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Hello Kitty

August 13, 2021 by Elliot James

It’s been nine months since Kitty Cute visited XLGirls. A return was long overdue. I love how she pronounces the word “boobies.”

“This girl is a walking pin-up model,” said one of our photographers a few years ago at the On Location North Coast event. “Kitty was always asking someone to take her picture and she’d get into these pin-up poses. She had the time of her life. ¬†Kitty phoned her mother every day. She’s a real mama’s girl. You don’t see that with U.S. girls.”

Kitty began as a webcam girl in Romania. It’s a small nation but, in fact, a major center of the worldwide webcam industry. When we learned about Kitty, we asked her to model.

Kitty is living her best breast life.

“In my neighborhood, I was the girl who got a lot of guys asking me out and wanting to do things for me,” she said. “As I got older, I learned that I had more power than other girls. That made them jealous of me. That is how girls can be and I have no control of that. I am what nature gave me and I like it.”

Kitty suggests a good jack to her enormous tits for health reasons.