The Tigerr, The Angel & The Stud in the ultimate guy fantasy

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 19, 2015 in girl-girls, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland, Poll, Tits in Tight Tops

Angel gets horny watching Tigerr dance.

The ultimate male sex fantasy?

One guy sexing two women.  Two women sexing one guy.

Almost every sex survey I’ve ever read puts male-female-female threesomes at the very top of the top ten of male fantasies.

In a survey we did at SCORELAND,  57% wanted to see threesomes with two girls and a guy while  25% wanted to see threesomes with one busty girl and two guys. Not surprising since two guys-one girl can become a sausage fest. Only 18% didn’t like watching threesomes at all. Three’s not company for them.

Today, big-boobed man-pleasers and all-around sex-vixens Angel Wicky and Tigerr Benson (ya know ‘em, ya love ‘em) team up to double-hump a dude on a strip club stage. Angel and Tigerr make the perfect tag-team to make this fantasy a hard reality. I really liked the contrast between Asian brunette Tigerr and ivory blonde Angel.

The show begins with Angel and her friend eye-banging Tigerr as she pole dances at a strip club. Angel takes audience participation to heart and wants to join Tigerr on stage and dance too. In a short time, they replace the steel pole with a man-pole, giving new meaning to the term “busty pole dancer.”

Tigerr and Angel make a girl sandwich.


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Threesomes: As Easy as E.F.E. 1-2-3

Posted by Maria on Nov 6, 2011 in Confessions, Deep Inside Scoreland, The Life of an Editor
Tera Cox and Gianna Rossi know that sharing is caring, especially when you are sharing a tube steak sandwich!

Tera Cox and Gianna Rossi know that sharing is caring, especially when you are sharing a tube steak sandwich!

The say two is company and three is a crowd. We say two is XXX and three is even better XXX. Because let’s face it, having one set of tits on your dick is awesome, but how about one set on your dick AND another pair on your face?! That is awesome x 2.

And that’s why today, we are going to chat about two girls, one dude THREESOMES. (Elliot once told you that it is the ultimate male fantasy…I agree!)

Easy as E.F.E., 1-2-3! And by E.F.E., I mean Everybody Fuck Everybody, because once the action starts happenin’, that is exactly what should be going down.

However, I do want to point out that the art of the threesome is a delicate balance between fucking and lesbian action. Because there has to be just enough lady lovin’ to make it sexy, but there has to be enough hardcore dick-in-pussy-pounding to make it fantastic. For me, and this is just my threesome opinion, I like it when two women dyke it out for a little while before they attack a cock. It’s hot to see two women get themselves wet and wild first. (Because women know how to turn each other on.) And then I like to see them tag-team said dick like it’s the last stiff one on earth.

Which leads us to the Double-Chick BJ, which, in my honest opinion, is the raunchiest, horniest thing of all time. Especially when the two girls go at it at the same time! The math for this fuck-quation is something like:

(girl A x sucking dick) + (girl B x sucking balls) / (girl B x sucking dick) + (girl A x sucking balls) = Double-Chick BJ

(And you thought you would never use algebra after high school again, huh? lol)

If the Double-Chick BJ is done right, it really sets the tone for all the fuckery that follows. It makes or breaks it for me.

Other positions/actions that get honorable mention from me:

(girl A x doggie-style) + (girl A x eating out girl B) = Delicious!


(girl A x riding stud’s face) + (girl B x riding stud’s dick) + (girl A x girl B making out) = Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhh!

And if we want to get down to details, one of my favorite threesomes is when uber-sex goddess, Gianna Rossi tackled a cock with Terra Cox. Their threesome is a thing of horny beauty. Honorable mention goes to Eva Notty’s recent threeway tryst with Sarah Satori. So fucking good!

So, what are your favorite threesome scenarios? What are your make/break positions? And what threesomes are your all-time faves?

Ready? 1-2-3….E.F.E.!



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