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Announcing the winners of the 2022 SCORELAND Awards

March 30, 2023 by Dave

You could say Joana fucked her way to the top. That’s a compliment.

When Joana Bliss fucked on-camera for the first time almost a year ago, one question was answered: Would she ever go all the way?

But another question was left unanswered: Would that be enough for her to unseat two-time winner Cheryl Blossom as 2022 SCORELAND Model of the Year?

Up until the final hours of voting, we didn’t have the answer. But now it can be said that Joana scored the narrowest of victories over Cheryl Blossom, winning by merely three votes.

Katy Ann finished third followed by Molly Evans and Amber Alena.

Newcomer of the Year was very close, too, and going in, I had no idea who would win. It turned out to be a six-way race between Crystal Chase, Demora Avarice, Helena Hope, Isa Gomez, Violetta and Natasha Nice, and I gotta say, I’m surprised Katie Rose wasn’t in that bunch. But in the end, the girl with the biggest tits, short ‘n’ naturally stacked O-cupper Demora narrowly won over Crystal and Helena.

We’ll announce the identity of the new Hall of Fame inductee after the SCORE magazine voting is complete, but it’s looking like there’s no stopping Hitomi. I’d be shocked if she didn’t win.

Congratulations to Joana and Demora, and congratulations to Cheryl, too, for an impressive run. Hitomi is the only three-time SCORE Model of the Year, and Cheryl came very close to a three-peat.

Demora shows off the assets that won her Newcomer of the Year.




SCORE big with the latest issue of SCORE

October 6, 2022 by Elliot James

We carry on a great tradition, dating back to the days when cavemen drew pictures of hot cavegirls on cave walls. The process is a little more refined now, but the tradition remains the same. Our 30th Anniversary celebration carries on with SCORE Volume 31 Number 2. As a bonus, the print and digital editions come with 18 HD videos. That’s over 6 hours of solo and hardcore videos. This edition also announces the winners and finalists in the annual reader contests for Newcomer of the Year and Model of the Year and the latest inductee in the Big-Boob Hall of Fame. SCORE big today.

30 years of non-stop busty babes.

Molly wins big

September 22, 2022 by Elliot James

Today we publish a new set and video of teen wondergirl Molly Evans.

Molly is the first 18-year-old to win Voluptuous magazine’s Newcomer of the Year contest since Rachel Raxxx won in 2016. Congratulations, Molly!

Six years! What happened? The history books tell us that the Roman poet Virgil coined the phrase tempus fugit, or time flies. He should have won a gold sundial for that phrase.

“When I was contacted by one of your photographers, I didn’t know what to expect,” Molly said. “I imagine how many are turned on by me and it turns me on. I think about being a top model in the future. I would like to read the minds of others. Hear how many think of me.”

Now Molly is a top model.

One of the classic big-boob poses. Every set should have at least one photo like this.

Katy Ann: Golden Girl

July 28, 2022 by Elliot James

The big question is if 2020 SCORE magazine Model of the Year contest winner Katy Ann will become a two-time winner in the 2021 contest. Since the first contest in 2002, won by Sharday, only one girl has been a repeat winner. That was three-time winner Hitomi (2013, 2014 and 2015). The finalists also include Victoria Vale, Ricki Raxxx, Anastasia Doll and Jessy Bunny. This is not only a contest, it’s a huge-bra shootout. We’ll know the winner’s name in a few months.

SCORE magazine Volume 31 Number 1 with Katy Ann’s 30th anniversary tribute to ’90s star Pandora Peaks is on store racks and in digital format. Readers are giving it high marks.

Katy Ann captures the classic look.

Holly Garner: maid for you

July 14, 2022 by Elliot James

Holly Garner can’t clean up those horny thoughts you’re thinking. She does that classic maid’s outfit supreme justice.

I’m beginning to believe every model has a French maid’s costume in her closet. This is not a complaint. I’ve been told that if I had my way, every SCORE and Voluptuous Girl would do a French maid shoot,

Dave blogged about Holly winning the SCORELAND Newcomer of the Year contest. It was by a narrow margin with Molly Evans in the mix.

“For several weeks, Holly and Molly went tit-to-tit, but when all the votes were counted, Holly took home the crown, receiving 35.16% of the votes to Molly’s 30.12%. Joslyn James and Barbie Nicole finished third and fourth,” Dave wrote.

Holly is certified to teach mathematics, physics and computer science. I feel lucky she picked modeling.

The Big-Boob Hall of Fame: time for a restructuring?

July 8, 2022 by Elliot James

Last year (May 2021), Dave blogged about changing the eligibility rules for SCORE‘s Big-Boob Hall of Fame. Minka was the subject of his blog. Is it time for a change? I believe so. I’m also in favor of shooting more Minka scenes.

“As all big-boob lovers also know, Minka is still going strong more than 27 years after she made her SCORE debut in the October 1994 issue,” Dave wrote. “She is undoubtedly, without question, one of the greatest big-boobed babes ever. There is no doubt she will one day become a member of the Big-Boob Hall of Fame. But when? This woman has no plans to retire and still looks great. A lot of time might pass before she’s Hall of Fame eligible.”

As of right now, the final votes for Big-Boob Hall of Fame 2021 are not completed. Dave will announce the winner shortly.

One reader in favor of making active models candidates for the Hall of Fame is Fletch in Australia. His letter was published in SCORE Volume 30 Number 3.

“Where I am from, our football league (the NRL or National Rugby League) has a Hall of Fame and then it has The Immortals for the handful of players who have transcended the game. Minka is definitely in the latter category when it comes to big boobs. I have no hesitation in saying I have had more wanks over her than anyone and she has given me endless mental inspiration when my wife wants some. It’s time to put her in the Hall of Fame even though she has not retired. I hope she never does.”

Minka with all of the SCORE issues she’s appeared in since 1994.






Molly Evans is real and real spectacular

May 21, 2022 by Elliot James

The word is “unbelievable.”


“Guys are always trying to meet me,” said teenage supergirl Molly Evans. “They say things like, ‘Are you a sorceress? When I look at you, everything disappears.’ I have heard very funny things. But no one needs to say such things. They should be themselves and real.”

I hope Molly keeps away from them. They’re a bunch of lying creeps who are not fit to breathe the same air she breathes.

I asked Molly what she thinks about modeling for us since her debut in December. She is a fast learner.

“I really like the experience. When I was contacted by one of your photographers, I didn’t know what to expect. I imagine how many are turned on by me and it turns me on. I think about being a top model in the future. ”

My reply was, “You already are a top model.” Today’s photos and video prove it again.

The latest Voluptuous magazine (Volume 28 Number 5) is out in digital format and it includes the contest ballot. The print edition will be here in a couple of weeks.

Molly is one of the girls up for Newcomer of the Year.

This is as good a time as any to look back at previous Newcomer of the Year winners. Will Molly be the name next to 2021 next year?

2002: Nadine Jansen
2003: Nicole Peters
2004: Kelly Kay
2005: Bea Flora
2006: Anna Song
2007: April McKenzie
2008: Karina Hart
2009: Ashley Sage Ellison
2010: Miosotis
2011: Leanne Crow
2012: Siri
2013: Roxi Red
2014: Alana Lace
2015: Alexya
2016: Rachel Raxxx
2017: Milly Marks
2018: Amora Lee
2019: Stacy Vandenberg
2020: Diana Eisley

And the winners of the 2020 SCORELAND Awards are…

March 20, 2021 by Dave

Cheryl Blossom has been crowned!

Today at SCORELAND, we have a pair of super-entertaining compilation videos of the winners of the 2020 SCORELAND Awards. And they are…

Newcomer of the Year: Stassi Rossi.

Model of the Year: Cheryl Blossom.

Congratulations, ladies! Well-deserved!

“What an absolute honor!” Stassi says in her acceptance video. “Thank you to the photographers, the editors, the makeup artists. I’m so grateful to all of my fans and friends who supported me and gave me the confidence to get out there and do what I do best.”

As most of you know, this was the first year that we separated the SCORELAND awards from the annual SCORE and Voluptuous magazine awards, so Stassi and Cheryl are the first-ever winners. Stassi edged out Diana Eisley and Brooklyn Springvalley. Cheryl narrowly won over Kim Velez, Daria and Alexsis Faye in a contest that was dominated by naturally stacked girls.

SCORELAND members also cast their votes for the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame; their votes will be combined with the SCORE magazine readers’ to determine the new inductee. I can tell you that Kerry Marie won the online vote by a very small margin over Valory Irene and Kelly Christiansen. It’ll be interesting to see how the mag readers see it.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted.

Stassi and her award-winning curves.

If you love tits and ass, it’s gonna be a great weekend

March 12, 2021 by Dave

No pair of booty shorts can contain the incredible Stassi Rossi.

The thick ‘n’ curvy girls take over at SCORELAND this weekend. Today, Stassi Rossi–one of the top contenders for 2020 Newcomer of the Year–gives a blow job in a shower then sucks and fucks her guy in bed. Ass lovers are going to go crazy over this scene. There are some in-your-face closeups of Stassi slowly taking off her thong panties. The views of her big, round booty are spectacular. You’ll also get to see her twerking her ass on “that big cock,” as she calls it, while she smothers the lucky dude with her tits.

And tomorrow, Brooklyn Springvalley, another top vote-getter for Newcomer of the Year, busts out of some sexy lingerie.

By now, you’re probably wondering who won the inaugural SCORELAND Newcomer of the Year and Model of the Year contests. We’ll have the announcement soon, possibly as early as next week, so stay tuned.

The new SCORE is here! The new SCORE is here!

February 26, 2021 by Dave

The voting for the 2020 SCORELAND Awards recently wrapped up (did you vote?), but the awards action is just getting started in SCORE magazine. The nominees for 2020 SCORE Model of the Year and the Big-Boob Hall of Fame are announced in Vol. 29 No. 6. The digital edition is on-sale now at with the print edition to follow in a few weeks.

No Newcomer of the Year this time around; we made the 2020 newcomers eligible for Model of the Year. That’s going to make readers’ decisions more difficult than ever with the likes of Katy Ann, Sigal Acon, Stacy Vandenberg and Korina Kova going up against newbies Brittany Elizabeth, Jessy Bunny and Lucy Rodriguez. I’d tell you who I voted for, but then I’d have to duck when the other girls started firing their bras at me.

Come to think of it, maybe I wouldn’t duck.

For the Hall of Fame, Valory Irene is the newest name on the ballot. Also up for the Hall: Casey James, Cindy Cupps, Ines Cudna, Janet Jade, Kelly Christiansen, Kerry Marie, Morgan Leigh, Summer Sinn and Venera. In the recently-completed SCORELAND voting, Valory, Kerry, Casey and Kelly combined for nearly 50% of the votes. I’m interested in seeing how the mag voting goes; as always, we’ll combine the mag and web votes to come up with the winner.

Photos of the nominees make up only a small portion of this issue. There are also four mag newcomers–Jessy Bunny, Lucy Rodriguez, Terri Lou and Charley–plus Anastasia Doll’s first tit-fuck scene, Minka stealing her daughter’s boyfriend, Angel Wicky fucking the pool attendant and lots more.

And–get this!–over five hours of free bonus videos, including 10 of the candidates for the Hall of Fame.

If I wasn’t the editor, I’d definitely buy a copy.