The look on a girl’s face before she slams a fuck toy deep inside her pussy

Janet's happy, you're happy. Janet's happy that you're happy.

Then again, Janet Jade is always smiling, especially when she’s showing off her giant naturals. The upgraded photo set and video that’s going up today is one of my favorites. Janet’s rack looks spectacular as she gets it wet and lets it hang. And then she shows off her skills with a dildo.

This girl is one of the all-time greats.

XXXTRA, XXXTRA! Newcomer Milly Marks fucks on Friday!

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Know a car wash like this? We don’t.

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 15, 2015 in modeling jobs, New at Scoreland

Drive-through car washes are overrated.

You won’t be getting this kind of car wash no matter where you live.

This is the kind of car wash that should provide lawn chairs. It’s an education in car wash science.

Our photographer even goes inside the car to show you Katie Thornton, sponge in hand, pressing her big boobs against the windshield. Here’s the trailer!

You can trust your car to the girl without a bra.

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And now, it’s time for you to show Vee VonSweets that you think she’s special

Posted by Dave on Jun 17, 2015 in Interviews, newcomers

Vee doesn't think it's the man's job to wash the car.

Vee VonSweets, who debuted at SCORELAND last month and returns today (and gets very wet), is a nice girl. I liked her a lot when I met her in the studio. Yeah, she has G-cup tits with a 26-inch waist. That always makes a good first impression. But I liked Vee’s personality, too. She’s very down-to-earth, something some people might not expect from a Jersey girl. Hey, it’s not Vee’s fault that Jersey Shore gave Jersey girls a bad name. There’s a good reason Bruce Springsteen sang that he was in love with a Jersey girl.

Vee now lives in North Carolina. That seems more her speed. When she goes out wearing tight tops, which she does very often, the guys in Carolina don’t yell out, “Nice tits!” Of course, they think it.

Here’s Vee on dating:

SCORE: Let’s say you’re on a first date with a guy. What should he do?
VEE: I like different kinds of dates, not just dinner and a movie, so anything different. I like cigars, so maybe a cigar lounge or an amusement park. Something you can’t do every day.
SCORE: Should he ask you what you want to do?
VEE: I think he should plan the date if he’s asking me out. He should let me know that he put some thought into it. Let me know he thinks I’m special.
SCORE: Are you at all old-fashioned? Should he hold doors open for you?
VEE: I’m not old-fashioned. I don’t think he even needs to open the car door for me.
SCORE: Okay, so the chances of a guy getting lucky on the first date are…
VEE: I have never had sex on the first date, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t. I’m open to it.
SCORE: Vee, you’re very open to possibilities: sex on the first date, girl-girl, anal, three-ways.
VEE: Yes!

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Working at the Car Wash!

Posted by Maria on Oct 9, 2012 in swimsuits, Tit Tricks

Charley stretches to reach all those hard to reach places.

Today I got my car washed at lunch and I was sadly disappointed by the two frumpy, older gents who scrubbed my car to a shine and then vacuumed it to a tidy state.

Karla James peels off her wet T-shirt to get more comfortable.

Ines Cudna confuses Car Wash and Body Wash and we are perfectly fine with that.

Not because they didn’t do a great job because they did. They did a perfect job.

I was just sad because they weren’t topless, busty babes with their tits glistening in the sun.

I was disappointed because they weren’t SCORELAND sex kittens who wanted to do dirty things while cleaning my car.

Ah, the busty car wash scenario…it never gets old.

I tell you, I have seen many a  fundraiser car wash before and always said, “If these cheerleaders had big tits, they would be making so much more money!”

I mean think about it…who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of stacked babes, dripping wet in clingy white T-shirts or teeny, tiny bikinis, just scrubbing and swaying and jiggling to get cars clean. Just imagine their wet, sudsy tits pressing against the glass, mashed and succulent. If that existed in every town in America, well, things would be better.

Cars would be cleaner.

Karina Hart wears heels to the job.

Tits would be wetter.

It almost brings a tear to my eye, that’s how fucking glorious ginormous tatas at a car wash would be.

Jenna hoses down after a long day in the sun.

And while there are no chesty car washes all over the place right now, here at SCORELAND, we have seen our fair share of hotties working at the car wash and that is enough to tide us over.

So please, enjoy these sexy, wet women at work and at play because ANYTIME a girl can be wet and half naked, it’s a good time.





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On Location Grand Bahama: Karla washes while you wax

On Location Grand Bahama with Karla James

On Location Grand Bahama with Karla James

Karla James brings to life one of the #1 male fantasies: the good ol’ busty car wash.

On Saturdays, my neighbor washes his car in his driveway. He looks like Homer Simpson.

In an alternative universe, I live next to Karla James. Every Saturday, she puts on a tight, white T-shirt and denim shorts and washes her car for a loooong, loooong time. My weekend is complete.

But the reality is, there is no alternative universe. That’s what SCORELAND is for.

Your local car wash does not hire employees like this

Your local car wash does not hire employees like this

And without SCORELAND, I’d have never known about Karla James. In Part 3 of On Location Grand Bahama, Karla grabs a bucket and a cloth and goes to town. Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke never had it this good.

Nothing beats a shower or a car wash. The simple pleasures in life are the best. Good, clean, wholesome fun. Thanks to Karla James. And the automotive industry.

I’m looking forward to the next episode!

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Big tits get a workout this weekend at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 12, 2009 in New at Scoreland

Hooter exercises, car washing, breast massages and hot sex. There’s something for everyone this weekend at SCORELAND.

You’ll be sweating hard yourself during Camelia Davis’ fitness video “Sweatin’ To The Boobies.” Camelia appears in the December ’09 Voluptuous and has a complete workout from top to bottom. During a timeout, Miss Davis spoke to Maria in an exclusive titty-chat. “I like to dress in really sexy, very skimpy outfits,” Camelia told Maria. “I love to wear short skirts and really tight tops and I am always in high heels. I like to look sexy all the time.” That’s good news for us bazooma-lovers!

Camelia can suck her nipples! Camelia can suck her nipples, too!
Leave it in Janet's hands.

Leave it in Janet's hands.

There are some good car wash scenes in the movies. Joy Harmon in Cool Hand Luke. Denise Richards and Neve Campbell in Wild Things. Liv Tyler in One Night At McCool’s. The opener of Soul Men. Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On. But Janet Jade’s car washing video at SCORELAND this weekend singlehandedly- blows them all out of the water. Janet taking care of business in “Bikini Car Wash” is the best car wash scene I’ve watched in a looooong time. Not since Linsey Dawn and Autumn-Jade has a car been so auto-buffed to a fine sheen. Why was I not born a Jeep?

Horny lady Aspen goes for a massage in the video “Big Tit Rubdown” and gets the breast treatment any woman’s boobs can get. Aspen gets worked-up to the point of no return by her masseur’s magic fingers, so she has to suck his cock then fuck him as only she can! They don’t need to make it on a bed. The massage table will do just fine. If you’re a fan of this sexy babe from the Pacific Northwest, you’ll bust a large nut over Aspen in this video. She has appeared in seven Voluptuous pictorials and never modeled anywhere else.

Playing with titties all day is fun.
Playing with titties all day is fun.







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