Happy 4th of July from Melissa Manning and SCORELAND

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As soon as I saw the pictures from Melissa Manning’s photo set, I knew that they were going to be printed and mounted in countless barracks, garages, man-caves, gyms and other male citadels.

Who better to lead the 4th of July celebration at SCORE than Melissa? I’m sure the Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard won’t mind the Navy cap.

How Melissa’s bikini straps didn’t snap under the stress of her all-American breasts is a miracle of fabric engineering. See the 55 image set at SCORELAND.

Happy July 4th, America.

Melissa sets off the fireworks.

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Fruit does a body good. Just ask Jolie Rain.

One of the lustiest and bustiest redheads, Jolie Rain returns to show her beautiful bod at SCORELAND after a tour of duty in the U.S. Army. That’s good news.

There are two things that Jolie says she wants to do that she hasn’t done yet. The first is go on a shopping spree… and not at the fruit store.

The second is go on a night ops mission. The way she disappeared after the first time she modeled made me wonder if she was in one of those “ghost ops” units. I’m happy she returned for a “bang ops” mission at SCORELAND and SCOREVideos.

I can’t say enough good things about someone whose favorite dates are fishing or a paintball war and who will sometimes masturbate when she’s stuck in traffic. This set is now posted. Try it, you’ll like it. It’s Jolie’s birthday today so we’d like to wish her a happy one and it’s also the birthday of European star Cassandra (On Location Costa Del Sol).

Making orange juice the fun way.


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A soft Rain cummin’

Jolie Rain: army vet, gamer, tank commander.

It’s been a few years since bouncy girl-next-door Jolie Rain bounced her away across SCORELAND and other TSG sites. Where has she been? What has she been doing?

Serving her country.

Jolie went to an army recruitment office, enlisted and went to Iraq, where she served for a couple of years.

Jolie served her country well, and now she’s back in the States and back at SCORE starting tomorrow. Instead of jumping jacks, the redhead from Cajun country will be jumping something else.

She’s brought her stacked rack back from Iraq and she’s ready for a tit attack.

And Jolie’s tits are bigger. That’s always a good thing here. Bounce, baby, bounce!

I could definitely see a nose-art pin-up of Jolie painted on a military plane. But they don’t do that anymore.

Click on her rack and welcome her back.

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Oh, did we fail to mention that we have some new tits for you? :)

Gentlemen, feel free to send a warm and stiff cock salute to Elaina Gregory, a five-foot-tall brunette cutie from Arizona whose breasts will WOW! you.

(She is five-feet-tall and her tits ARE HUGE!)

Elaina told us that photography is her favorite hobby and she likes to wear crotchless panties…which is always a WIN! in our book.

We caught up with Elaina in the SCORELAND dressing room and found out some interesting things about this 27-year-old newcomer.

For starters, she really enjoyed posing for our photographers. And this hottie was, once upon a time, a soldier in the army. (We’d like to do some hand-to-hand combat with her…knowhaddamean?)

Look out for some more getting-to-know-you videos from this newcomer. Elaina’s first video goes lives on SCOREVideos.com today! On Tuesday and Wednesday, her first photo shoot and second video goes live on XLGirls.com. If you’re in the SCORELAND Loyalty program, you probably have a pass to those sites.




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The happy hooter holiday weekend at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 2, 2010 in New at Scoreland
Paola this weekend at SCORELAND.

Paola this weekend at SCORELAND.

That sexy Paraguyan SCORELAND hottie Paola Rios will be bathing, showering and shaving in exclusive videos. That’s both sharing and caring! Subtitled in English so you can hear that sweet voice talking in her native tongue.

Kentucky bra-strap snapper Slone Ryder gets an oily-to-bed breast massage by the hands of the boob masseur and gets Voluptuous Girl Slone so worked up, she gives it up. Tugging, tit-sexin’, hands-free BJs, humping and pumping and stress-busting galore.

Rubba boob. Pincha nipple. A big-titted hardcore schwingfest.

Rubba boob. Pincha nipple. A big-titted hardcore schwingfest.

SCORE man-pleaser Candace Von goes to Boot Camp in a video salute to our Allied armed forces around the world. Her drill sargeant puts his drill to good use on this sexy fuck-bunny.

"Get down and gimme 36DDD"

"Get down and gimme 36DDD"

This and tons more on the #1 Boob Site.

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You can dress ‘em up…

Posted by Maria on Jul 29, 2009 in Life With Big Tits, The Life of an Editor
Private Autumn salutes her Sergeant.

Private Autumn salutes her Sergeant.

Chantz Fortune could bust me whenever she wants.

Chantz Fortune could bust me whenever she wants.

Nurse Cindy can make it all better.

Nurse Cindy can make it all better.

We have great debates here at SCORELAND. Sometimes we argue over who our best newcomer is and sometimes it’s about which photos go to SCORE Mag and which ones come to me at V-Mag. Sometimes we get into heated discussions about projects that are in the pipeline,and it can get pretty nuts if we start talking about tits. (Dave claims that although I have all the “equipment,” he knows how to use it. I usually roll my eyes at this and ask him to cease and desist. lol)

Janet Jade needs a lesson. See her new schoolgirl photos today at SCORELAND.

Janet Jade needs a lesson. See her new schoolgirl photos today at SCORELAND.

Lately, we’ve had all these heated discussions about big-titted chicks in costumes. (I think this was sparked by a blog comment about chicks in military garb.) I, for one, am a fan of hot babes with their giant boobs stuffed into tight, little costumes. (I’m a big fan of juggy cops. Maybe because I would like to be “busted” by a busty officer? Hmm?)

Some would argue that costumes aren’t necessary, but I think that big-boobed construction workers, chefs, schoolgirls, and nurses are the stuff of wet dreams. Don’t you? So, I want to hear from you guys. Are hooters in fantasy garb your cup of tea? If so, what kind of costumes turn you on? I’d love to know. – Maria

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