The great things Angie Bravo does in her hardcore scene. There are a lot of them!

April 29, 2023 by Dave

In my opinion, this is the best thing a big-titted girl can do. Self-sucking her nipples is a close second.

Angie Bravo made her hardcore debut yesterday at SCORELAND in what has to be one of the big-tit events of the decade. She has huge tits and she’s young, a winning combination. In my opinion (the only one I have), Angie’s natural rack is one of the best ever. It’s full but pliable. Her areolae are wide and dark. They just begged to be sucked, but, of course, in her XXX scene, she doesn’t have to beg. The guy goes right in for them.

That’s all good. But doing XXX is one thing. Doing it well is another. Not all girls do it well. I mean, I’ve seen girls who have done it a lot on-camera and still don’t do it well. Angie does, which is remarkable since she’s only 21. When Angie sucks dick, she gets it all the way down her throat. She slobbers all over it. She rests her tits on the dude’s legs and once in a while looks into the camera. When the dude vigorously tit-fucks her, she makes sure to suck his dick head, knowing there’s nothing better than the tit-fuck/BJ combination (a fact Natasha Sweet and Aspen, the XL Girl from several years back, also know). When she’s riding the dude’s cock, her tits swing wildly and she moans those sweet girly sounds. And she takes the load right where it belongs: on her tits.

Basically, this is a glorious girl doing glorious stuff. I kinda feel that if Gya Roberts had ever done hardcore, it would have been like this.

Aspen is also great at the BJ/tit-fuck combo.




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3 responses to “The great things Angie Bravo does in her hardcore scene. There are a lot of them!”

  1. Robert Bailey says:

    I can’t even begin to put into words how much I love your Voluptuous ladies. I love jizzing all over their big tits and fat areolas like my life depends on it. Each time a new Voluptuous mag is posted through my door it’s like Christmas has arrived. I love Score’s photography and image selection too, giving us the best of each model. Angie Bravo and my personal favourite, Micky Bells, were built for repeated cum blastings by horny jerk(ers) like me. Now if you’ll excuse me…

  2. ( - )( - ) says:

    Absolute fukn hottie dream goddess

  3. X.D. says:

    Angie is fantastic! But Lawd I miss Gya Roberts. Wish she would make a come back with a double dong and a busty girl friend.