Turning on a camera turns on Lucy Rodriguez

August 8, 2021 by Elliot James

A flexible girl and bedroom acrobat, Lucy Rodriguez can get into the hottest positions as she plugs her pussy or self-sucks on her nipples or does both at the same time. She has serious skills, as Dave has pointed out. A serious nipple fetish.

Lucy is reading a book on her balcony when she feels the urge in this new scene.

The urge always comes when the camera is turned on and pointed in her direction.¬†Lucy’s a natural on-camera.

“I like deep penetration and getting my tits sucked hard,” Lucy said.¬† “I love that.”

Lucy’s a webcam girl who loves squeezing out her breast cream. She leaves lipstick rings on her large, pale areolae. She’ll finger or dildo her shaved pussy while she’s sucking her nipples or milking.

South American girls always seem to pick really big cock-shaped toys. No tiny, pen-sized vibrators for them. Further research is needed about this subject.

Lucy has serious skills.

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One response to “Turning on a camera turns on Lucy Rodriguez”

  1. ca united kingdom says:

    Really impressed by Lucy, her score debut is fantastic..
    really hope to see more of her over the coming months