Prelude to a pussy-eating

Posted by Dave on May 8, 2016 in Behind the Scenes, Cummin Soon, girl-girls, New at Scoreland

Lily prepares to spread 'em.

Here’s Lily Madison in a photo from today’s brand-new posting at SCORELAND. There’s video, too.

This photo was taken shortly before Lily had her pussy eaten by the great Hitomi. The photos and video of that historic encounter (former SCORE Newcomers of the Year going tit-to-tit) goes live in three weeks. I believe that this will be the first time that Hitomi has eaten unpixelated pussy on-camera. This is a great thing. I’ve been told that unpixelated pussy tastes much better than pixelated pussy.

Before that, though, we’ll also get brand-new photos and video of Hitomi.

What did Lily think about Hitomi’s pussy-eating skills?

“Oh, Hitomi, you’re eating my pussy so good!”

I’m not sure that’s an exact quote, but it’s close enough.


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Arianna & Miosotis, a modern-day love story

Miosotis (top) and Arianna (below): a natural attraction.

Miosotis (top) and Arianna (below): a natural attraction.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: When we go on-location to places like the Dominican Republic, Spain, Eleuthera, etc., we rent big, gigantic properties with big, gigantic houses. We do this because we need a lot of spots in which to shoot photos and videos and also because, well, shooting nice pictures and videos requires a lot of room. Anyway, my point is that when we go on-location, lack of space is generally not an issue. And, yet, when we went to Eleuthera for Big-Boob Paradise, we stuck Angela White in the same bed with Lorna Morgan, and when we went to the Dominican Republic recently, we stuck Arianna Sinn in the same room with Miosotis. Why? Because we like to mix things together and hope good things happen.

This time, they did, and the results will be on display tomorrow, Thursday and all of next week at BustyArianna.com. We’re calling it “Arianna & Miosotis: Clash of the Super-Naturals,” and it’s a three-part special unlike anything we’ve ever done before.

In Part 1, tomorrow and Thursday, G-cup Arianna gets fucked by a stud while KKK-cup Miosotis watches. Only she doesn’t simply watch. She plays with herself, then plays with Arianna, sucking her tits and rubbing her pussy.

In Part 2, next Monday and Tuesday, Arianna has her first lezzie encounter ever (not just on video) with Miosotis.

In Part 3, next Wednesday and Thursday, Miosotis fucks while Arianna watches. But, again, Arianna doesn’t just watch.

“I like a lot of things about women,” Arianna told us as she anticipated the moment. “They are so special. They are soft, delicate sweet, sensual. I always dreamed to be with a woman, but this is my first time. I never had the guts to do it. But since I am a roommate with Miosotis, I got to know her better. I trust her. I like her a lot. I want her to dominate me. I want her to kiss me and lick my  nipples and suck them and lick my clit. This is exciting. I can’t wait. I’m a lesbian virgin.”

I’ve seen the videos and they’re very hot. They’re unusual, but that’s part of what makes them hot. Some of my favorite moments:

1. A stud shooting his load all over Arianna’s rack, then Arianna and Miosotis deep-lezzie kissing while Arianna’s rack is still coated.

2. Miosotis lapping away at Arianna’s pussy likes it’s the best thing she’s ever eaten.

3. Miosotis stacking her tits on top of Arianna’s big ass while fingering Arianna’s pussy. Arianna moaning, “Yes, do me, baby.”

4. Arianna reaching down to rub Miosotis’s clit while Miosotis gets fucked from behind.

I have no idea what happened later that night when Arianna and Miosotis retired to their bedroom. But I have a good idea that they didn’t go to sleep.

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Oh, what lovely seashells!

Posted by Maria on May 22, 2010 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Cummin Soon
Miosotis and Arianna Sinn...Lezzies? Stay tuned!

Miosotis and Arianna Sinn...Lezzies? Stay tuned!

Yes, there are seashells in this photo.

What do you mean where?

Can’t you see them?


Yeah, me neither. Who could see anything but the  contrast between Miosotis’ dark and sexy tits and Arianna’s beautiful face? This photo has a lot of sexual mojo. In fact, it oozes sex. At least I think so.

Is this photo indicative of some sort of girl-on-girl action between Miosotis and Arianna for your jacking pleasure? Maybe sometime in the near future?

LOL…I’ll never tell!




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