The wonderful world of nipple orgasms, aka nipple-gasms

November 9, 2023 by Elliot James 2 Comments

According to a web survey by Women’s Health magazine, 16% of their readers have had nipple orgasms. 84% haven’t but are interested in having one. The sexologists queried in the article say to experiment and practice. They  suggest using fingers or a sex toy for nipple stimulation. Self-sucking to nipple orgasm is an advanced skill. I’ll bet Alexya and Hitomi can nipple orgasm.

Not every girl with big tits can lick or suck her own nipples, but it’s an activity I recommend they try. In today’s SCORELAND scene, Ashlyn Peaks has no problem licking her nipples.


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  • Fifi

    From my experience with women from many countries, I know that most Polish women have nipple orgasm.


    I’m a believer, I was able to give a girlfriend I had when I was younger a nipple-gasm. I was so amazed and turned on by her having one and me giving her one, I was rock hard during and after. Once she was done and still dripping, I wasn’t far behind as she slipped her mouth around my funstick. Both of us were mind-blown that this was possible. It was just a pure fun and amazing time had by both of us.


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