Joana Bliss seems to have found the fountain of youth

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 19, 2016 in Behind the Scenes, Life With Big Tits, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Joana Bliss has gotten more beautiful and bustier since her early SCORE days in 2004, when one of our teams met Joana in Romania.

“I love to pose,” Joana said. “It’s given me much happiness and made my life more interesting and creative.”

Today, Joana has a brand-new, just-shot video and layout plus a video chat that I liked a lot because I enjoy listening to the girls talk about their interests and backgrounds and Joana rarely speaks in her regular video scenes.

It's bliss when Joana appears.

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Sheridan Love: two photo sets and two videos of this busty doll today at SCORELAND, #1 in big boobs

What's in Sheridan Love's suitcase?

What’s in a SCORE Girl’s suitcase when she visits? What’s in Sheridan Love‘s suitcase? You can find out in a bonus video and photo set.

And Sheridan shows once again why she’s a covergirl in a new video and matching pictorial.

Today at SCORELAND: "Great Big Boobs Of Love."

Today’s posting also includes a bunch of probing questions that weighed heavily on my mind.

Such as:

SCORE: What’s it like for you going through airports with boobs that big?
Sheridan: I almost always get patted down. I think they think I am trying to sneak things in. Either that or they just want to get a quick feel.

SCORE: Do you play with your breasts without realizing it, like when you’re watching TV? Most SCORE and V-mag Girls say yes.
Sheridan: I do play with them all the time without realizing it. It’s mainly when I am in deep thought, like at the store trying to remember everything that I need. People give me weird looks, then I realize what I’m doing. Oops!

At the newsstands, Sheridan’s latest magazine spread (Holiday ’14 SCORE) is a pair-up with hot Holly Brooks. We used to ask, “Where have all the good girl-girls gone?” Sheridan and Holly bring ‘em back!

Holiday '14 SCORE magazine's back cover.


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Them thar hills of Rockell, saloon gal of the wild wild west at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 4, 2013 in New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops
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If Rockell lived back in the wild west of the late 1800s, as tomorrow’s fantasy video and pictorial brings to life, there would have been no Klondike Gold Rush. There would have been a Rockell Big-Boob Rush.

It’s no stretch of the imagination to picture Rockell as a dance hall fantasy girl, time-tripping back to 1876 Deadwood, South Dakota. Except there would be no dead wood with Rockell around. Not with her beautiful face, gorgeous body and big boobs.

Rockell gets ready for sexy time.

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Michelle Bond: Milk for a busty kitten

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 28, 2013 in New at Scoreland, Tit Tricks

Milk does a body good.

With her black brassiere, panties, pumps and stockings, Michelle Bond looks prepared for the bedroom. But Michelle is on a terrace with sunny, blue skies in the background.

Then there’s that thin chain connecting her wrists to her neck. It’s kinky-looking.

There’s also a saucer of milk on the terrace floor. It’s waiting for this Brit kitten to lap it like a good pussy cat in this new scene starting tomorrow at SCORELAND.

In more ways than one.

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“Stripping is fun” says Kalila Kane at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 10, 2012 in modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers, Tit Tricks

Kalila will now bounce for your entertainment pleasure.

“Stripping is fun,” says Kalila Kane, a newbie who was encouraged to contact SCORE by her friend (who is now also our friend for this boobmanitarian act). It’s just as much fun to watch says me, a guy who has spent countless yet productive hours in strip joints, topless bars and burlesque theaters. I find that most exotic dancers are very giving girls. They’re always giving their clothes away.

Bouncing boobs are an untapped source of alternative energy (like wind power), and Kalila’s jiggling, shaking and bouncing video today proves it. She has a lot of bounce to the big-boob ounce. Stripping off, Kalila climbs into bed and fingers herself to happy town. She really spreads the wealth, too, doing great pink spreading for a newbie. I would have liked to have seen some dancing also. Maybe next time.

“I might be addicted to masturbating,” the brunette hottie said. That’s a good thing.

How hot will Kalila get now that she has busted her video cherry? We don’t use the I Ching here to predict those events. We use the I Jack. Time will tell.

Kalila has a number of very interesting hobbies, too. Stuff you’d never guess. Read all about them.


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Self-sucking, deep-pussy fingering and more with the great Gya Roberts

Posted by Dave on Sep 24, 2012 in Cummin Soon, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Gya Roberts with a pool cue. Gya wishes it was a cock, and I'm sure the pool cue wishes it were a cock, too.

I just finished watching Gya Roberts‘ video that went up today at SCORELAND. If memory serves, there was a pool table involved, but all I remember is, in order of appearance:

1. A low-cut, red sweater.

2. Cleavage.

3. Self-sucking.

4. Finger jamming of the pussy.

5. A lot of filthy fuck talk.

And, with this video, Gya Roberts officially moves to the top of my list of “Girls Who I Can’t Believe Have Never Done Hardcore.” Fortunately, Angela White used to be at the top of that list, and I say fortunately because she has now done hardcore, and I’m hoping Gya one day will, too.

Although, if she doesn’t, it really won’t matter much. I can’t imagine anything being hotter than Gya’s tits-in-your-face, pussy-in-your-face, ass-in-your-face, nipples-in-her-mouth, pool-cue-humping, frigging-her-pussy-til-the-cunt-cream-comes-out scene today.

Gya can really be a filthy, dirty slut, and I mean that with the utmost respect.

Gya talks about her pussy a lot. I’ve never seen a girl with so much to say about her own pussy.

And (by the way) she has slimmed down from the first time we shot her in 2011 and is now a true SCORE/Voluptuous crossover model.

Gya Roberts. What a slut goddess


This week at SCORELAND:

Wednesday: Maria with bustier-than-ever Melissa Manning in The Greatest Blog Video Ever.

Friday: Maggie Green fucks.



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