Katie Thornton is casual in ripped jeans and a belly shirt

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 30, 2017 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, New at Scoreland

Yes, we would like that cookie.

In most Katie Thornton shoots, the new SCORE Model of the Year starts off in high-glam outfits. This photo shoot and video feature a casual Katie and I like it just as much as her glitzy, fashionista look (although my favorite shoot has to be a coin toss between her coed scene and the bikini layout). She’s a girl who really knows how to dress to kill.

In the video, Katie talks about one of the hazards a girl faces when she has big tits. When Katie eats, sometimes crumbs fall into her cleavage. She talked about this cleavage crumb-catching before she took off her top and pants. Besides the hazards of crumbs, there’s also the danger of sauces and gravy spillage on the boobage.

I have an idea to combat this problem. A bib with a photo of cleavage on it. This way, when dining out, a girl’s dinner companion (and the waiter) is not deprived of the sight of her beautiful breasts in a low-cut top. I was going to have this invention patented before someone reading this blog beat me to it, but to my horror, I discovered that someone already markets one, although it’s for babies.



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Fruit…it’s good for you!

Posted by Maria on Jul 22, 2012 in Deep Inside Scoreland

Lately all anyone can talk about is how every one needs to eat organic and healthier. And according to the USDA, the average man and woman should get at least two cups of fruit a day.

Of course when I hear the term, “two cups” I automatically think of bras, but you know that’s just me because I am a perv and I love tits. Go figure.

So, I figured I would help you guys get a kick start on being healthy by suggesting some good servings of fruit that you would enjoy on a daily basis.

So check out the servings below and get your fruit on…because they are good for you.


You’re welcome!



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What I could watch Natalie Fiore do all day

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 19, 2010 in New at Scoreland
Yes, she has one banana.

Yes, she has one banana.

I’m not into all the craziness. The appeal of farked-up weirdness goes way past me. I don’t like to see bukkakes. And I also feel sorry for the janitor afterwards. Gang bangs? It’s mainly a man show with all the subtlety of a wrecking ball. There’s plenty more wacked-out fringe stuff that I won’t even bother writing about. All I can say is, to each his own and good luck.

Extremely apeeling.

Extremely apeeling.

But Natalie Fiore simply unpeeling a banana and putting it in her mouth? A-ha! That I can watch over and over. Maria wrote two BLOG entries this week, one about fruit play, the other about the greatness of Natalie Fiore. As it turns out by chance (or maybe Maria has precognition), just in time for this Sunday’s SCORE Theater video is Foodie Time With Natalie Fiore. Just give me the simple pleasures in life and I’m content. Natalie coming back from a trip to the grocery store and saying “Teeets” in her sexy accent is all I really need. Pouring honey on her beautiful areolae and licking it off? Lip-smackin’ good. Like I commented, Natalie could turn a breast-man into an Iron Cock Chef in less than two minutes. Check out these vidcaps. (Her scene is video only.)

It's always PMS time with The Mamazons.

It's always PMS time with The Mamazons.

Also this weekend, Chapter Two of Mamazon The Movie starts today. In this episode, the bad-ass Mamazons, led by badder-ass queen Alexis Silver, examine one of their captives and his Johnson before throwing him back into their  jungle jail. But on the way back to the lock-up, stacked warrior guard Alia Janine decides to find out what a man has to offer her so she jumps the hapless Hugo. It’s just the beginning of the male invasion and penetration of the Mamazons’ society and way of life. How you gonna keep ’em down on the farm after they’ve seen pee-pee?

Christy takes no prisoners.

Christy takes no prisoners.

And then there’s Christy Marks, a girl who can make a guy blast off just by sucking his finger and staring into his eyes. That’s already posted in a 69 (what else?) image pictorial.

Enjoy it all because it’ll be Monday before ya know it!

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