The eyes have it

December 2, 2021 by Elliot James

This shot would suggest that Jessica Bunnington is not thinking about Perry but the guys watching her scene.

We’re gotten comments similar to this one about sex scenes for years and I’m sure we’ll continue to get them. It’s about the girls looking directly at the camera or not. It usually applies to the still photographs, not the videos.  It also doesn’t apply to point-of-view photography because they’re all “you-the-man” scenes. There have always been two separate camps.

This recent comment is from a SCORELAND member nicknamed BisonHerder:

“Your photographers should learn from the old pros in Hollywood. It’s OK for models to look at the camera when they are the only one in the picture, showing their tits or other attributes, but in action scenes it is not good if they look at the camera. Looking at their partner or at nothing makes us viewers more like voyeurs witnessing an actual sex act, while looking at the camera makes us like paid attendees in a staged, artificial sex show. It’s more erotic if the models do not look at the camera during sex.”

I’ve done polls about this topic. This was one result.

Do you like when a model looks at the camera instead of the guy in a hardcore photo shoot?
Yes: 63%
No: 16%
I don’t have a preference : 21%

Over a dozen years ago, another member wrote a similar email:

“Your women have the stuff that dream dates are made of. The first photos of your pictorials are tops. The seduction, if you will. Then you blow it. When every shot has the girl looking into the camera while the stud has his way with her, it makes us feel like losers. That stud represents us. When the girl looks at the stud, she is looking at us, and for that moment in time, she becomes our girlfriend, and that is what makes us want to return to The SCORE Group! Take this as you wish.”

I don’t believe that polls about any topic are the be-all, end-all, but the polls reveal that the most-popular XXX photos show the girl looking directly into the lens.

Brooklyn Springvalley only has eyes for Milan’s meat in this photo.


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3 responses to “The eyes have it”

  1. Walter says:

    Personally? Non issue.

  2. Cathexis says:

    BisonHerder is 100% correct.

  3. Mario says:

    You should also do more photoshoots where girl’s curves are fully covered at the start, sometimes is intersting to start a photoshoot even without cleavage, that way girl looks more like next door type girl. Also the whole thing with tiny bikinis and bras is a bit weird, always prefered more fitting or slightly smaller clothes on a busty chick.