There’s No Sex Like Sex With Africa Sexxx

February 28, 2019 by Elliot James

Africa gets her Sexxx on March 1. Donnie was told to tap out if he couldn’t breathe.

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19 responses to “There’s No Sex Like Sex With Africa Sexxx”

  1. 76er says:

    Comeback of the year! Thank you so much for this pleasure!

  2. Renee88 says:

    First, even though I’m a lesbian so I’m not a fan of boy/girl scenes, I adore busty women. The bigger the better and I Iove thick and full figured women. My present day wife is extremely full figured and busty, we grew up together and from our youth, I’ve always loved her body and boobs as she knows. I’m obsessed over her boobs. Nothing like being a wonderfully confident busty woman.

    Anyway, I’ve secretly been a fan of your magazine since I was 19. Back then I used hide my lust for women because I grew up in a religious family that frown on homosexuality but I used to go to XXX stores secretly and I discovered Score and Voluptuous. I remember Africa. Her pretty dimpled smile and long saggy boobs would make my panties wet and play in between my legs. Her “competition” with Cassitty, I believe her name was, is one of my favorite scenes.

    So imagine my glee when I found her “return” on your site and I ordered her solo scene. I think the solo masturbation scenes that you do with the girls are the best. She’s so fine, she’s sexier now. She reminds me of my wife, except my wife is much shorter. I sometimes show her solo video and I showed her Africa’s new solo video and it turned my wife on as it does me.

    I like to show her videos of busty women so she can “reenact” the scenes. I love watching my wife swinging her breasts, shaking them, jumping and bouncing up and down, “clapping”, wobbling and every once in a while make on wear on her old bras that doesn’t fit her anymore. She endulges me. It’s something that she won’t do for anyone else but she told me that she does it for me because I make her feel beautiful and confident. Believe it or not, busty women especially the bigger they are, aren’t universally appreciated by society. The world is hypocritical about diversity.

    Africa reminds me of my wife in personality. I saw a comment that said that she wanted to lose weight. I hope she doesn’t because she’s beautiful as she is. Her bubbly sensual makes her all the more sexier. She’s so gorgeous and my wife thinks so too.

    Anyway, Elliott, I love Score Magazine. But I do have some criticism though. Back in the day, you used to shoot lesbian scenes. From what I saw of them, they usually didn’t come off authentically because I could tell they were made to fulfill your target audience(majorly males) and the chemistry wasn’t usually real.

    Now there were exceptions, but generally they came off inauthentic. So y’all do mostly boy/girl when shooting a sexual scene. This is a long post but I want to say this: Y’all missing an audience that could profitable to y’all; lesbians and bisexual women who adores busty women.

    I will admit that lesbians generally don’t care about big boobs. But there’s women like me who would love to see busty women adored and worshipped on camera with other women. Preferably both women being busty and not doing to cater to the male gaze. One of the saddest days was when Maria left. I remember her interview with Roxi Red and I could tell that she genuinely was in awe of Roxi and that turned me on because I imagined it being me in Roxi’s presence. BTW, Roxi’s masturbating while her boobs clap, Size Matters, in an all-time classic scene IMO.

    Another thing, I think Roxi is actually bisexual, so I’m surprised that all her non solo scenes were with guys. I think a separate wing of your corporation that caters to us busty loving women seeing busty women authentically loving each other sexually could take Scoreland beyond. But with all of that, I respect your niche and how you’ve introduced beautiful busty women of different ethnicities, sizes, countries and body types over the years. Without y’all, I would be still be in the closet as a lesbian at 31 and with all criticism that I gave, I have sincere gratitude for that and I would not be spending my life with the most wonderful woman ever.

    • Elliot James says:

      Thanks for your interesting comments and your support. I forwarded this to the studio people. We were a lot more than surprised when Africa emailed about returning after so many years let alone returning so busty. The big-boobed girl-girl scenes reached their peak at SCORE in the mid-90’s and faded out in the early 2000’s due to a lack of audience interest. One of the rare, more recent scenes was between Sheridan Love and Holly Brooks. I think you would find it more natural because of their enthusiasm, what I call “emotional content” that goes beyond physical sex acts. Sheridan genuinely loves sex with girls, as did Chloe Vevrier and “Russian Kathy” in their 1990s videos.

  3. matt says:

    Great XXX comeback, can’t wait to see more.

  4. Airborne001 says:

    Please bring back kelly christiansen score group!!!

  5. Nick says:

    Just watched the clip.

    She says that she would only shoot the two scenes she did with you guys at Score before trying to lose weight.

    Is there any way she can be convinced to shoot some more for you before she does that, being aware that she will lose in breast volume as well.

    Her tits are enormous right now and I think a lot of the subscribers adores this “new ” version of Africa and would just die to see more of this new Africa.

  6. Soilworker says:

    Now you can bring back Anna Beck!

  7. mAx says:

    We need more!!!

  8. Truk says:

    She is one of my favorite models of all time. I saw her do an exercise video that absolutely blew me away. I’d love to see her do another jumping jacks video. Welcome back Africa! Love ya!

  9. reggie says:

    Was expecting to see Jmac, only he can handle Africa and those boobs.

  10. corey says:

    Comeback in style.

  11. joxxx says:

    Can we say for sure that Africa has the largest boobs on the whole TSG? She definitely look bigger than Alaura Grey to me.

  12. Tugee says:

    No it’s not Tyga or Soulja boy
    I think we all know. Who had the biggest come back
    Undeniably hands down . What a way to end black history month
    Ms Africa Sexxx

  13. Elliot James says:

    Let’s keep this blog about Africa. We can be emailed directly about other models.

  14. drpokilo says:

    can we please try to bring ivana gita back ?!

  15. Ed says:

    Africa is hotter than ever, hope there are more vids with her on the way.

  16. seanster says:

    Thank you so much for bringing Africa back!!! Best news of the year so far and her boobs are truly MAMMOTH!!! I love it when busty ladies gain weight!!! Hope we see more older stars return. Cherry Brady?? Karla James?? Ooooft so many!!!

  17. Roberto Feitosa says:

    Now you can bring back Kristina Milan and Miosotis!!

  18. Joey says: