Barbie Nicole is living her breast life

February 3, 2024 by Elliot James 2 Comments

In addition to Barbie Nicole‘s most recent photo shoot and video today, we have an exclusive 27 minute interview with Barbie on-video for the first time.

Barbie is the covergirl of the upcoming SCORE Volume 32 Number 4.

Barbie talks to Dave about her early days as a model, her time as an exotic dancer, her breast quest and living the mega-boob bimbo life. Since this is a SCORE interview, Barbie is topless for most of it.


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  • Melly Mel

    Barbie Nicole is one of the best in SCORE, and she doesn’t even have to tit – fuck to get my attention. I would buy a 2 hour DVD of her just modeling, and would love to just watch her make Boob Banana Splits on a very special scene. A young man can only dream of this. That alone puts the cherry on top for me, because some people just don’t have a nasty imagination anymore!

  • Mo

    Dave, did she say that she’ll love to do tit fucking on cam,
    or is it just my imagination? Anyway, keep on with the good work.


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