Tomorrow at SCORELAND: the world’s #1 male fantasy

April 18, 2024 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Two girls on one man. The #1 male fantasy. The ultimate in threesomes for a guy. This is the only kind of threesome for me.

Tomorrow, super-stud G.I. Joey has his hands full of the huge tits of Victoria Vale and Mariza Rabbit. What a super team these two sex-bombs make.

I did an after-sex interview with Mariza and Victoria that will be posted along with the video and photo set.

Victoria Vale: Mariza is totally gorgeous! Her tits are absolutely amazing and give me “boobie greed!”

Mariza Rabbit: Victoria is so beautiful and her tits are absolutely amazing!

Our thanks to Victoria, Mariza and G.I. Joey.

Mariza and Victoria work Joey over. He is now the luckiest man in the SCORE universe.

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One response to “Tomorrow at SCORELAND: the world’s #1 male fantasy”

  1. Danny says:

    Threesomes with two girls and one guy are super hot as it is. But when it’s two slim mega-stacked beauties like Victoria and Mariza, the hotness of the threesome goes to another stratosphere!! I hope in the near future, that we get a Euro counterpart to this scene.
    Perhaps Tanya Virago and Jessica Bunnington? Or swap one out for Sandra Star!

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