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Never ask a woman how big her fruit is

August 5, 2023 by Dave 1 Comment

Tanya has skills.

Comparing the various sizes of fruit as they relate to the size of boobs, Elliot recently wrote that oranges are B-cups, peaches are C-cups, coconuts are D- or DD-cups, grapefruits are E- or F-cups and watermelons are G- or H-cups. Today at SCORELAND, G-cup Tanya Virago shows off her watermelons and balances some B-cup oranges on top of them. “Look, ma! No hands!” This photo proves three things:

1. Elliot’s comparison is spot-on.

2. Tanya has incredible balancing skills. Or at least her tits do.

3. Tanya has huge tits. But you already knew that.

Tanya also strips out of a skin-tight red, latex dress, rubs a lot of whipped cream into her tits and proves that her dildo skills are at least as good as Karina Hart’s and that’s saying something.

Rachael C.: Bringing the glory back to England

June 1, 2023 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

“I get asked so many times what I do for a living,” Rachael C. from Newcastle said.  “I have had a few people ask, but outside of a shoot, you probably wouldn’t assume I am a model. I’m just like anyone else.”

I don’t think so. Rachael is not just like anyone else. Today’s scene is more than enough proof.

“I get asked a lot for feet. I have small feet, which people love. But I guess people just love to see me naked, playing with my tits, imagining they are getting like a tit-wank and things from me. They’re huge and everyone wants to give them a go and see how they measure up.”

Feet? Rachael now has strap-snapping, enormous breasts since she first posed for SCORE and they want to see her feet?

There have been some major developments in Rachael C.’s life.


Helena Hope is a special kind of farmer’s daughter

April 6, 2023 by Elliot James 1 Comment

“I pretty much grew up on a farm on tons of land, nowhere near the city,” said Helena Hope, covergirl of SCORE magazine Volume 31 Number 3. “It was a vegetable farm, so every morning before school at five o’clock, I’d wake up and have to go out and pick the vegetables. I drove the tractor out to the field.”

The last farmer’s daughter we invited to SCORE was Kaytee Carter. Kaytee’s family owned a hops farm. She worked the fields and also drove a truck.

I like how this “from farmer’s daughter to SCORE Girl” theme plays in my mind. We have room at SCORELAND for more farmer’s daughters. I wouldn’t say no to farmer’s cousins or wives or even moms if they’re big-boobed hotties.

Now you know where your food comes from.

The uber-busty wet-dream date for mega-boob lovers

March 24, 2023 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Jessy Bunny demonstrates her magic skills, making this dude’s salami completely disappear from sight in today’s hardcore anal scene. No one can ever say Jessy’s not a fun date.

I could probably do an eight-page photo spread in SCORE magazine about girls who look down at their tits like this…without a dick between them.

“I love how tipsy I have become,” Jessy told me. “Like, because I can’t see what is in front of my feet, I often trip over something. Or because I often don’t realize how big my boobs are and I touch a person with them by accident. This shows that my boobs are even more slutty than I am. I love to show my boobs and wear tight clothing with a lot of cleavage.”


A-Bra-cada-Bra. Jessy does her disappearing act for this dude.

A Q&A about T&A with Victoria Vale

March 11, 2023 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Victoria Vale is back at SCORELAND today in a fresh set. Victoria reminds me of the SCORE Girls of yore. Mostly exotic dancers, they dominated the big-bust world and the magazine racks in the 1990s. I counted 54 SCORE magazine covers from 1992 to 2000 of Tawny Peaks, Colt 45, Casey James and other super-busty stars. While that strip club scene is gone today, it looks like up-sizing is making a return.

SCORELAND: So, Victoria Vale, do women ever comment on your breasts or ask you questions?

Victoria: All the time! Most comments are positive or asking if my back hurts! Sometimes they get mad if their boyfriend or husband is staring at my chest.

SCORELAND: What do the guys like to see you do?

Victoria: Always boobs! Titty-fucking, trying on bras or bikinis and titty oiling are always my most requested!

SCORELAND: Tell us about driving. Do shoulder belts fit you comfortably? How is it handling the steering wheel?

Victoria: They never fit over my boobs! I have to sit pretty far back from the steering wheel!

Who wants to go for a motorboat ride with Victoria? I sure do.

Happy nude year and breast wishes

December 29, 2022 by Elliot James 3 Comments

In a recent email, a reader praised a photo of Katy Ann resting her boobs over the back of a chair. In today’s Demora Avarice photo set at, Demora does this pose. It’s not a pose the photographers capture that often, but it’s been done now and then over the years. The shot of Molly Evans on a table is a variation and also very effective.

Demora does the chair pose in today’s XLGirls posting.

Juliana Simms. The red mark on her left breast is from her lipstick.

A great shot of Molly.


Kira Clark: what big, sexy eyes she has

December 8, 2022 by Elliot James 10 Comments

Check out Kira Clark.

Kira debuts today at SCORELAND and will debut in Voluptuous magazine Volume 29 Number 4.

Kira used to be a bartender. Imagine her shaking and stirring.

The only other model I can think of who used to be a bartender is Elle Flynn. Maybe Dave can think of others.

I’m shocked there are so few SCORE and Voluptuous Girls who were bartenders before they became models.

It’s a job where girls are on display and are used to being looked at by lots of people. They’re hired just as often for their looks as their skills behind the bar. They usually dress to attract attention, meaning sexy and showing off their boobs and curves.

Kira Clark sails into SCORELAND.

Andi Peacock: the horny desires of a hot wife

December 1, 2022 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Being looked at excites Andi Peacock.


Andi Peacock is back at today. No guys today. Just Andi.

Every appearance gets a warm welcome and not just two-word comments.

“Andi is fucking amazing. My wife would never do porn, but Andi is a spitting image of my wife’s body so seeing her in action is amazing. Keep up the amazing content with this beautiful woman. 4K download for sure with Andi!”

“I love Andi Peacock! Thick, curvy, voluptuous, big titted, and an ample, round ass! Gorgeous figure, but not obese. XL is Xtra fine with her!”

Andi found out about The SCORE Group from her husband.

“I didn’t start developing to my current size (36DDD) until my college years. So after college, I was the bustiest woman in my group of friends. I usually dress to emphasize my boobs. I enjoy the looks I get and how it makes me feel sexy and beautiful. My husband loves it. I do enjoy the attention tremendously. It makes me feel amazing.”


Popping for Amber Alena

November 25, 2022 by Elliot James 2 Comments

When Nicky Rebel asks Amber Alena what she likes to do with her tits when she has sex, she tells him in her baby doll voice she’d rather show than tell.

After Amber’s quickie boob talk with Nicky, they fall into bed.

Fucking a super-busty girl like Amber requires special care and handling.

“My nipples are really sensitive,” Amber said. “They’ve always been sensitive. I like a mixture of soft and rough. Soft-rough. They’re so sensitive, they can’t handle nipple clamps or hard biting, but I love licking, teasing. It’s fun.”

Amber’s eyes are blue, in case you hadn’t noticed.