It’s British bust-out day

Posted by Elliot James on Feb 2, 2017 in New at Scoreland, New at XL Girls, XLGirls

Webcams are plentiful in the States, but there’s no television equivalent as there is in the UK. When slim and stacked blonde Tia Clegg appears on those call-in TV channels (like Danniella Levy does), Brit fans chat her up on their cell phones for filthy banter while they watch her gyrate. At SCORELAND, Tia does one of her popular spank shows without the cell phone. There’s also a Bonus chat video.

Tia wets her toy for pussy stuffing.

At XL Girls, Sarah Jane gets wet in her big toy show that she narrates with dirty, sexy flirting. Girls from the UK always sound so proper and well-mannered even when they’re chatting about squeezing their tits or getting fucked.

Sarah Jane says she plugs her squeeze box at least three times a week "when no one is home."


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Vanessa Y.’s gloryhole fantasy

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 15, 2016 in Awards, New at Scoreland

In Vanessa Y.‘s new fantasy, she has been having a good time drinking beer with her girlfriends at the local pub.

Vanessa enters the ladies room, a real hole in the wall.

In fact, there are several holes in the walls, put there so the perv male employees can spy on women on the throne.

2015 Voluptuous Model of the Year Vanessa is on the ballot for 2016.

Will she take the title for the second time?

She’s up against some very strong candidates, including Anastasia Lux, Alexya and Joana Bliss.

Vanessa's latest fantasy!

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The three top-rated videos at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 8, 2016 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, Letters and comments

Vanessa Y. leads the trio this week of top-rated videos at SCORELAND, followed by Joana Bliss and Amaya May.

Vanessa Y.’s P.O.V. “Fantasy Dream Bang” simulated sex scene, in which a realistic fake cock is substituted for a real cock, earned an unusually high number of comments, such as this one by “BigPete”: “Ok. So whoever came up with that idea for Vanessa to do that deserves a fucking medal!!! Great idea. Seeing her work that cock was amazing. I guess the only down side to that was not enough fucking. But who can blame the girl that was fucking a big fake cock?”

We don’t get as many comments as Vanessa’s video did for real and excellent hardcore scenes. Vanessa has no interest in having on-camera sex with a dude. Even so, this scene is an indication of how energetic she would be if she did.

Number two: Joana Bliss in “Joana & Her Magic Wand.” I don’t get why this is so top-rated other than that it’s fairly new. I thought Joana’s videos shot in the Dominican Republic were far superior in every way and my favorites out of everything she’s ever done.

Anyway, who am I to debate members’ ratings?

Number three: Amaya May “Serious Boobage.” This is another entry I don’t get. So many guys constantly clamor for hardcore, and Amaya has done two kick-ass scenes sucking and fucking cock. So why this solo fingering that’s 10 minutes long and was shot in August?  There are only three comments, compared to 11 for her first hardcore. Her second hardcore video got three. Seth wrote under “Serious Boobage”: “I love how she seduces the viewer with coy invites and movements. About 5 min in, she goes to that luscious box that already has the delicious white lava…awesome…and then she lays back and spreads those gorgeous legs wide.” By the way, do you want to see more of Amaya, and doing what? Make your opinion count and comment.

Amaya: It's a cliche but she really is built like a fucking brick shithouse.


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Tigerr Benson’s big boob bikini blow-out

On Tigerr Benson’s activity list is a variety of cock-stiffening events. Like most girls, she spends a lot of time in the bathroom.

After removing her very tight clothes, Tigerr tries on teeny bikinis that look like butt floss and fondles her huge tits. (Go to any beach and let us know if you spot anyone with a body close to Tigerr’s. The odds are not good.)

Then it’s a finger lickin’ good time for Tigerr and her pierced pussy followed by playtime with a giant dildo. She showers to cool off that hot pussy. Tigerr’s a clean girl with a dirty mind. Watching her will take a load off…your mind. Tigerr also chats in a second video. Love that Brit accent. There’s no guy butt blocking the view of that heavenly bod today. That comes on July 18 when Tigerr will be back in her first SCORELAND hardcore workout with a porn cock.

Thank you, Tigerr Benson. Like Alyssa Lynn, Tigerr’s first SCORE magazine is Holiday ’14. coming soon.

Tigerr Benson: stretchin' that SCORE tank!

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A big boob babe in toyland found joyland at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 8, 2013 in New at Scoreland, print magazines

It’s estimated by the people who manufacture and sell adult products that 45-million dildos and vibrators are sold per year in the USA alone.

Sheridan Love may account for a sizable share of that number.

Appearing at SCORELAND today, Sheridan has a toy for just about every article of clothing she owns.  “I have a lot,”  says Sheridan. “I use 32 just for my cam show. And I have about another 50 outside of those.”

And that doesn’t count the care and maintenance pamphlets they come packaged with, not to mention all those bottles of lube.

I think of Sheridan as a classic SCORE Girl. Slim, stacked, pretty and candy for the eye. A 21st century fox.

Sheridan Love is coming to March '14 SCORE magazine, on-sale December 24.

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Looks real?

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 18, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, Letters and comments

We got a letter recently from a reader who wants to see models sucking on toys. But not any toy. Not those thin metal vibrators that look like flashlights. Not those purple things that chicks like to buy.

This reader wants to see them sucking on realistic cock-shaped dildos with attached testicles (and titty-fucking and fucking them) but shot in a way that looks like it’s not a toy. You see, he hates to see guys in hardcore pictorials enjoying the girls.  What do you think?

Brittany O'Neil


Christy Lee.

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A new hot chick with big ta-tas at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 7, 2013 in modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers

A friend told Jessi Rhodes about SCORE magazine and she checked us out, then sent a few at-home snaps to ScoreModelsWanted.com.

Jessi’s friend is now our friend, too.

Jessi likes to go target shooting and play softball and soccer. From her photos, she looks athletic. She’s a New York Yankees fan, which is kinda surprising since she lives in North Carolina.

Jessi strips down to her birthday suit in our warehouse workshop for her SCORELAND intro. She toys it, too. That’s what our workshop is for.

See her in “New Discovery.”

Meet Jessi, brand spankin' new at SCORELAND.

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SCORE and Voluptuous readers write the darndest things

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 12, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Letters and comments, The Life of an Editor

You're got questions? We've got Scorecard.

With the addition of the comment boards in SCORELAND and on the Blog, you can send your thoughts about a set, a video or a model immediately. And that’s great except many of the comments are one or two sentences. Rarely do I see anything longer than a paragraph. It’s just the nature of the electronic times we live in. Texting, Twitter, Facebook and all the rest. Everything is in short bursts.

Before the miracle of the Web and home computers and instantly transmitting our feedback, there were the old-school letters columns. “Scorecard” began in the premiere issue of SCORE (June ’92) and has been part of the magazine every month, with rare exceptions. Intended as a reader forum, “Scorecard” is a place where comments, suggestions, criticisms, ideas, requests and questions have always been welcomed.

How did the first issue get letters? Before launching SCORE, a questionnaire was mailed out to guys who bought big-boob magazines, and those responses made up the first “Scorecard.” After the first issue hit, the mail started to arrive.

The “Voluptuous Letters” began in the Fall ’94 edition of V-mag and was renamed V-Mail in the June ’95 issue. We’ve always encouraged everyone to mail in their comments and tell us who and what they wanted to see. Since the beginning, we have only published the letter writers’ initials, never their full name. The major change we’ve seen over the years is the drop in the traditional stamped letter in favor of emails.

The web version of “Scorecard” was added to SCORELAND in September 2000, although there was an earlier version. Since then, it has been posted every week on Friday, averaging five letters a week. Tomorrow will be “Scorecard” Volume 616. Multiply that by five letters per volume and I’ve run out of counting fingers.

“Scorecard” letters can be informative, quirky, supportive, argumentative, funny, insulting or mindboggling, but one thing is certain: The letters, and the guys (and sometimes girls) who write them, are never boring. Sometimes the models themselves have written in.

Here are six memorable letters.

“Scorecard” #1, Letter 2

No Naked Men!

I think your magazines would be much better if you could stop showing models with shaved pussies and naked men. No shaved girls and no cocks please! Especially naked men is a bore. SCORE is a men’s magazine, not a gay mag! On the other hand, SCORE has showed a lot of attractive girls during the years. I have been buying your magazine since 1996, and I think the publication is great apart from the naked men. If you could concentrate the magazine on the girls, the result would be superb.–Ult S., Uppsala, Sweden

“Scorecard” #44, Letter 1

A.G.E.N.T Of Anus

Zuzanna’s anus is fabulous. Nice dildo insertion picture, too. Why no hardcore stuff? We know she’s a great hardcore performer. SCORE Xtra: Julia Miles and Chloe. Look at those delightful toes! Nice photos of Chloe’s anus and Julia’s finger in Chloe’s vagina. I liked the close-up of Chloe’s anus. Why no close-up shots of Julia’s anus? Nice close-ups of Zuzie Boobies’ anus and vaginal butterfly, though. Corina Curves with a penis almost completely in her mouth is a beautiful sight. Thanks for the close-ups of her magnificent anus. Sally’s toes, anus and nipples were all great. Christine’s anus was another highlight. Ava: Encore with bare feet! Tania Angel reminds me of Tiny Nicky Tease, and that’s a good thing.-A.L., Los Angeles, California

“Scorecard” #102, Letter 4

Pinch Them For Us

As a woman who views your site regularly, I just wanted to write in and say I love your site! Nothing turns me on more than to look at your pictures and videos of women pinching their nipples. I will admit that I pinch mine while looking at them. I love Autumn-Jade and Desirae. But I would have to say my favorite video clip is Melissa Carey. Watching a man pinch her nipples was a real turn on for me. I pinched my nipples just as he did hers while watching the clip over and over and nearly came. By the time I had started touching my clit, I was so wet and excited I came so quickly! Keep up with the pictures and videos of nipple pinching and twisting. Those are such a turn on!–Signed, Just Me

“Scorecard” #115, Letter 4


You know what? If I was a SCORE supervisor, this would go like this: If models don’t want to do any XXX videos, then I would tell them, get the fuck out of SCORE Group. It’s just like if a football player would tell his coach, I will only run on the left side of the field, you imagine that? Many of these busty models came out of nowhere. Before they came to SCORE, they were nothing. Now that they are famous models and they have $$$, they think they can choose to not shoot XXX. The fact is, they are in their right to make this decision, but SCORE is also in their right to tell them: “Well, if you don’t want to do XXX, then find yourself another magazine or model agency.” See then what they will do. I guarantee you they will change their minds in one hour, bunch of arrogant, materialistic girls. That’s one of the reasons everybody loves Autumn-Jade so much, because she is so enthusiastic and always willing to perform every challenge of her modeling life. No wonder she is one of the most adorable models SCORE has! God bless her. The rest who don’t want to make XXX, fuck them! I’m sorry, maybe I am a little upset, but these kinds of things make me think how when you are in the bottom of the life lane, you’ll do anything, but when you think you got it made, you start bullshitting around and even rejecting what your bosses propose. If I was a SCORE Group manager, I would kick them the fuck out, let them get a job in some supermarket as a cashier. You’ll see how fast they’ll be calling you again and telling you, “Yes, I will do that XXX.”–Sincerely, G.

“Scorecard” #119, Letter 2

Stop The Jacking!!

I have some negative feedback concerning two increasing trends I see. I know The SCORE Group listens to their readers, which is why I would even bother to speak up. First of all, please, I implore you to stop with the constant masturbating references! “Jack”… “get to jacking”… “break out the Bounty”… “21CC salute,” etc. In the name of all that is good, I beg you to stop! You guys have a jack fetish or something. It seems like every cover, every pictorial instructs us to “get jacking!” Enough already! It weirds me out and somehow seems kind of gay that guys are imploring me as to when and how to “jack.” There is something deeply disturbing about your constant reminders. Stop it now! I think we all know what to do if we so choose. I cannot believe I am the only one to feel this way. Please put the issue up to a vote. Another issue is the increasing use of toys with the babes. It seems to be the required thing lately that each photo set includes the girl jamming a piece of plastic to the hilt. A while back, another guy made mention of this, and I totally agree. It might work on video, but something is lost on a still image. I just don’t get it. Guys get off on this? A piece of inanimate plastic? I think many a great photo is ruined by this dildo trend. To me, it’s neither hot nor sexy. My vote…lose it!–Bruce, New York

“Scorecard” #131 Letter 3

Stop The “Stop The Jacking” Comments

Bruce wrote to Scorecard (“Stop The Jacking!” #119) complaining that you guys use too many references about “Jacking.” Please let me respond to him by saying SHUT UP! I don’t care who tells me when/where/how or why to jerk off. If I see a hot lady in SCORE, I don’t need suggestions, but I don’t mind ‘em either! He also complained about you showing too many dildo shots. Again: SHUT UP! I am always ready to see a big-titted gal put something up her pussy, whether it be flesh, plastic or a cucumber! I suggest that if Brucie objects to SCORE‘s contents that he go back to Cosmo!–John

Questions? Comments?

Write scorecard@scoregroup.com

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Okay, I’m going to ask you one more time: What do you think about SCORE girls sucking on fake cocks?

Posted by Dave on May 12, 2012 in Letters and comments, The Life of an Editor

Merilyn Sakova tit-fucks and sucks a big, fake cock. Do you like this?

Here’s one of the things about being the editor of an international magazine with a wide circulation: You can’t please every single person. What I’m saying is, if your circulation is 50 or a hundred, you had better cater to the exact needs of every single person. But when you’re up where we are at SCORE and SCORELAND? You can try to please everyone, but it’s not going to work.

For example, preggers. Some guys love ’em. They want to see them all the time. Other guys hate them. Never want to see them. Well, it’s impossible to make both sides happy, so what do we do? We try to give the pregger lovers enough of what they want without turning off the guys who don’t like preggers.

Hardcore. Now, there isn’t much of a debate about this online. Most SCORELAND members love hardcore. But it’s a different story in the magazine. Sure, most readers like the XXX layouts, but then there are the guys who act offended when a single hard cock shows up in the magazine, even if it’s fucking a SCORE Girl. These guys go ape shit. They threaten to quit. And then I have to explain to them, very tenderly, that we’re not publishing a magazine for one person. We’re publishing a magazine for a lot of people, and I hate to put it this bluntly, but if you don’t like what you see, turn the page. The thing you don’t like to see will be over quickly, and you’ll be back to looking at the things you love.

There are times, though, when we think we have a pretty good handle on the vast majority of our readers and members. Just about all of them, in fact. Such is the case with dildos and other fuck toys. Back in the early 2000s, a girl fucking herself with a dildo in a magazine was a big deal, partly because we had never seen such a thing in newsstand magazines. That made it hot. But over time, most SCORE readers and SCORELAND members have soured a bit on dildos. They’d rather see the girl’s unobstructed pussy or, perhaps, the girl fucking herself with her own fingers.

But then, just when I think I have the whole thing figured out, I get this letter from J.P. of Daytona Beach, Florida. J.P. writes: You have those fake cocks with balls that look real. I think they are made by Doc Johnson. A lot of our SCORE favorites don’t do porno. So why don’t you give us photos of them sucking one of those fake cocks? The bigger the better! This should be mandatory in all your photo shoots. If they won’t take off their panties, have them suck a fake cock. Give us a closeup of her looking at the camera. This would give the reader the illusion he’s getting a blow job from his favorite SCORE lady.”

Is J.P. a rare bird these days? Or would you like to see the models who don’t do hardcore sucking on fake cocks?

Notice that J.P. didn’t say anything about the girls fucking themselves with fake cocks. But sucking on fake cocks…haven’t we been through this already?


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Yes, Naughty Alysha really is going to insert those HUGE toys in her pussy. And she’s going to tell us about it.

Looks like Alysha is ready to play show 'n' tell.

Looks like Alysha is ready to play show 'n' tell.

I know this is supposed be a big-boob blog, but 1.) The woman I’m about to tell you about does have big boobs; and 2.) News like this I can’t keep to myself.

You know, I love all the girls who walk into our studio, but every once in a while, we get someone who makes my heart pound a little harder. I mean, I remember when I was 11 years old and met Tom Seaver, the Hall of Fame baseball pitcher, at an autograph signing. Exciting. Thrilling. These days, I get the same feeling from meeting big-boobed girls and porn stars, such as Elizabeth Starr, who visited our studio earlier this summer. And last week, I had another one of the moments.

Naughty Alysha came to visit us. Her full name is Alysha Morgan, but most people know her as Naughty Alysha, “Naughty” being a serious understatement. I’d go for filthy. Raunchy. Over-the-top slutty. Alysha is an amateur model from Tampa, Florida (land of swingers and nudists), and she’s known for cramming the biggest dildos and toys in the world inside her, remarkably, still-tight pussy (her husband verified that last part for me).

Alysha was just the girl-next-door when she debuted in 30Something magazine nine years ago. Now, she’s about as famous as an amateur can be, but she has remained remarkably down-to-Earth. And pleasant. And sexy. She’s a wife, a mother, the sexy MILF you might see at the supermarket, and you’d never guess what she does behind clothes doors.

Anyway, I’ve admired Alysha and her skills for a long time, and it was exciting to have her in our studio, shooting for 40SomethingMag.com. I interviewed her, which means I got to tell her which gigantic toys to insert in her pussy. And, damn, she inserted every last one of them with the greatest of ease. And the best part? Sitting about 10 feet away, I could hear her pussy squishing.

So, if you get the chance over the next few days, head over to 40SomethingMag.com and check out one of Alysha’s rare pro shoots. The photos went up on Friday. The video interview will be posted on Wednesday with the solo video posted this coming Friday. But this is not your average, everyday solo video. Alysha and her huge toys make it something special.

Oh, one more thing: Her tits are DD-cups.

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