A Dulcinea sandwich

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 20, 2017 in Hardcore XXX

Dulcinea introduces this new scene and tells us that her husband is there and will be watching his hot wife getting sandwiched by two X-Men.

I asked Dulcinea about her experience. It was her first threesome with two guys.

“My favorite part of this entire scene was switching between sucking on two huge cocks and having them both cum in my mouth! There were several times I could barely catch my breath, but I was enjoying it so much, I totally didn’t care!”

Dulcinea is high-energy, so the guys had their hands full. Really full considering the size of her boobs.

“I had so much fun shooting this scene! Having a threesome with two guys has been on my sex bucket list forever and I’m so excited I got to try it for the first time in front of a camera!”

Dulcinea's husband was watching as she was tag-teamed.


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Don’t dial MATTRES-SEX. Go to SCORELAND instead

Posted by Dave on Feb 22, 2017 in Cummin Soon, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, The Life of an Editor

Danni plans on giving that mattress a workout.

Today at SCORELAND, Danni Lynne has her first three-way. I’m very excited about this. Danni is one of my favorites. Tony and Jimmy, who got the honors of doing Danni, were very excited about this, too.

The scene has added interest for me because of the setup: Danni needs a new mattress moved into her bedroom, so she calls her neighbors to help. It’s very important for a woman like Danni, who fucks a lot, to have a good mattress. These days, I’ve been experimenting with new mattresses, and the experience has not been enjoyable. It would be a lot more enjoyable if I could test mattresses with Danni.

Fact: Firm mattresses are better for fucking. They support you better so you don’t fall into the bed. If you want to fuck deep, a firm mattress is the way to go.

The guys cum all over Danni’s face and huge naturals. The photo set has some great cum shots. She really gets doused.

Thursday at SCORELAND: Katie Thornton returns.




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Claudia Marie gets rid of the willies by fucking two willies, today at SCORELAND

Claudia Marie gets the nervousness fucked right out of her.

Two lucky dudes get to fuck super-MILF Claudia Marie today at SCORELAND. Claudia is an amazing woman and not just because she has J-cup rockets.

“I’ve been doing this for seven years and I still get extremely nervous every time I walk on-set,” Claudia said. ” You’re walking in, and most of these guys you haven’t even talked to on the phone. You’re seeing people you never met before and getting butt naked and fixin’ to have sex in front of a bunch of strangers. And I’m not 18 anymore, and it’s extremely nerve-wracking.”

I said to Claudia, “You’re not afraid of huge cocks, are you?”

And she said, “No. There isn’t a dick in this world that’s going to scare me.”

Basically, Claudia walks into a studio and she’s nervous. She sits in a makeup chair and she’s nervous. She gets interviews and she’s nervous.

The guy takes his cock out and shoves it in her mouth and she’s not nervous anymore.

Today, two guys.

BIG NEWS FROM THE SCORE STUDIO: Katie Thornton was here last week. She flew in all the way from the UK. And she was joined by super-stacked Danniella Levy, who’s also from the UK. They spent a day together by the pool. They rubbed their tits against each other. This is a sight you have to see, and you’ll see it soon. In fact, you’ll see it on the next episode of SCOREtv.

Just thought you might like to know.


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Sandra Milka at SCORELAND and Kamille Amora at XLGirls make it a fireworks Friday

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 2, 2015 in Hardcore XXX, Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland

Sandra brings her big tetas to the show in a XXX scene.

“I live my dreams now,” says Sandra Milka (December ’15 SCORE).

Helping Senorita Milka live out those dreams at SCORELAND, Richy is blown away by Sandra.  No dry head-sucker, Sandra salivates all over his schlong so it can slide easier between her big Spanish boobs and continue on to her pussy.

Even the baggy tee-shirt did not conceal Kamille's robust and ripe rack.

Although she enjoys man power, Sandra says she is also a professional dominatrix. “I fulfilled all my fantasies,” she says.

I could easily binge-watch Kamille Amora’s scenes. I like how Kamille looks wearing eyeglasses. Over at XLGirls, our friend Kamille, who started with us in May of 2014, is back in a three-way breast-cum-fest with JMac and Tony Rubino. They go nuts (naturally) over Kamille’s 36I sucklers, and everyone gets a good, heavy-breathing workout. They don’t need a gym to get a cardio session. Fucking fitness and boob-bouncing exercises are very healthy activities.

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What will be your favorite moment in the September ’14 issue of V-mag?

My favorite part of the September ”14 issue of V-mag? Definitely the interview with newcomer Elle Flynn. And the photos of her all tied up and then fucked by two very lucky guys. The photo of her with one cock in her mouth and the other one between her tits. The centerfold shot in which she’s getting banged doggie style while she sucks dick and tit-fucks a guy’s thighs. And the part of her interview where she says, “I was home alone drinking a few beers, and I started thinking of one of my shoots. I was feeling a little randy, so I thought I would take care of myself. I had a beer bottle in my hand, and I had heard about glass dildos. I figured this was a similar concept, so I started playing with my clit and eventually I stuck it inside. I started sliding the bottle up and down my clit and between my lips. I came pretty hard.”

So that’s my favorite part of the September ’14 issue of V-mag, now on-sale at your favorite newsstand and in digital and print versions at eBoobStore.com.

But, then again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Hitomi tit-fucking a beer bottle.

Or plush blonde Krystal Swift sucking and riding cock.

Or Gya Roberts as a beer maiden who hands-free sucks her own tits and shows off her hairy cunt.

Or Bebe Cooper milking her tits, or Alana Lace destroying a tight top and so on, and so on.

What will be your favorite part of the September ’14 issue of V-mag?

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Now this is what we call ending the year with a bang!

Posted by Dave on Dec 27, 2013 in Awards, Cummin Soon, New at Scoreland

Patty is a big fan because we give her lots of big cocks to play with.

Elle is going to learn a lesson about creampies.

What’s going on this weekend at SCORELAND? Lots.

Today, slim ‘n’ stacked Slovakian beauty Patty Michova fucks. There’s nothing new about that. Patty has fucked on-camera before. She even sucked a cock while hanging upside down on a stripper’s pole. The difference this time is that Patty sucks and fucks two guys, and they both cum on her face. Of course, a lot of it dribbles down to her tits.

On Saturday, DDD-cup natural Elle Flynn fucks again. Now here’s a girl who really loves sex. I mean, in her first XXX scene, she got dominated and fucked by two guys. This time, Elle gets a creampie in her wet pussy. I really like Elle. She’s from Utah. People from Utah usually don’t do this kind of thing. At least not in public.

And on Sunday, girl-next-door Melissa Manning is–oh my goodness!–a hooker. And she shows her pussy! This is the first time Melissa has shown her pussy at SCORELAND. Enjoy it. Jack to it. Melissa’s pussy deserves your jack juice.

By the way, don’t forget to vote for the SCORE and Voluptuous awards. You only have until December 31 to vote.

If Melissa Manning were a real hooker, I would head to the ATM.


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Big tit confessions: Marilyn Mayson’s dirty, little secrets!

Posted by Maria on Dec 18, 2012 in Cummin Soon, Interviews, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

Marilyn Mayson told me that when it comes to sucking dick, she is "The Shit". I completely believe her.

So today I got to hang out with Marilyn Mayson in the studio and two things that had never happened before, happened.

The first thing is that I interviewed Marilyn. I know that some of you more-vigilant blog readers will say that I interviewed her once before when she did an interracial G/G/B scene with Molly Howard. And while I did chat with her then, this was her first full-length interview and it was a blast. Marilyn is such a sweet and bubbly lady that our interview was a lot of fun.

The second thing that happened was then she went on to fuck two dudes at once.



And that was kind of hot.

It was like she chose to spend her last moments of boy-boy-girl hardcore virginity with me, and I thought it was special.

During that time, she told me a bunch of unknown things about herself.

Like, for example, that she likes creampies because having her pussy filled with cum makes her cum harder.

And she confessed that when it comes to blow jobs, she is “The Shit.”

And we all know that when someone refers to themselves as “The Shit” at something, that they mean business.

So, what separates someone from being “The Shit” at blow jobs and not “The Shit”?

Well, according to Marilyn, you have to love sucking cock. And that is exactly what she does. She enjoys sucking cock very much.

She also enjoys good-tasting cum and advised that in order to achieve yummy cummy in her tummy, a man should eat a lot of pineapples and fruit. (But you guys all know that by now, right?)

You can check out our interview soon on XLGirls.com, as well as Marilyn’s first B/B/G scene, too, which promises to be hot.

How hot?

Hot as fuck!

Because when I want to emphasize how amazing something is, I always add “as fuck” to it.

So, I will end this post by saying that Marilyn is sweet as fuck, horny as fuck and because of her freak streak, a babe you should all want to fuck.





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Molly Howard takes two, and I take about a month to find out about it

Molly Howard. Fuck!

Way back in March, I complained about Elliot and Maria not making me aware of the presence of Molly Howard. To which Elliot replied, “Uh…Dave, you got the email about Molly two months ago…” And Maria said, “Yeah, we told you about her. So, this FAIL! is all on you, Dave. I believe that Elliot and I win. The end.”

But, of course, I had the last word and said, “Clearly, Elliot and Maria are teaming up on me to cover their asses and because they feel guilty. That’s okay. I forgive them.”

Anyway, as Elliot pointed out, this is not about me and Maria and Elliot. This is about Molly, a blockbuster blonde with giant, natural tits and a big ass. Recently, Molly took on two of our biggest studs at XLGirls.com. They fucked her mouth, pussy and tits and soaked her rack with their loads. If this were TV, it would be must-see TV. Instead, it’s must-see XL Girls TV.

I know. I’m a little obsessed with Molly. But look at the picture of her I’ve provided for your viewing pleasure. I have good reason to be obsessed. And I’m not the only one.

Steveo said, “Molly Howard is THE sexiest woman on this site!! I cum over the thought of eating her chubby pussy and spraying my load across her sexy lips!! FUCK!!!”

Very elegantly put, Steveo.

Seth1968 added, “She sucks cock in the spitty, drooly lovely way and these scenes make my cock go to blaze in seconds. I am digging Molly’s foxiness and watching her get tagged by two dudes is hot shit! She is fucking sexy all the way!”

Wonderful! Poetry, indeed, Seth.

Of course, as usual, I am late to the game on this Molly video. It was posted on August 16. I discovered it yesterday. But that’s okay. Better late than never. Is it the greatest video in the history of XLGirls.com? If it isn’t, I want to see the one that’s better.


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Camille Morgan takes on two dudes and wins the double header

Karen Fisher and Kelly Christiansen: Blonde Nitro.

Sara Jay and Daylene Rio were a power team.

Cassandra Calogera and Christy Marks went all out.


Three’s not a crowd. Three’s company. A threesome doesn’t happen often and mostly with European SCORE Girls. Still, American SCORE Girls join in this male fantasy sometimes.

Sara Jay and Daylene were just here for one. Rachel Love took on two dudes in Mamazon. Karen Fisher and Kelly Christiansen wiped out one guy. Tera Cox almost destroyed a guy with Gianna.

Miosotis and Arianna Sinn shared one shaft. Summer Sinn and Claudia Kealoha matched up well. Kayla Kleevage and Minka beat up “Blue Balls.” Brittany O’Neil left her two sex-mates punchy. Of course, there’s Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s famous three-way with Czechmate Veronika.

Then there’s Christy Marks and Carmen Hayes, the most flexible team of them all. Then Christy and Cassandra Calogera. Then Christy and Holly Halston.

Pounding The Pledges.

Pounding The Pledges has an awesome threeway.

"Blue Balls" had his hands full with Minka and Kayla.

Claudia Kealoha and Summer Sinn almost broke the bed.



Now it’s Camille Morgan’s turn, hooking up twice in “Camille Morgan’s Double Header” at SCORELAND.

Chesty Camille Morgan busts two nuts doublehandedly.

A couple of years, I asked Camille if she was interested in trying a boy-girl scene for SCORE. At that time, Camille had modeled alone with toys. Her answer to my question was, “Well, it depends on what the shoot consists of. If there is penetration by his penis, the answer is no. But if it is us simulating different things, sure.” So that was that. No penis.  But you can’t blame an editor for trying. That’s the name of the game. No pain, no gain.

I don’t know who coined the phrase, “It’s a women’s prerogative to change her mind,” but I’m glad it’s a universal truth.

Because Camille just did change her mind recently, and now she’s doubled up on that decision, playing hide the sausage with two guys in a hot and wild scene. I never would have predicted it.

I love that about girls. They always give a man hope and reasonable expectations. They’re full of surprises, and nothing is ever written in permanent ink. For which I am grateful!

By the way, if you haven’t taken the SCORELAND tour hosted by Maggie Green, give it a ride. Tour guides don’t come any bustier.



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