Today at SCORELAND, Katie Thornton stops traffic

Posted by Dave on Aug 27, 2016 in Boob Watch, Cummin Soon, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Boobs rule.

Here’s Katie Thornton on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida. Lincoln Road is a pedestrian mall that’s closed to vehicle traffic (except for the cross streets). On most nights, especially during tourist season, it is one of the hootchie capitals of the world. The things women wear when they’re walking down Lincoln Road are unbelievable. Tits and ass are hanging out everywhere. The average heel height is six inches.

Notice how Katie is not dressed like a hootchie in this photo. She’s wearing a simple T-shirt and shorts, but her tits are so big, they’re impossible to ignore.

Katie’s tits are so big that her T-shirt appears to say, “LOND RULE.” The B, E and S are obliterated by chestal mass.

Photos and video of Katie in Miami today at SCORELAND, plus a new photo set and video of Katie washing windows. She uses her tits, of course.

And tomorrow at SCORELAND: New Hitomi!

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Nothing escapes the eagle eyes of a SCORE Man

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 29, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Letters and comments

The white shorts of Valory Irene.

S.B. writes “Scorecard” (score@scoregroup.com) and has several observations to relay to his fellow SCORE Men. (I wonder if he works as a surveillance officer in a casino. This is detailed stuff here.)

“Last night in a Waffle House, a stunning blonde came in. She had a perfect figure topped off by blonde bangs. The doll had on a sweet pair of white shorts that showed off her lovely legs delightfully. When she sat down, a great deal of her darling thighs went on display. This showed more than we might see if she had a dress on. Her ankles and feet were attractive in a cute pair of sandals. When she went to the restroom, I won’t say how my dirty mind was thrilled by the idea of the babe taking her shorts off in the same building I was in. Or how sad I was that she later pulled her shorts back up. Her hubby has no idea how lucky he is to sleep with a doll with all these assets.

Karla James wears the kind of pants S.B. wants to see.

“So, No. 1: White shorts will do wonders for any girl’s legs in SCORE, especially with the big tits higher up.

“No. 2: Another popular item for girls is called ‘Capris’ up north. These are pants that extend to about a foot above her feet. They are between full-length pants and shorts. The result is sexy. It seems most Capris are worn snugly in the ass. Seeing a doll’s ass bounce around inside Capris is as much fun as following them while they’re wearing jeans. It some ways, it is more sexy since their legs are visible. And I almost forgot: Sometimes if you are lucky, you can see the outline of her panties inside her Capris. And you know what is inside her panties.”

I couldn’t find much in the way of SCORE Girls wearing S.B.’s Capri pants except for this Karla James photo set. I like the white shorts idea better than the pants idea since there’s a lot more leg to see. The tighter it is, the better to see camel toe. Of course, this kind of letter also gets replies from the guys who don’t give a damn about clothing, sexy or not, and just want skin as fast as possible.

Clothing aside, this business of thinking about a fox he saw going into a restaurant ladies’ room and imagining her dropping her shorts and panties in a stall is the work of a dirty mind at its finest. S.B. has the mind of a first-rate men’s magazine photographer.  I think like that, too, although I don’t go to waffle restaurants. Maybe it’s a good place to find models.

Who the hell knows what goes on in ladies' restrooms except ladies.

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I’d walk a mile for a cameltoe!

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 23, 2011 in Boob Watch, Confessions, Life With Big Tits
Crystal Gunns

Crystal Gunns

Ashley Sage

Ashley Sage





Cameltoe: A slang word for the outline of a girl’s labia majora when she’s wearing very tight-fitting shorts or pants. The fabric should be thin and clingy.

And I’d walk a mile for it.

The cameltoe effect is even more highlighted if the vertical seam goes straight down the middle of her shorts, separating the labia.

Admittedly, “cameltoe” is not a flattering term at all. The hoof of an “even-toed ungulate,” as the biology books call cameltoes, is not something you’d associate with a vagina. I have no idea who came up with the name. I can’t imagine someone walking up to a girl who’s dressed in booty shorts and saying, “Hey, the outline of your pussy looks like the hoof of a camel!”

As a boob man, I usually tend to look at a girl’s chest first but if she’s got on something that highlights a cameltoe, I’m there too. Here’s Ashley, Crystal, CJ and Kitana showing theirs. More in SCORELAND!

Note from Dave: Sorry to hijack your posting, Elliot, but has anybody noticed that cameltoes seem to be back in style? By “back in style,” I’m going back to the late 1970s and early 1980s, when women wore super-tight jeans and lots of polyester–this had something to do with the disco era–and sometimes the cameltoe would go an inch or more up their cunts. You could’ve fucked them without taking their pants off. Lately, I’ve noticed a lot more cameltoes, at least here in South Florida, than at any other time since 20 or so years ago. This, along with the return of tube tops, is a very enjoyable trend.

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