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Barbie Nicole: If the bikini fits

March 2, 2024 by Elliot James 5 Comments

When Barbie Nicole stands up and looks down, she can’t see her feet. But she has us to look at her feet so it’s okay.

“I love to wear the smallest suits. The smaller the better! My favorites are micro-bikinis and slingshot bikinis. I love how my side boobs just pop out! It’s so hot.”

New SCORELAND shoot today. Be here.

When Barbie turned 18, she became an exotic dancer.


Sofia Deluxe takes a bikini day

September 21, 2023 by Elliot James

When Sofia Deluxe goes to a pool or the beach, every head must swivel in her direction.

Everyone wants to know who that girl is.

“The best part is when they look at me and I know what they are thinking,” Sofia said.

Sofia knows what you are thinking.

Country girl Helena shows off her bikini-busting abilities

August 19, 2023 by Dave

Helena is very curvy, too. Ya gotta like that.

Upstate New York hottie Helena Hope, who returns to SCORELAND today, said, “I worked for years in the medical community, but I realized that this is absolutely my calling. I love sharing my sexual desires. I’m proud of my boobs and I’m not ashamed to put them on display. To be honest, if a top doesn’t showcase them, I don’t want to wear it.”

The bikini top Helena’s wearing definitely showcases her tits, but I decided to show a shot of her with the bikini mostly off. Okay, it’s totally off.

I think I mentioned that prior to my interview with Helena, she seemed so shy that I thought, “I’m not going to get anything good out of her.” But then the camera rolled and Helena’s shyness disappeared. Before long, she was demonstrating her deep-throat skills on a very large dildo.

Helena is from an area of New York State, not far from Saratoga, where I used to work, and I’ll tell ya, I never saw any girl with tits like hers. You could accuse me of not looking hard enough, but that would be a lie. And besides, you can’t miss Helena.

Is Charlotte Queen’s red bikini half-on or half-off?

July 20, 2023 by Elliot James

It depends on how you look at it, like the “is the glass half-full or half-empty” question?

Charlotte Queen debuted at SCORELAND last month, and today she’s decked out in a red bikini at an indoor pool. She bought it just for this scene. In this photo, she does that “Gentlemen, start your engines pose.”

Girls in swimsuits will always be my all-time favorite look. Part of the appeal for me is you’ll always have the best luck spotting a girl with big boobs at a pool or a beach.

It turns out that Charlotte and Violetta know each other. That reminds me of the old saying about hot bikini girls: “Girls just wanna have sun.”

It’s a bikini world for Charlotte Queen.


It’s Amber Alena’s bikini world. We just live in it.

January 5, 2023 by Elliot James

The most-requested photo shoot outfit for Amber Alena at SCORELAND is the bikini. In this scene, Amber has several extreme string swimsuits lined up on the countertop and gets the party started. A girl needs a very special body to wear one of these bikinis, and Amber’s got it.

Amber’s got the world on a string bikini.

Amber Alena & Her Extreme String Bikini

November 4, 2022 by Elliot James

This set and matching video of Amber Alena were just published at SCORELAND on the heels of her boy-girl scene. When it comes to Amber and other slim ‘n’ stacked girls starting off a scene wearing a swimsuit, less is absolutely more. String is the thing.

“Every model has to start somewhere,” I wrote in 2019 when Amber came to SCORE for the first time. “In the past, it was by becoming a stripper and then contacting a photographer or studio or answering an ad (like ours at or in SCORE magazine). Sometimes the photographer approaches a girl about modeling in various ways. Today, many girls contact a webcam company or an internet platform that distributes videos.”

Amber Alena told me how she began.

“I actually started as a hostess at a restaurant. Hated that. And I heard about stripping first, so I briefly was a stripper, but then I heard about camming and I was like, ‘Wait a minute. I get to stay home and be in front of the camera and make amazing money? Let’s do it!’ So that’s how I got into it and I never looked back.”

I asked in a poll “What’s more important, big tits or a pretty face?” 33% answered big tits. 16% preferred a pretty face. 51% chose “A woman has to have both.” Amber fits into the 51%.

String is the thing for a hottie like Amber Alena.


An afternoon at the pool with Violetta. Now that’s a plan.

October 29, 2022 by Elliot James

Violetta trains in karate, so exercise caution writing comments. Violetta likes to work out and spend time with her family. Her plan is to buy a house. With her looks, photos and videos are the way to accomplish her goals.

She’s young and hot, so Violetta wants to have sex every day. She doesn’t masturbate much because she loves the D.

“Violetta likes to dress in sexy, teasing outfits that show off her body: tight, tiny shorts, tank tops, T-shirts and halter tops,” Dave wrote in SCORE magazine Volume 31 Number 4. Yup, Violetta’s got the bod for showing and teasing, and she likes it like that.

Violetta oils up at the pool.

Follow The Bouncing Boobs of Isa Gomez

October 22, 2022 by Elliot James

Isa Gomez is a Mamazon, the real deal. Making a bikini to fit her curvy body takes the skill of a master swimsuit maker. When Isa takes it off, the bouncing and oiling begin. New scene today.

No bikini top can contain those juicy tits.

Katy Ann’s bikini bust-out

April 8, 2022 by Elliot James

There are bikini girls and there are bikini girls. And then there’s Katy Ann who is in a bikini league of her own.

Swimsuit babes don’t come more babelicious than Katy Ann. She has total camera charisma and a sexy voice to go with her hot body.

“I enjoy breast worship, giving jerk off instruction and the princess fetish,” said Katy Ann. “I like sexy bikinis and lingerie to get into the sex goddess zone. When I go out, I will wear a skintight pair of jeans, fuck-me shoes and a really tight top.”

Katy Ann’s 30th anniversary tribute to ’90s SCORE magazine star Pandora Peaks, in which she recreates Pandora’s July 1996 issue cover photo, is being published in Volume 31 Number 1.

One of several swimsuits Katy Ann wears in this photo shoot.

Victoria Lobov’s bikini sex photo shoot

March 31, 2022 by Elliot James

To be a pro photographer, you cannot pitch a tent while photographing a model.

You can’t get away with telling the model the bulge in your pants is an extra camera battery.

To be a pro photographer shooting insanely hot women like Victoria Lobov, a man must be a man of steely resolve, like Superman.

Unfortunately, Victoria is wearing a Kryptonite bikini. Her photographer caves in, any self-control gone. The shoot barely begins when it ends. He’s forgotten the pro photographer’s prime directive.

It was worth it, in my opinion.

It’s hard to be a photographer.