Red dress bliss

December 10, 2022 by Elliot James

“I found that dressing sexy has a strong effect on men,” said the great Joana Bliss.

Even if I wasn’t a total yes-man, I would agree 200% with anything Joana says.¬†Joana is boob royalty to me.

Joana doesn’t look at modeling as work. “It is always better to do something with pleasure and forget that it is a job. This happens to me when I pose.”

Bliss-out with Joana.


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4 responses to “Red dress bliss”

  1. ProfV says:

    She keeps getting hotter and hotter by the decade! Definitely a top 3 all-time, period, and #1 Romanian … virtually 2 decades of this gorgeous woman only showing off how we all wish we would have met her in our 20s, and married her!

  2. Danny says:

    it’s great to see Joana in her scenes she is like good wines with the years she looks better thanks to scoreland for having josnna and making these videos and photos God bless you and I look forward to another scene hc of Joanna

  3. dcstratguy says:

    Joana is back!!!! She always bring the scorching hotness times 10!!! I still feel destroyed in a good way by the incredible boy/girl clips she has done. Executive level stuff!! Slam dunk again by the amazing crew at Scoreland. Many thanks. You guys are awesome as always. Happy holidays and blessings to you guys and blessings to Joana Bliss and all the beautiful girls featured on your wondeful site!!

  4. Joannafan says:

    Sexiest woman alive. She has something special about her, just insanely sexy