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If you know what “half and half” means, this post is for you

Posted by Dave on Apr 6, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

Street hookers. Those were the days.

This just doesn’t happen anymore, does it?

I’m not talking about two sleazy guys dressing up like 1970s undercover cops..

I’m talking about a busty hooker, like Sarah Sunshine, prowling the tracks for a day’s pay.

Nobody ever talks about one of the Internet’s major effects: the demise of the common street hooker. Or, in this case, the uncommon street hooker. Sarah is anything but common.

These days, prostitutes and Johns hook up on the Internet. Oh, sure, you can still find street hookers here and there, but beware: They’re usually bottom-of-the-barrel slags. There’s a good chance they’re undercover police officers. I can remember a time when gorgeous babes wearing Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie walked the streets of New York City and Miami causing traffic jams and hard-ons.

Those were the days. The days of constantly watching for cops in your rear-view mirror, of the front-seat blow job.

We relive those days today at SCORELAND. It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye.

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Has this ever happened to you?

Posted by Dave on Feb 4, 2016 in Hardcore XXX, SCORELAND Specials

Daphne's milking Carlos for another buck or two.

I’m sure most of you have gotten a blow job or a tug job in the front or back seat of your car.

What makes this different is that here, Daphne Rosen is a hooker. Carlos just picked her up. She got into his car. Then she took out his cock and sucked and jacked it.

We take a look at the highly jackable world of busty hookers today at SCORELAND. It’s nothing like Hookers At The Point, the HBO documentary series. That show turned the cameras away when the going got good. We move in closer for a better look.

Later in Daphne’s scene, she gets ass-fucked. That’s something most hookers don’t do. Anal sex, I mean. I’ve never even had a hooker offer me anal.

Not that I’ve ever had a conversation with a hooker.

Gotta go now. I just got struck by lightning.

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