The colossal cup-holders of Ricki Raxxx

October 21, 2021 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Ricki Raxxx wants bras that uplift her 44M-cup breasts. “Push ’em up” is her philosophy. She wants bras that make her boobs look rounder.

I was impressed by how easily Ricki could strap on bras that looked way too small. For Ricki, anyway. Most women’s boobs would get lost in Ricki’s cup-holders. Her bras could double as parachutes. At least in the movies of my imagination. A few of the bras Ricki tries on leave the upper half of her saucer-sized areolae exposed. They just ain’t big enough.

The top half of Ricki’s areolae are not covered by her bra cups but that’s okay.

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