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SCORE magazine Volume 33 Number 1 in digital

March 24, 2024 by Elliot James 7 Comments

This boob-jammed edition of SCORE in digital format stars Barbie Nicole, Bad Bella, Brittany Andrews, Holly Garner, Kat Marie, Katy Ann, Korina Kova and Nikki Sexx in full layouts plus a look at the DVD SCORE Xtra 18  and the Boob Beat column by Elliot James with a Billie Jean Austin interview. Get your copy here. The print edition is on the way.

“I’m so excited,” Barbie said.


Voluptuous magazine Volume 30 Number 3: All-natural babes since 1994

February 15, 2024 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Covergirl Holly Garner (Ultimate Holly Garner) and Alexya lead the parade of busty naturals in this edition. Sofia Deluxe busts her cherry, her first XXX since her debut in 2019, and Violetta brings up the rear for a booty-boning. Jenni Noble, Busty St. Claire, Helen Star, Lucy Laistner and a never-published pictorial of Terry Nova make this issue a keeper. Order yours today.

“Each time a new Voluptuous mag is posted through my door, it’s like Christmas has arrived. I love your photography and image selection, too, giving us the best of each model.”-R.B.

It’s here: Ultimate Holly Garner, featuring Holly’s first two XXX scenes

January 12, 2024 by Dave 4 Comments

When we call a movie Ultimate, you know it’s special. Linsey Dawn McKenzie broke her hardcore cherry in Ultimate Linsey. Autumn-Jade went all the way for the first time in Ultimate Autumn, as did Julia Miles in Ultimate Julia Miles, Susie Wilden in Ultimate Susie Wilden and Dawn Stone in Ultimate Dawn Stone. You get the idea.

And now, available at eBoobStore.com, the movie we thought we’d never see: Ultimate Holly Garner, featuring the former Newcomer of the Year and always all-time great in not only her first hardcore scene but her second, too. Plus, there’s the girl-girl scene in which she fucks Molly Evans with a strap-on and three solo scenes (just in case you need a warmup). It’s available on DVD or for immediate download.

I’m not sure which Ultimate movie I’d put second on the list of most-surprising (probably Ultimate Linsey), but Ultimate Holly Garner is definitely No. 1.

PLUS: You can grab Ultimate Holly Garner (and any other movie in our catalog) as part of the ongoing Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale at eBoobStore. The sale ends January 18.

FYI, Holly’s second XXX goes live today at SCORELAND. DVD (or download) or SCORELAND membership, there are only good options here.


Things you can do while waiting for Holly Garner to fuck again next Friday at SCORELAND

January 6, 2024 by Dave 14 Comments

Holly is ready for more cock.

1. Jack off a few more times to Holly’s first hardcore.

2. Check out huge-titted MILF Billie Jean Austin in action with a guy half her age at SCORELAND.

Unfortunately, Billie Jean is not my lover.


3. Enjoy newcomer Nicole Colina’s giant naturals at XLGirls.com. Words cannot do justice to the size of her naturals. I’ve also previewed her XXX scenes, which go live in a few weeks, and not once did my eyes go to her pussy, I was so focused on that rack.

The spectacular Nicole Colina.


See? Time’s gonna fly.


Coming December 22…Holly Garner goes all the way…her first XXX!

December 14, 2023 by Dave 28 Comments

The most-surprising XXX debut ever?

Christmas is coming early. Naturally stacked, former SCORE Newcomer of the Year Holly Garner already came…from fucking on-camera for the first time.

In my opinion, this ranks as one of the biggest events in the history of big tits. Maybe I can think of one or two bigger events, but I’m not even sure of those because Holly doing hardcore is so unexpected. After all, she’s barely even given us a peek at her pussy since she became a SCORE Girl in 2021. Can you think of any other girl who has made the jump from topless-only to hardcore? I can’t. Maggie Green was also a topless-only model, but she showed pussy and even did hardcore girl-girl before she fucked.

Obviously, I’m shocked. Very pleasantly shocked. And as you know, for a while there, it looked like the Holly XXX would turn out to be just a big tease.

No tease. It happened, and we have the photos and videos. Make sure your SCORELAND membership is current on December 22.




December 8, 2023 by Elliot James 1 Comment

This collection of SCORELAND stars is so massive, we needed three DVDs. Read all about it and watch the video trailer. It’s also available as a digital download.

Enjoy 18 big-bust stars in solo and hardcore action. They’re the winners and runner-ups of the 2023 SCORELAND contest.

“Insane DVD,” an eBoobStore member wrote. “It’s crazy wonderful to see all these girls together in one package. There’s a pair of tits for every man here. I still hope there’s a second Katy Ann DVD released soon however, featuring her newer heavyweight tits. She is the greatest SCORE girl of all time in my opinion – and I don’t say that lightly.”


Model of the Year Joana Bliss

Cheryl Blossom

Katy Ann

Molly Evans

Amber Alena

Holly Garner


Newcomer of the Year Demora Avarice

Crystal Chase

Helena Hope

Natasha Nice

Isa Gomez



Hall of Fame winner Hitomi

Kerry Marie


Casey James

Kelly Christiansen


Today at SCORELAND, Holly and Molly continue their beautiful friendship

October 20, 2023 by Dave

This is what it’s all about.

My personal favorite moments from Part 2 of the Holly Garner and Molly Evans Show, which airs today at SCORELAND.

• Molly sucking on and playing with Holly’s big naturals.

• The girls sitting side-by-side on the bed, shaking and bouncing their big tits.

• Molly sucking Holly’s strap-on like it’s a real cock and making those hot, slutty gagging noises.

• Holly fucking Molly’s pussy with a strap-on (much like the way Zafira fucked Kim Velez’s pussy with a strap-on) while Molly’s boob jiggle. Extra bonus: Holly sucking Molly’s tits while she’s fucking her. The fucking, by the way, is missionary and doggy-style, and Molly obviously loves what Holly is doing to her.

• Holly fucking Molly’s tits with the pussy-juice-coated strap-on.

• The looking-down views of Holly’s tan-lined tits while she’s doing this.

The view runs 19 minutes, 30 seconds. I dare you to get through five minutes without shooting your load.

History is being made today at SCORELAND, but you might be jacking too much to realize it

September 29, 2023 by Dave

So happy together.

A few things about today’s historic Holly GarnerMolly Evans meeting at SCORELAND.

1. Holly fucks Molly with a strap-on. I can’t remember the last time we had two Newcomers of the Year together like this, meaning in XXX strap-on action. Has it ever happened?

2. Molly is the more-sexually explicit of the two girls, meaning she gets fucked by Holly’s strap-on but Molly doesn’t fuck Holly in return. Still, there’s plenty of mutual tit worship and sucking to satisfy any boob hound.

3. Elliot writes about the video, “Molly turns around to show her delicious cheeks and Holly plays with the rounded mounds, rubbing and lightly spanking her ripe ass. They resume their tongue smooching, licking and boob fondling, fascinated and intoxicated. Molly gets on her back, her legs spread open. Holly, wearing a pink strap-on, gets between Molly’s legs. She moves Molly’s panties to the side, lubes her beautiful pussy and fucks her new girlfriend.”

4. Molly has now been with Holly, Kira Clark and Katie Rose. That’s epic.

Enjoy. I’m sure you will.