Boobs go big on comic book covers

October 13, 2022 by Elliot James, a price guide for comic books, trading cards and video games, studied how the breast size of females on comic book covers changed from the 1940s to now. Their extensive study concluded that the average female is depicted with twice as much cleavage today and their breasts take up 300% more of the cover. They picked ten random comics from each decade, choosing Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, and Red Sonja.

Their take-aways:
Breasts take up more than triple the cover space today.
The amount of cleavage shown has more than doubled​.​
Breast​ to waist ratio has remained the same​.​
​Hip​s​ to waist ratio declined 15%​, meaning waists are not as slim and hips are not as wide​ as they were in older comics.​ ​

​I wonder what famed SCORE​ artist Otis Sweat thinks of this study if he knows about it.

The Rocket Girls series by Otis Sweat was published in SCORE from the October 2005 issue to July 2007.

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One response to “Boobs go big on comic book covers”

  1. Rooster9 says:

    I wish Score did trading cards. I believe you did them before. It would be great to see new ones!