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Girls at play: Blondie Bombshell

August 17, 2023 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Blondie Bombshell masturbates when she’s in the mood. In her first two SCORELAND solos, Blondie fingered her pussy. In this scene, she uses her fingers and a realistic dildo.

Blondie’s interests include travelling, fine dining, shooting high-tech guns and driving high-performance cars. She loves the Miami lifestyle. She’s a good fit for Miami, the Magic City.

Her first SCORELAND scenes were filmed here. This scene and last month’s XXX scene were shot in Europe.

Blondie could be a top spokesmodel for a sex toy company.



The things girls do in porn life that they don’t do in real life

August 12, 2023 by Dave 7 Comments

It’s really not so unusual for a girl to suck a guy’s balls in real life, as newcomer Busty St. Claire is doing here in porn life.

This photo of newcomer Busty St. Claire sucking balls at today got me thinking: Of all the sex acts that happen more often in porn than in real life, which happens comparatively the least often?

Now, I know porn sex isn’t supposed to mirror real life, but on my list of “It Happens Mostly in Porn,” ball-sucking is on the list but way down it. Other than 100-man gangbangs, my order goes something like this, from way-out-of-proportion to slightly-out-of-proportion.

1. Double penetration (Who out there has ever DP’d a girl in real life?)

2. Ass-to-mouth (I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have the balls to ask a girl to do this; she’d have to volunteer)

3. Salad tossing (the girl tossing the guy’s salad; I think the guy tossing the girl’s salad happens quite often in real life)

4. Two guys taking turns on a girl’s ass

5. Anal

6. Ball-sucking

7. Balls-deep deep-throat

8. Facials

9. And, I’m sad to say, the girl tit-fucking the guy’s cock and sucking it at the same time, like Natasha Sweet does so well.

I’m sure I missed some. Your thoughts?


Sandra Star collars a stud

August 11, 2023 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Dr. Sandra Star has been keeping busy in her lab in her quest to create an obedient stud. The blonde German hottie finally succeeds. Now she has to test and see if all of the parts are working, especially the most important part. It’s impossible to get a warranty on some things.

I’m happy to see Sandra back at SCORE. She surprised me with an unexpected email in which she wrote that she was ready to get back in the swing of things again. That’s my kind of good news.

Sandra keeps guys on a tight leash.


The blazing glory of Demmy Blaze

August 10, 2023 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Today at SCORELAND, Demmy Blaze fills the screen with her constantly growing breasts in a mind-busting presentation of bountiful boobs.

I always encourage the photographers, especially the new shooters, to include lots of hands-free shots, like this pose.

Nowadays, there are countless girls posting at-home photos and videos online who look like they just woke up and fell out of bed. Hair all over their faces. Piles of laundry on the floor behind them. Demmy is meticulous about her hair, makeup and wardrobe. She’s learned a lot about photography since she began in 2016, and I know she’s always looking to increase her knowledge.

“I am always thinking now of the future and the next photo session. I always say that you should enjoy what you do because then it is not work,” Demmy said.

In the beginning of her association with SCORE and Voluptuous magazines, and SCORELAND in 2016, Demmy never took off her panties and bikini bottoms. She went fully nude in 2018 for On Location North Coast. Today, Demmy does open-leg poses, and she got a vertical hood piercing above her pussy in early 2023.

An essential big-bust pose to show off those hanging beauties.


Never ask a woman how big her fruit is

August 5, 2023 by Dave 1 Comment

Tanya has skills.

Comparing the various sizes of fruit as they relate to the size of boobs, Elliot recently wrote that oranges are B-cups, peaches are C-cups, coconuts are D- or DD-cups, grapefruits are E- or F-cups and watermelons are G- or H-cups. Today at SCORELAND, G-cup Tanya Virago shows off her watermelons and balances some B-cup oranges on top of them. “Look, ma! No hands!” This photo proves three things:

1. Elliot’s comparison is spot-on.

2. Tanya has incredible balancing skills. Or at least her tits do.

3. Tanya has huge tits. But you already knew that.

Tanya also strips out of a skin-tight red, latex dress, rubs a lot of whipped cream into her tits and proves that her dildo skills are at least as good as Karina Hart’s and that’s saying something.

The Greatest Tit-Sucking Party Ever

August 4, 2023 by Dave 5 Comments

From left to right, that’s Kira Clark, Katie Rose and Molly Evans.

The Greatest Tit-Sucking Party Ever takes place today at and SCORELAND: Molly Evans, Kira Clark and Katie Rose all in the same room together, doing what three naturally stacked girls do when they’re in the same room together: They play with and suck each other’s tits. Or at least that’s what they do in my imagination but also in today’s photos and videos.

The three girls were all discovered by the same photographer. They’re all from the same country. But until now, they’d never been together.

This is everything I’d hope it would be when I found out it was happening. In the best-case scenario, stuff like this doesn’t have to be scripted. It happens organically. Or orgasmically. Or both. It happened.


Twin Barbies

August 3, 2023 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Every day that Barbie Nicole gets to show off her super-stacked body and major tits is a good day. Living in Barbie Nicole world means living in skintight dresses, lingerie and bikinis.  Barbie is living her bust life.

“I love being a bimbo doll,” Barbie said. “I love the bimbofication look. I am a plastic Barbie with a tiny waist.”

I love side boob photos.


How to SCORE with bombshells

July 29, 2023 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Ridge Crix is sitting in his car when he sees a blonde bombshell. She looks like she’s waiting for someone. Knowing you’ve got to make a move or you’ll never make new friends, he asks the bombshell known as Blondie Bombshell if he can help her. A true SCORE Man.

Blondie was supposed to meet a friend for a girls night out, but she’s been stood up. Ridge offers to drive her where she wants to go. She suggests his place. And away they go to take a trip around the bed.

We first photographed Blondie in late 2021, and only now has it sunk into my boob-besotted brain how tall Blondie is. She’s 5’10” in her bare feet, and in this scene, she’s wearing six-inch spike heels, so when she enters Crix’s apartment, she towers over him.

It’s difficult to estimate how tall a girl is when she’s laid out on the bed.


Angie Bravo…Barbie x 10

July 28, 2023 by Dave 4 Comments

South American Barbie times 10.

With all of the recent talk about Barbie, a movie I’m guessing I’ll never, ever see (although, I must admit, I have watched and enjoyed 80 For Brady and Book Club, so who knows?), I thought it might be nice for us to talk about girls who look like real girls look.

Angie Bravo.

Oh. Very few girls look like Angie. Okay. Let’s talk about her anyway.

Angie is only 21 years old, which means her breasts might still be growing. She has K-cup naturals, and her areolae are huge. A lot of girls have come The SCORE Group’s way over the past 30-plus years, and for my money, Angie is up there with anyone. And she fucks on-camera, which isn’t what she’s doing in her newest scene at, but that’s okay when she’s giving us photos like the one above and this one below. Whoa!

You don’t have to see the face to know the girl is Angie Bravo.


Which SCORE Girl would you photograph in a Barbie-style shoot?

July 27, 2023 by Elliot James 16 Comments

Barbie The Movie mania is generating huge box office. Girls are dressing like Barbie. Mothers and their daughters are filling theaters. Conservative media guys like Piers Morgan are complaining. The blonde icon is a license to print money. Fem-doll fever got me thinking about the few times we did shoots of the girls as life-sized dolls. It’s a little late to shoot any SCORE Girls in a pink Barbie outfit because this will peak soon, but if I had my choices of who to photograph, I’d go with Amber Alena, Katy Ann, Barbie Nicole and Victoria Lobov. In the super-sized division, Victoria Vale.

Lizzie Mills

Lori Pleasure

Savannah Stevens