And the winners of the 2021 SCORELAND Awards are…

June 20, 2022 by Dave

When we opened the voting for 2021 SCORELAND Newcomer of the Year, we had little doubt the contest would turn into a two-way race between Holly Garner and Molly Evans. Well, as a newspaper columnist I once knew wrote about a big horse race, “As expected, there were no surprises.” But who won?

For several weeks, Holly and Molly went tit-to-tit (figuratively, of course; I can’t wait for the day if/when they do it literally), but when all the votes were counted, Holly took home the crown, receiving 35.16% of the votes to Molly’s 30.12%. Joslyn James and Barbie Nicole finished third and fourth.

Going in, we wondered if Cheryl Blossom would repeat as Model of the Year. Well, it wasn’t really close. Cheryl, who is about as spectacular as any girl has ever been at playing with her own big, natural tits, won with 20.23% of the vote, followed by Ricki Raxxx and Jenni Noble.

This marked the second year in a row the SCORELAND Awards have been separate from the SCORE and Voluptuous magazine awards. The pandemic was the reason in 2020. This time, we just thought it made sense. However, the Big-Boob Hall of Fame is still a combined SCORELAND/SCORE affair, so we won’t know the identity of the new inductee until SCORE readers’ votes are counted. However, I can tell you that Kerry Marie, Terry Nova, Sha Rizel and Casey James, in that order, received the majority of the votes from SCORELAND members.

Thanks to the thousands of members who voted, and congratulations to Holly and Cheryl, both deserving winners, IMO.




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14 responses to “And the winners of the 2021 SCORELAND Awards are…”

  1. ProfV says:

    Holly is a trophy blonde … no argument.
    But Molly is who I want to marry … DEEAAAAMMNNN!

  2. rutroh says:

    where are the results?

  3. jojo66 says:

    I guess the Winner of the 2022 Awards is Joanna Bliss 🙂

  4. Breastman says:

    Cheryl obviously carries the largest breasts, a healthy 48, all natural and supposed to fit into J-cups, which must take some doing. Holly is far behind, a bare 42, but as a newcomer she’ll make up for it over time. In the meantime she has a fresh charm and natural beauty that open doors.

  5. PeteUK says:

    Great! Might there ever be a hall of fame page on Scoreland?

  6. Pierh says:

    Cheryl is one of the greatest score girls and deserves all the love.

  7. carney22 says:

    Thanks for the announcement . . . and looking forward to discovering the identity of the next member of the Big Boob Hall of Fame. I agree with PeteUK, it’s about time that a legend like Kerry Marie is enshrined, although on a personal level I’d be happy to see Sha Rizel chosen . . .

  8. Danny says:

    She may win, again!

  9. Jim says:

    Love them both, but too bad no hardcore action from either…

  10. PeteUK says:

    I voted for Holly. I suspect that Molly making her debut at the end of the year – and only having one eligible shot – might have counted against her.

    Will you be announcing the print winners here? It’s about time Kerry Marie joined the hall of fame.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Pick Cheryl blossom

  12. Joey says:

    No surprises here!