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What a way to go!

May 26, 2023 by Dave 5 Comments

I think he’s still breathing.

“Poor guy. So young. How did he die?”

“He got smothered by Xena Zoraki’s tits.”

“Oh. Well, that’s not so bad.”

I mean, I once got struck by a car while riding my bicycle. I’d much rather have been struck by Xena’s giant G-cup naturals.

Xena, one of the top newbies of 2023 or any year, returns to do it all today at

It’s Kira Liv Day at SCORELAND

May 6, 2023 by Dave 2 Comments

Kira Liv gives her nipple a workout.

Today is Kira Liv Day at SCORELAND. The naturally stacked newcomer is’working out, and you know what that means: lots of bouncing and swinging of her ginormous, creamy naturals. Kira also self-sucks her nipples, which she’s proving to be very good at. I’m not going to put her in the Gya Roberts and Sarah Rae category of self-suckers just yet (those girls have skills that are beyond belief), but she’s definitely working her way up. Practice, practice, practice, I say. Sarah Rae used to practice a lot. She said it was her goal to self-suck both nipples hands-free at the same time, something she accomplished.

Anyway, back to Kira. She’s going to be the covergirl of the issue of Voluptuous we’re working on now (Volume 30 Number 1), and I wouldn’t mind putting her in every issue from now until forever.

It’s also Angie Bravo Weekend at Angie’s following up on her hardcore debut at SCORELAND last week by sucking and fucking again, and I gotta tell ya, she’s no slouch at self-sucking her tits either.

Enjoy, and you’d be excused if you don’t leave your house all weekend. Kira and Angie are worth spending a lot of time with.

Angie sucks her tit while her guy sucks her pussy.


Demmy’s Bounce Party

April 13, 2023 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Breast royalty Demmy Blaze sets off a major boob quake today. The bouncing is non-stop. How many ways can the great Demmy bounce her huge boobs? Many ways.

Demmy’s bust is bigger than ever. I only wish she lived in the USA, but there I go being selfish again.

“I would like a T-shirt that reads “Big Power Boobs,” Demmy told me a few years ago. That says it all.

Behold boob royalty.


Follow The Bouncing Boobs of Isa Gomez

October 22, 2022 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Isa Gomez is a Mamazon, the real deal. Making a bikini to fit her curvy body takes the skill of a master swimsuit maker. When Isa takes it off, the bouncing and oiling begin. New scene today.

No bikini top can contain those juicy tits.

I’ve got something to say about Natasha Sweet

March 17, 2022 by Dave 6 Comments

Natasha loves her tits so much, she makes love to them.

It was a great man who said of Natasha Sweet, “Even her tits have tits.”

Actually, it wasn’t a great man. It was a john who was cruising for hookers in the Czech Republic and saw Natasha standing on a street corner with her tits pouring out of her top. He and his friend got what they wanted: full service from Natasha in the movie Voluptuous Xtra 20.

Today at, Natasha self-sucks her nipples, shows off her spectacular naturals in a whole bunch of positions and does lots of fun things with her pussy.

I’m going to make a controversial statement right now. Ready? Ya sure? Okay. Here goes.

Natasha Sweet is one of the five greatest naturals ever. Maybe top three.

There, I said it.

He’s probably thinking Kitty has very soft hands

February 11, 2022 by Dave 10 Comments

Kitty has perfected the no-hands massage.

This photo of Kitty Cute from her second XXX scene, which is live today at SCORELAND, reminds me of a big-titted girl I knew a long time ago. When I wanted to fuck her tits, she looked at me like I was crazy then proceeded to tell me that no guy had ever done that to her. Then I asked her to rub her tits against my thighs and my back, and again, she looked at me like I had two heads (which, of course, I did and still do: a big one and a little one).

Anyway, Kitty is phenomenal and I’m glad she chose us for her hardcore cherry-breakers.

Have you ever been with a big-titted girl who had never been tit-fucked?

ATTENTION! Voting for the 2021 SCORELAND Awards is going on right now in the members area. As expected, Molly Evans and Holly Garner are dominating Newcomer of the Year, and Cheryl Blossom is looking strong (although not a lock) to repeat as Model of the Year. If you haven’t voted, vote now!

Mer returns, and some thoughts about mags and websites

January 28, 2022 by Dave 2 Comments

Mer sucks. That’s a good thing.

There was a time when SCORE, Voluptuous, XL Girls, SCORELAND and were almost completely intertwined. If a girl was a star in the mags, she was a star on the websites, too, and vice versa. That time ended with the pandemic, which had the silver lining of compelling us to ask models all over the world to shoot their own photos and videos for us. But that came with a problem. The requirements for photos in magazines are a lot higher than the requirements for web photos (we need much higher resolutions for print), so suddenly, we’ve had girls appearing on the websites but not in the mags. That never happened before.

For that reason, Colombian natural Mer has appeared at many times but in Vmag only once (and that time with Lucy Rodriguez). She makes another appearance today and proves to be an excellent self-sucker, having already proven she’s an excellent dick sucker.

It breaks my heart that Mer hasn’t had a solo appearance in Voluptuous, but I’m hoping when the pandemic finally becomes endemic, we’ll dispatch our photo and video crew to Colombia, where they’ve shot so many other great Latinas for the mags and the websites. I hope to put Mer on the cover one day because IMO, a busty girl hasn’t truly arrived until she’s been on the cover of a TSG mag.

Is that old-fashioned? Maybe. But to me, it’s just a fact.



Anastasia Doll: Leave it to cleavage

September 30, 2021 by Elliot James 1 Comment

It was a little over a year ago that Anastasia Doll did her first on-camera Tits & Tugs. Can you believe it’s been that long? Last year, Anastasia said, “All my fans were super happy to see the scene and the actor was very good, also. They want to see more.” So here’s more.

You don’t need to hand it to Anastasia. She’ll reach out. What Anastasia wants, she gets. She wants her tits wrapped around a cock and then covered in cum. The tugging starts tomorrow. As I blogged last year, getting to enjoy Anastasia’s tits and hand manipulations, “was like being awarded the French Légion d’Honneur, even though we’re not French.”

Anastasia will drain Tom’s nuts with her big tits.


I think there should be a Self-Sucking Olympics

September 4, 2021 by Dave 7 Comments

Erin Star has Olympian tits.

If I ruled the world, I’d get all of the great self-suckers on SCORELAND and together and have a self-sucking Olympics. The events would be:

1. Regular self-sucking, using a hand to lift the nipple to the mouth.

2. Double-nipple self-sucking, using a hand.

3. Single-nipple self-sucking, hands-free.

4. Double-nipple self-sucking, hands free. I think this one and No. 3 would have to be timed events, meaning how long can a girl do this before the nipple drops out of her mouth?

The great Erin Star is doing basic self-sucking in this photo from this week’s posting at, but I love the way she’s checking herself out while she does it.

Anyway, back to the Self-Sucking Olympics. This would be an event of major proportions, literally and figuratively (I think; looking at that photo of Erin, I forgot what literally and figuratively mean).

Let’s say we limited the Self-Sucking Olympics to eight participants. Who would they be?

A girl who can do a lot with her tits

August 6, 2021 by Dave 1 Comment

A girl who can do a lot with her tits.

Generally speaking, the bigger a girl’s tits, the more tricks she can do with them. I can’t think of much a girl can do with A-cups (can you?), but the bigger they get, the more the possibilities. Also, generally speaking, a girl with naturals can do more with her tits than a girl with augmented tits, but I have seen several fake-titted girls who could self-suck and tug impressively.

I bring this up because Colombian H-cupper Isa Gomez returns to today, and she can do quite a bit with her huge naturals. In the photo set alone, she:

  1. Tugs on both nipples, stretching out her tits as far as they reasonably can go.
  2. Self-sucks a nipple.
  3. Stacks her tits.
  4. Stacks her tits and self-sucks a nipple at the same time.
  5. Self-sucks a nipple hands-free.
  6. Self-sucks both nipples at the same time.

This is an impressive set of skills for a girl who comes from a country where girls are usually taught how to show off their asses, not their tits. In addition to her special skills, Isa also does the usual stuff, like let her tits hang, flop and sway.

When it comes to boob play, Ms. Gomez is an expert. Bravo!