Bare feet vs high heels: finding the right fit

September 19, 2018 by Elliot James

Better like this?

As Sherlock Holmes used to say, “The game’s afoot, Watson!”

In the September 15th blog posting about Annabelle Rogers, Steve commented about Annabelle wearing shoes throughout the shoot. This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten comments, letter and emails about the topic of shoes vs. bare feet. It’s been one of the top five topics for at least 17 years, along with tattoos, toys, bushy pussies and pregnancy. In the polls we’ve run about shoes versus bare feet, the voting is almost always split down the middle. I did one recently on Twitter and the result was 56% for heels and 44% for bare feet.  I’d also like to add that we generally pass along feedback about certain topics to our studio, and the shoes versus bare feet has been one of them for years. The following two emails from the early ’00s are perfect examples.

“I subscribe to Kerry Marie as well and she has beautiful feet. Yet every single picture has her wearing some kind of slip-on shoe, even on her back in a bed or on a couch. They distract from the rest of her and need to go. I’m not a foot fetishist, but I love a nice pair of them. Sure, the legs look better in the shoes when they are standing but not lying down or on all fours or on their stomach. I’m suggesting use the shoes for the standing shots, but lose them when lying or doggy-style shots. I’m willing to bet a lot of other members feel this way.”–M.G.

“Although I don’t consider myself as having a kink for them, I most assuredly have a healthy, lustful attraction for a nice pair of high heels on their pretty feet.”–X.D.

As Dave says, “It’s impossible to make everyone happy with this one. The best thing to do is have a combination of both.”

Better like this?



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9 responses to “Bare feet vs high heels: finding the right fit”

  1. Feetosopher says:

    I would love to see no shoes around for the entire layout / the whole duration of a video.. but I think that Elliot’s compromise is the most business-wise approach. Pity is, most models wear shoes from start to finish. Chances are that the photographers are the reason behind this trend.

  2. Seth says:

    To quote Mars Blackman, “It’s gotta be the shoes Money!!!” Rooster9 said it quite well…. This topic dogged me for a few days…. No question all is right in the TSG world, and only the most beautiful makes the grade; hence, shoes or no, all is still illustrious. BUT I am partial to the” edge ” Rooster alludes to…. I LOVE that edge and TSG crafts a marriage between edge and extraordinary beauty like NO ONE EVER WILL AGAIN. I love heels, boots, thigh highs…. I can go on for sure…. I think what this points to in a bit grander way is the attention to detail, real beauty and Styling that TSG continues to focus upon….. This I APPRECIATE SO MUCH…. I have said this before: we know that the fullness will be revealed BUT, a good portion of vids and photo shoots need the tone and mood set and much of that is cast and illuatrated in the setting and even more pertinent, in how the tremendous jaw dropping beauty of the model is showcased, highlighted and emphasized through clothing, hair, makeup, accessories and the like….. Shoes fill that last bill and, in the aggregate, when all the team members present their work for the photographer or video team, the model is ALWAYS UNREAL and the shoots and vids reflect this…… Now if I could just make a quick plug for adding a few more minutes to each model truly modeling their look and figure and styling, and, to push more of the tease and seduction angle in the first third of each vid segment…..because, “It’s gotta be the beauty Money!!!” TSG is gold, pure and simple.

  3. massimo says:

    natascha romanova xxx , is it possible ?

  4. sg says:

    I would say heels and all kinds of other shoes

  5. Rooster9 says:

    Most of the time I prefer heels for photos and videos. I am not a foot guy by any means, but heels can add a sexy edge to a great body. I definitely won’t look away at hot woman with bare feet!

  6. tony says:

    Beautiful, busty, soft and comfy. No tattoos to boot. Score….you guys are the best.

  7. M.J. says:

    As an high heels lover this is no question for me.

  8. Steve says:

    Compromise. Great Elliot. Treat it the same as every other stitch of clothing. Start with shoes and end with bare feet. I knew the foot fret would be resolved with Elliot’s hand in it.