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Best of the Blog: SCORE Girls are their artistic inspiration.

May 31, 2021 by Elliot James

Here are three guys, longtime SCORE fans, who have been inspired to create their art of big boobs. They have been featured on SCORELAND and in SCORE magazine for years.

Superwoman Lacey Legends.

Superwoman Lacey Legends.

First up is a man who calls himself The Saint. He’s a charter subscriber. The first dancer he ever saw (and who became a huge inspiration) was Zoryna Dreams in the October 1992 issue. “I started going to strip clubs in October of 1992,” the New Yorker said. “After seeing Zoryna on Howard Stern’s show, I knew I had to see her in person on her next visit to New York.”

Dreams. Zoryna Dreams. Shaken not stirred.

Dreams. Zoryna Dreams. Shaken not stirred.

Over the years, The Saint went clubbing regularly and met Joey Karson, Lisa Lipps, Europe DiChan, Colt 45,  Pandora Peaks, Tawny Peaks, Kimberly Kupps, Staci Staxxx, Sofia Staks, Bunny Glamazon, Bambi the Amazon, Chrissy Paris, Plenty Uptopp, Nikki Knockers, Alyssa Alps, Casey James, Busty Dusty, Crystal Storm, Lacey Legends, Heather Hooters, Candy Cantalopes, Angel Eyes, Angel Bust, Kayla Kleevage, Crystal Gunns, Montana, Maxi and Mini Mounds and many more luminaries of the super-busty stage.

“My favorite SCORE covers are Lisa Lipps, September 1993 and Plenty Uptopp, January 1998,” he said. “Why? Both were perfect shots for reference in regard to pin-ups, and in both, the gals looked like they were ready to kick ass and take names.”

Artists he admires: Adam Hughes, Dave Stevens, Otis Sweat, Jack Henslee, Kevin Taylor, and Matt Baker. He uses pencil and ink with design marker to color his illustrations.

Art by Pauly of Artofpencil.

Art by Pauly of Artofpencil.

Pauly of Pauly Arts is a musician and artist. “I definitely create women that are such a rarity in real life that you see one every eight months or so…girls who make you freeze in your tracks and just stare to record the vision in your head because sadly she will soon be gone.” His first inspiration? “I had a substitute teacher for two days who had the biggest, jiggliest breasts, and as we Italians say, I was struck by the thunderbolt!” His favorite SCORE covers? “Anything with my buddy Vanessa Montagne, SaRenna Lee and Sharday. I loved the Lisa Lipps cover shot from August ’96 SCORE.” Pauly wrote the short story “The Diary of Suzy Pratt” for the August ’95 SCORE, illustrated by Jack Henslee. “It’s the story of a tomboy who blossoms through exercise and surgery and blows all the guys away, only to find she’s a bisexual who loves big tits and women who love big tits! My favorite theme!” Pauly sells shirts and other items with his chesty ladies emblazoned on them at Cafepress under “big_breast_art.”

Halloween art by Pauly.

Halloween art by Pauly.

Matt, a.k.a. Thor, is an artist in California who’s found tremendous inspiration in SCORE and Voluptuous models.

Eye candy for the male brain.

Eye candy for the male brain.

“Once again, I tell you, without SCORE, I don’t think I would have continued my pursuit of art,” Matt said. One of his mainstays is Merilyn Sakova. “Whoever found Merilyn to pose for SCORE has been an inspiration to me to make art.” He also digs Morgan Leigh. “Indianna Jaymes and Jenna Valentine seem to be my new favorites,” Matt said.

Merilyn is Matt's muse.

Merilyn is Matt’s muse.

Big boob Halloween art by SCORE fan Granamir

October 31, 2014 by Elliot James

SCORE reader, science-fiction author (Días de Silencio) and artist Granamir sends a new batch of busty Halloween toons our way. Granamir’s one-panel toons always have huge-chested girls in some kind of wacky situation and tell a story. They could be short video skits. Thank you, Granamir.
Happy hooter Halloween!

Tits always the season for big boobs

December 20, 2013 by Elliot James

What do you want under your tree Christmas morning? A big-boobed beauty? There’s nothing wrong with a one-track mind.

We know what we want. Our Xmas wish list? It’s a short list. More busty girls joining the Big Show. So, ladies, check out

The most wonderful time of the year by artist Granamir.

All women are not created equal.


Spooktastic big boob fan art for Halloween at SCORELAND

October 28, 2013 by Elliot James

Dedicated SCORE fan Granamir in Mexico mixes his big-boob art with tricks and treats this Halloween week. We need some creepy music for this Blog. Granamir is also the author of the science-fiction novel Días de Silencio.

Can you ID any of the past and present SCORE Girls in some of his illustrations?

Thank you, Granamir.

Forbidden Planet Of Big Tits.

Alien Abductions

Mars Need Busty Women.

The Creature From The Black Lagoon Meets His Match.

The Crawling Eye Likes Tits.

The Martini Fairies.

Drac Likes Big Boobs.

Temple of the Mummy.

The big-boobed art of Granamir: A wild, wacky world of hooter humor

August 17, 2013 by Elliot James

Granamir is back with another selection of big-boobed babes and hooter humor. One picture does tell more than a thousand words in his world.  It’s the universal language of big tits in funny situations.

The golfers.

Snake charmer.


Hooter hospital.

At the movies.

Going down?

The big game.

At the aquarium.


More great reader art, and some exciting news

August 4, 2013 by Dave


Chuck from Toronto writes, “I’ve been a long-time reader of your sexy magazine. I’ve sent along a selection of paintings of Voluptuous models from the past. Lenka and Chaz were two of my faves back around 2002. Lenka was attractive with her teenage-girl looks. I agree with you. She was an ultimate V-Girl. Her HH-cup boobs were amazing. A very memorable smile in a field of wet dreams.


“Chaz was a legend with her cherubic, vixen poses and her 36H chest size. I’ll remember her for a long time. Sierra was a ‘Brown Barbie’ if there ever was one. She knew how to keep a man interested.

“Zuzanna was my favorite strawberry blonde Czech beauty. Her 36Es made a big impression on my art. I look forward to more inspiration in the pages of V-mag.”

Keep the artwork coming, readers and members.

By the way, big news to report: A new Otis Sweat feature is coming soon to SCORE. I’ll have more details in the coming months. We’re very excited about it. Spectacular work, as usual, by the legendary Otis.


The big-boob art of Granamir 4

June 25, 2013 by Elliot James

Granamir sends his latest busty girl artwork from Mexico. The big-boob humor in his boob-toons needs no captions or speech balloons.  They’re language and nationality-free and could be filmed as quickie TV skits. Thank you, Granamir, a man who loves bosomy babes and loves SCORE magazine and the SCORE Girls.

Fan artwork is always appreciated.  Email your scans to or mail them to SCORE Fan Art, 1629 NW 84 Ave, Miami, FL 33126.

He dreams of...

Off to see.

Catching a whopper.

Good aim.

Fan art by Granamir

May 26, 2013 by Elliot James

Illustrator and SCORE fan Granamir sends his latest big-boobed art from Mexico. His work ranges from basic portraiture (Hitomi) to universally-understood big-boob humor that doesn’t need a caption or speech balloons.  A girl’s huge tits rip through the newspaper she’s reading. A busty fisherwoman catches a busty mermaid. A busty artist gets too close to her canvas.

Send your fan artwork to the SCORELAND Blog by emailing your scans to or mail them to SCORE Fan Art, 1629 NW 84 Ave, Miami, FL 33126. Thank you, Granamir.

Inspired by the spaghetti westerns of the '60s.

Red Riding Hood is no one to mess with.

Catch of the day.

This has never happened to a SCORE model.

You know her, you love her.

The big-boobed art of Granamir, Part 2

May 1, 2013 by Elliot James

Inspired by SCORE and Voluptuous Girls and the masters of good girl art, artist Granamir sends his latest illustrations. No captions are needed to explain what’s happening. The punchlines are in the pictures. Humor and slapstick combine with huge-breasted girls in this toon world. His version of the bride of Frankenstein definitely got an upgrade.

Show your own fan artwork to SCORELAND Blog readers by emailing your scans to or mail them to The SCORELAND BLOG, 1629 NW 84 Ave, Miami, FL 33126.


The big-boobed art of Granamir

April 10, 2013 by Elliot James

SCORE friend Granamir is inspired by the busty art in SCORE and Voluptuous. He likes to inject a rich dose of bodacious comedy into his illustrations, like this 50-foot giantess taking over a gas station. “I like to include sexy, naughty and busty humor,” Granamir says.

This is my kinda stuff.

If you want to submit your own fan artwork to the SCORELAND Blog, feel free to email your scans to

No shoes, no shirt? Big tits? No problem!