoria and she’s wearing tiny lingerie that shows off her tits and ass. Not since Diane Poppos have I so enjoyed watching a woman sweeping. Victoria is the finest sweeper I’ve ever seen. She sweeps me off my feet! She also sucks and tit-fucks the broom. Never have I so envied a broom.

As for Victoria’s husband, I’ve envied him for a long time. In this scene, she lustily sucks his cock and balls and fucks him, too.

By the way, I have it on good authority that Victoria cooks a mean cheese blintze, too. What a woman!

On another note, I really do need to call your attention to the storewide BOGO going on now at Buy one, get one free. Basically, that means movies that are normally $39.95 can be had for under $20 each, including new releases. So, you could get SCORELAND Awards 3 and Voluptuous XXX Naturals for a total of $39.95 and further save by downloading them and avoiding shipping costs.

Hate to sound like a salesman, but this is as good as a sale gets.

Lucy Rodriguez: Sex bomb-Next-Door

July 15, 2021 by Elliot James

Lucy Rodriguez has babe appeal, and when she chooses her outfits before leaving her apartment, she loves to follow the philosophy of “too tight, too short and too low-cut.”

“I don’t really need to wear sexy clothing to attract attention,” Lucy said. Truth.

Lucy milks her breasts on her kitchen counter today. Her boobs are extremely pliable and tuggable.

“My nipples are very sensitive and I like them to be sucked hard.” Lucy can do that herself.

I have this dream of Lucy and Bhiankha having a milk-off contest. A man can dream, right?

Lucy Rodriguez taps her milky mams.

What the well-dressed girl wears.