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When girls love big tits as much as you do

October 28, 2023 by Dave

Rachael is very happy with her boob growth spurt.

Rachael C.’s growth spurt has to go down as one of the big-boob stories of the century. I mean, here’s a girl who was very pretty and sexy but who was also kinda borderline for our websites and magazines. And then…yowzer! Her boob growth–unaided by pregnancy, hormones or a doctor’s magical hands–is historic. Sure, she put on some weight, but I’m guessing about 75% of it went to her chest. That’s an impressive number.

No growth spurt for Katie Rose and Kira Clark, who also returned to (and SCORELAND as a special bonus posting) this week for some more tit-to-tit action. None needed. We’re going through an impressive run of girl-girl and girl-girl-girls these days, and what makes it even better is how lusty these girls are for each other’s tits. It’s as if someone transplanted a boob-man’s brain into theirs.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but this is a great time for new naturals.

Katie seems to love sucking on tits as much as you do.



Jessy Bunny and her ever-expanding chest return to SCORELAND today

January 13, 2023 by Dave

Jessy shows off her new goods.

Jessy Bunny has taken her tits to the next level, and this dude wants a closer look before he sucks them, fucks them and gets some mouth and pussy action.

By next level, I mean 3000 ccs. Her ultimate goal is to be as busty as Chelsea Charms, which I’d say is a worthy goal. One big difference: Chelsea has never fucked on-camera.

“Her whole body proportion is like a goal for me,” Jessy said. “I love how tipsy I have become. Like, because I can’t see what is in front of my feet, I often trip over something. Or because I often don’t realize how big my boobs are and I touch a person with them by accident. This shows that my boobs are even more slutty than I am. I love to show my boobs and wear tight clothing with a lot of cleavage.”

As we all know, Jessy aspires to being the ultimate bimbo. Call the average woman a bimbo and you’ll have a #MeToo situation on your hands. Call Jessy a bimbo and she’ll say thank you. She might even suck your cock just to prove how right you are. To Jessy, being a bimbo means more than big tits. It means blow job lips and a big ass, too. If every woman were like Jessy…well, most of the world wouldn’t get much work done. We’d get a lot of work done at SCORELAND.

Chelsea Charms is Jessy Bunny’s role model.




Holly Wood and the greatest boob growth spurts ever

March 11, 2022 by Dave

Holly Wood made her growth spurt happen, and now she’s making this guy’s growth spurt in his pants happen.

Holly Wood returns to get fucked today at SCORELAND.

Right now, I’m putting together a special for SCORE magazine about the greatest growth spurts ever. When Elliot saw my list, he said, “Isn’t this topic more for naturals?” That’s true, but the way I see it, sometimes the growth spurt happens to the girl and sometimes the girl makes the growth spurt happen.

Amber Alena, Rachel Raxxx, Minka, Sandra Star, Angelina Castro, Danielle Derek, Daphne Rosen, Tigerr Benson made it happen. Tigerr really made it happen. The girl was flat as a board before she took action.

Holly made it happen and nicely balanced out her chest and her big, round ass.


Whether we’re talking CCs or cup size, bigger Jessy is better

March 4, 2022 by Dave

This about-to-be-very-lucky guy can’t believe his eyes.

I’ll let you in on a little behind-the-scenes secret: For the longest time in SCORE magazine and even on SCORELAND, we avoided mentioning CCs when discussing the size of a model’s super-sized boobs. A lot of us at TSG, and I’ll include myself in that group, felt talking about CCs was too clinical, too scientific when referring to something you fantasize about and jack off to. But as we’ve learned over the years, a lot of big-boob lovers get off on that kind of stuff. They like to hear, for example, in the case of Jessy Bunny, that she had “1300ccs, and that makes me a 32K in bras.” And they’re very much going to like to hear that today at SCORELAND, Jessy does her first hardcore scene with her 2000cc mega-boobs. And she’s only 4’11” tall!

I don’t know if my feelings have changed about this. I still prefer hearing about cup size (as in, “I went from an A-cup to a K-cup,” in Jessy’s case) rather than ccs and other scientific measurements. But I also definitely see the point of view that says, “This girl pumped up her tits to 2000ccs because she wants men to jack off to her and fuck her.”

Where do you stand on the issue? Or is it not an issue to you?

Either way, that doesn’t change the fact that Jessy gets her mouth, pussy and tits fucked and the guy cums on her face and tits at the same time. And that with bigger tits, she’s better than ever. To me, that’s a fact.


Victoria Vale and something that has nothing to do with Victoria Vale

November 6, 2021 by Dave

If Victoria Vale wants to show me her tits, I’m very happy to look at her tits.

Victoria Vale unleashes her bombs again today at SCORELAND (did she say they’re four cup-sizes bigger than they were three years ago?). Victoria is always a welcome sight. We have her to ourselves today, which is fine by me. And if she were fucking, I’d have said that was fine by me, too.

Anyway, what I’m about to say has nothing to do with Victoria. You might recall that back in May, I wrote about the original SCORE’s 20 Greatest Naturals in 2001 and the updated list in 2011 and asked you to offer your input on a new Top 20.

Well, working in advance of what will be our first of many 30th anniversary specials in the magazine (and at SCORELAND), Elliot, the crew and I have been busy working on that new Top 20. And let me tell you something: It ain’t easy.

Coming up with the original Top 20 was easy. I mean, it wasn’t as easy as sitting around in 1900 and coming up with a list of the Top 20 U.S. Presidents (there had only been 24) or getting together with your buds at a sports bar in 1930 and discussing baseball’s greatest home run hitters ever, but let’s face it: From 1992 to 2001, SCORE was pretty much dominated by the super-stacked feature dancers. Great naturals were relatively few and far between. A top 20? A snap.

Of course, it got a lot tougher in 2011, after so many great British and Eastern European naturals had made their presence very welcome.

But now? Fuhgettaboutit. I’m here to tell you that taking the hundreds of really fine naturals who have debuted over the first 30 years of SCORE and getting the list down to a Top 20 is impossible. I tried. Elliot tried. We all tried.

Typical conversation:

Me or Elliot: “She has to be on the list.”

Elliot or me: “Okay, then who do you want to take off the list?”

Me or Elliot: [Silence]

So, I hereby declare that SCORE’s 20 Greatest Naturals is now SCORE’s 30 Greatest Naturals, and that isn’t easy, either.

One more thing: new photos and videos of Cheryl Blossom (who’s a V-Girl, not a SCORE Girl) just came in. I swear her tits got bigger again. I don’t know if Cheryl and Demmy Blaze are having a boob-growing contest, but it sure seems that way. Somehow, some way, we have to get these two girls together. Elliot?

Today at SCORELAND, Victoria Vale goes all the way!

September 17, 2021 by Dave

Victoria sucks and fucks that cock, too.

It was four years ago that former auto show model Victoria Vale came to SCORELAND and showed off her huge, naked tits and pussy for the first time. A great blonde slim ‘n’ stacker in the SCORE tradition (did you know we’re about to celebrate our 30th anniversary?), Victoria got a lot of well-deserved attention, especially when she took on The Fuck Machine.

Of course, the inevitable comments followed.

“We need to see those gorgeous tits wrapped around a huge, REAL cock.”

“Would love to see Victoria in a hardcore scene. Those pouty lips and enormous tits would look super hot stuffed with a huge cock!”

“You guys are fulfilling my fantasies. First, Chloe Lamoure does b/g; then Codi Vore. Now, if we can get Victoria Vale to do boy/girl, I will be a very happy SCORE subscriber.”

But then time passed. Victoria dropped out of sight. One year, then two, then three. It looked like we would never see Victoria in hardcore action.

But in late August, Elliot and I received an email from our talent booker: “Victoria Vale will be shooting next week in Miami on Thursday and Friday for the following schedule.” And both of those days had boy/girl!

Today, at SCORELAND, the big day has arrived.

Oh, I buried the lede: Victoria’s tits are bigger than ever.

Girls who don’t know how big their tits are

August 27, 2021 by Dave

Are those G-cups? H-cups? They’re definitely not DD-cups.

Sometimes I have to laugh at how big some models think their tits are…or, in this case, how small.

Here’s Mer, one of the newest wonders from Colombia. We asked her to fill out an info sheet, as we do with all models, and here’s what she wrote next to BRA SIZE: “DD.”

Yes. Double-D. As in a size that Victoria’s Secret sells.

I haven’t met Mer and don’t speak Spanish, but if I could say one thing to her, it would be, “Mer, you might try to pack those tits of yours into DD-cup bras, but you definitely don’t have DD-cup tits.”

As this photo from her new posting today at clearly shows.

Now, I’m not discouraging Mer from wearing DD-cup bras. I think all big-titted babes should pack their tits into bras that are several sizes too small.

But it might be time for Mer to go for a bra measurement.

It was Socrates who said, “Know thyself.” I’ve been at The SCORE Group for over 20 years and have met hundreds of busty models, and I’ve always been amazed by how few of them knew thyselves when it came to the size of their chests. Cherry Brady probably has the highest level of boob education. The girl should have a PhD in bras. But for the most part, these girls don’t know how busty they are. There have even been times when a girl has returned to our studio and I’ve said to her, “Your boobs got bigger.” And she’d say something like, “They have?” And sure enough, they were a cup-size or two bigger and she didn’t even know it.

I mean, how is that possible? If my cock got three inches bigger, I’d know it.


The Raxxx is back and bustier than ever!

June 12, 2021 by Dave

Either that shirt got a lot smaller or Ricki’s tits got a lot bigger. Spoiler alert: It’s the latter.

Now the proud owner of a super-sized rack, the aptly named Ricki Raxxx returns to SCORELAND today to show off her new goodies (and her very pink pussy).

Today’s photos and video were shot on May 21, 2021. Before that, the last time Ms. Raxxx was in our studio was September 23, 2002. Unless I missed someone, that’s the longest time ever between SCORE/SCORELAND shoots (Betty Boobs and Whitney Wonders both returned after 20 years to shoot for

Ricki looks great. She was always very sexy, and I think she’s gotten sexier as she’s matured. Thumbs up to her boob magician. He did a heckuva job. However, Ricki’s pussy has always been my first or second favorite part of her body, and it remains sensational.

By the way, a lot more people than I expected guessed Ricki in last week’s “Guess Whose Boobs.”  I was very surprised by that until Elliot helpfully pointed out that Ricki had announced her shoots for us on Twitter. Therefore, I declare that to be the greatest ELECTION HOAX since I don’t know when. STOP THE STEAL! Show of hands: Who knew it was Ricki without reading her Twitter feed?

Ricki didn’t lose that pussy.





Guess whose boobs?

June 6, 2021 by Dave

Unless you’re a boob psychic or have boob identification skills far beyond those of even Elliot James’, you have almost no chance of getting this right. However, I will tell you that you’ve seen her before (although much smaller) and she’s coming back to SCORELAND very soon.


What can she say? She’s stacked!

March 4, 2021 by Dave

If you’re wondering, Holly, it fits great.

The continuing very happy tale of Holly Wood’s breast expansion continues today at SCORELAND with new photos and a video. Miss Wood, now an H- or an HH-cup, depending on the day, tries on sweaters and tight tops, which is always one of my favorite things to watch a girl do. I would’ve made the greatest women’s clothing salesperson. Seriously. My patience would be endless as long as the customer has big tits.

“Here, try this one. It’s two sizes too small!”

SCORELAND: Did you have to buy new bras and clothing?

Holly: Everything! I had to get a whole new wardrobe, and I’m a little high maintenance so it’s not like I could get normal stuff. I had to get the fancy, pretty, amazing stuff, and I can’t just walk into a normal store and buy a bra. They don’t carry my size, so it’s a bit of a mission now. Special ordering them or finding companies online that actually carry my size. Shirts are a little bit easier to find than big bras, and I don’t want ugly bras. They gotta be cute. Who wants to cover these up entirely? Why?

[Rosenbaum’s note: Indeed, why? Even cold weather isn’t an excuse. I once knew a girl–the girlfriend of a player I coached in hockey–who was really stacked. One day, she came to the ice rink, which was cold, wearing a sweater that was cut-out so her cleavage was on display. I thought, “What’s the use of wearing a sweater that’s cut like that? She’s going to freeze anyway.” The reason, I guess, is to keep most of your body warm while still showing off your rack. The girl was basically saying, “Nothing will keep me from showing off my tits.” Now back to the interview.]

SCORELAND: Do you find yourself dressing to show them off?

Holly: Yes, especially here in Miami. It’s always hot year-round, so why wouldn’t I show them off? Now, back on the west coast, it’s a little colder, so unfortunately, I can’t get away with it, but when summer rolls around, I’m going to be hopping again because I love it.

SCORELAND: How about tight sweaters?

Holly: With me, every sweater is a tight sweater. Like I said, my tits are Ms for massive! People have to see them for themselves to understand. I cannot hide these tits no matter what I put on, and the wardrobe change I’ve had to go through is crazy.