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Victoria Vale’s nipples are rock-hard today, and you know what that means

May 25, 2024 by Dave Leave your thoughts

Victoria has some pointers for you.

My favorite part of this photo is how Victoria Vale‘s nipples are rock-hard and pointing straight out. Turns out that in almost every photo of Victoria’s set that goes live today at SCORELAND, her nipples are pointing. You can’t hide the nipple point any more than you can hide your hard-on. If a girl’s nipples are hard, she’s either cold or horny. I’m going with horny in this case. One of my favorite scenes at 40SomethingMag.com is blonde, big-titted Kay Kummingz getting her ass absolutely drilled by Johnny Champ’s big dick. You know she’s into it because her nipples are always pointing toward the wall or the ceiling, rock-hard. Karina Hart’s nipples are also usually hard when she’s fucking herself with a toy.

Victoria is very much into cock. You can tell by the way she’s sucking the dude’s dick in the scene she did with Mariza Rabbit. She’s so into cocks that she rates them on the web. She told Elliot, “I rate on several criteria: length, girth, hardness and overall appearance.” I hope she doesn’t deduct points for cumming in five seconds.

The photo below shows something I somehow hadn’t noticed about Victoria: She has booty. How’d I miss that?

Did you realize that Victoria has a nice ass?


When two very big-boobed girls suck and fuck a very big cock

April 19, 2024 by Dave 5 Comments

You tell me if this is the highlight of Mariza and Victoria’s scene today at SCORELAND or just one of them.

There’s a lot to love about Mariza Rabbit and Victoria Vale‘s threesome with G.I. Joey today at SCORELAND. Of course, I love that both girls are mega-stacked, and it looks to me like Victoria lost weight and gained boobage, making her super-slim and mega-stacked. I love how much the girls are into each other and the guy. There’s never a third wheel in this scene. And I love how Victoria and Mariza are so into Joey’s cock, even though its girth and length might be intimidating to some girls, and suck it so lovingly. I’m pretty sure that when Victoria was blowing Joey, she forgot the camera was there.

And I love what happens at 35 minutes, 35 seconds (yes, it’s a nice, long scene), when the girls go nipple-to-nipple and make a shelf (or bridge) of their tits for Joey’s load. That’s big-tit porn the way it oughta be.

I could say more, but this scene is better watched than talked about. If you don’t love it, I’m sorry, but you don’t love big tits. But I know you do.



Tomorrow at SCORELAND: the world’s #1 male fantasy

April 18, 2024 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Two girls on one man. The #1 male fantasy. The ultimate in threesomes for a guy. This is the only kind of threesome for me.

Tomorrow, super-stud G.I. Joey has his hands full of the huge tits of Victoria Vale and Mariza Rabbit. What a super team these two sex-bombs make.

I did an after-sex interview with Mariza and Victoria that will be posted along with the video and photo set.

Victoria Vale: Mariza is totally gorgeous! Her tits are absolutely amazing and give me “boobie greed!”

Mariza Rabbit: Victoria is so beautiful and her tits are absolutely amazing!

Our thanks to Victoria, Mariza and G.I. Joey.

Mariza and Victoria work Joey over. He is now the luckiest man in the SCORE universe.

Breaking bra news: Florida Man finds stress relief with super-busty blonde Victoria Vale

March 31, 2023 by Elliot James

Victoria Vale comes to Peter Fitzwell’s rescue and leaves him a happy chappy. Peter needs the kind of relief that only a hot babe with really big tits can provide. Victoria fulfills his mega-boob fantasies.

Victoria’s SCORE debut was in 2017. She did her first XXX scenes here in 2021. I talked to Victoria about this new scene and more.

SCORELAND: So, Victoria, what did you think about the scene with Peter?

Victoria Vale: So sexy! Peter is fantastic on- and off-screen and WOW! what a cock he has!

SCORELAND: Has a guy ever been so excited by you that he came before sex?

Victoria Vale: Yes, especially if there is a lot of foreplay with my boobs!

Victoria loves cock between her huge tits.

A Q&A about T&A with Victoria Vale

March 11, 2023 by Elliot James

Victoria Vale is back at SCORELAND today in a fresh set. Victoria reminds me of the SCORE Girls of yore. Mostly exotic dancers, they dominated the big-bust world and the magazine racks in the 1990s. I counted 54 SCORE magazine covers from 1992 to 2000 of Tawny Peaks, Colt 45, Casey James and other super-busty stars. While that strip club scene is gone today, it looks like up-sizing is making a return.

SCORELAND: So, Victoria Vale, do women ever comment on your breasts or ask you questions?

Victoria: All the time! Most comments are positive or asking if my back hurts! Sometimes they get mad if their boyfriend or husband is staring at my chest.

SCORELAND: What do the guys like to see you do?

Victoria: Always boobs! Titty-fucking, trying on bras or bikinis and titty oiling are always my most requested!

SCORELAND: Tell us about driving. Do shoulder belts fit you comfortably? How is it handling the steering wheel?

Victoria: They never fit over my boobs! I have to sit pretty far back from the steering wheel!

Who wants to go for a motorboat ride with Victoria? I sure do.

Meet your new neighbor Victoria Vale

February 17, 2023 by Elliot James

SCORELAND: Do you avoid getting into crowded elevators?

Victoria Vale: I do, just so I don’t knock people over with my boobs (Laughs).

SCORELAND: What kind of fantasy play do you like to do?

Victoria Vale: I love all types of fantasy and role play. Everything from boob worship to femdom to cuckold fantasies. I absolutely love role play!

SCORELAND: What do you look for when you do a cock rating?

Victoria Vale: I rate on several criteria. Length, girth, hardness and overall appearance.

SCORELAND: What’s your most-requested video?

Victoria Vale: Tittyfucking, for sure!

Berry wants to know if his super-busty blonde neighbor is Victoria Vale. He beats off to Victoria’s photos and videos at SCORELAND. So he has to know and knocks on her door.

The only way to meet a new neighbor.

Victoria Vale: Super-Stacked SCORE Girl

December 16, 2021 by Elliot James

Victoria Vale: rubs lotion on her breasts every day.

My personal philosophy and daily decisions are based on the fortune cookie messages I read. A couple of years ago, one of those little pieces of paper predicted that there would be a resurgence of hot women with mega-boobs. Sure enough, once again those cookies were right.

Today, we have super-stacked blonde bombshell Victoria Vale, who recently did her first boy-girl scenes here. I was able to ask Victoria some new questions yesterday, the kind that would get me thrown out of the local burger joint we go to for lunch if I asked the waitress.

SCORELAND: Victoria, what is something you have tried but will never do again?

Victoria: No sex for a month! [Laughs]

SCORELAND: What’s your favorite way to satisfy a guy in bed?

Victoria: It depends on what he is into. I love to please!

SCORELAND: That’s apparent in your boy-girl scenes. How important is cock size to you?

Victoria: Very.

SCORELAND: What makes you orgasm the hardest?

Victoria: I love dirty talk.

SCORELAND: What’s it like for you going through an airport?

Victoria: If I’m wearing something tight and in heels, I get a lot of stares and people–even women–will point my boobs out to who they are with and comment on how huge they are. I had a TSA agent ask for my phone number once!


Bikini sex with Victoria Vale

October 22, 2021 by Elliot James

“I have such a girl crush on so many gorgeous SCORE ladies that it’s hard to narrow it down!” Victoria Vale told me after she did her first hardcore scene. “I think shooting a girl-girl scene with Korina Kova, Ricki Raxxx or Dolly Fox would be incredible. Victoria Lobov, Casca Akashova and Minka would be amazing to shoot girl-girl-boy scenes with. I’m also a big fan of Alura Jenson and Ava Devine. Too many to mention!”

Today, Victoria is going fully-loaded bikini blast at poolside. Nicky Rebel is watching and waiting to get his hands on Victoria’s heavy mega-boobs. Her mind-blowing tits are bigger than they were when the blonde Amazonian showgirl first came to SCORELAND.

“I love oral foreplay and teasing. I love being on top. I love to swallow cum, but sometimes it’s hot for my partner to shoot on my huge tits.”

Victoria showed a lot of passion and heat in both this second scene and her first with Brick Danger. She has a mega-talent for sex on-camera and horny talking, first the teasing, then the pleasing.

Victoria likes to masturbate to porn. What kind?  “I love watching well-endowed men titty-fucking big-boobed girls. How hot is that?”

Now she can watch that happening to her.

With a girlfriend like Victoria Vale at home, you’d never want to leave the house.

Victoria Vale: Sex bomb show girl

September 23, 2021 by Elliot James

Victoria Vale’s first XXX scene was released last week, and if there’s one word that sums up the reaction, that word is the usual “More.”

It caught everyone by surprise, especially since Victoria’s previous scene (an F-machine solo) appeared at SCORELAND on December 6, 2018, almost three years ago. I’d wondered about her since then.

The comments included:

“Victoria Vale is simply amazing! Good job, SCORELAND!”

“One of my all time favourites.”

“Wow! She is gorgeous, more of her, much more please.”

“Victoria is fucking HOT! I hope she models for a LONG time!”

“Wow, she is hot can we have a solo scene with her too?”

There will be another XXX scene and solos so, yeah, you will be seeing “more” of Victoria.

I’ll wrap up this Blog with a comment by Victoria. “Thank you so much to SCORELAND and the incredibly sexy Brick Danger for such a fantastic ‘first time.'”

In her first XXX scene, Victoria tried on bras for Brick Danger before she tried on Brick.

Super-Busty Beauty Victoria Vale Goes High Tech

December 6, 2018 by Elliot James

Mega-boobed fantasy showgirl Victoria Vale tries out a fuck machine, and the results are positively penetrating. I asked Victoria what she thought about this robo-cock experience.

“What an experience that was!” the chesty blonde replied. “I was both nervous and excited to try it. It made me feel very kinky using it. I want to try it again with different attachments and in different positions.”

Victoria likes to get off with vibrators and dildos but never used anything like this before.

“I love toys! My current favorite is my pink rabbit. I also love my vibrating bullet.”

It’s a high-tech world today and high-tech in the bedroom, too. High, hard tech.

Victoria Vale is not against automation.