Busty MILF puts the smackdown on JMac

He doesn't seem to be in too much pain.

This is Sherry Stunns, and as I wrote at 40SomethingMag.com, where she debuted on Friday with photos (the video comes Wednesday), “Here, Sherry Stunns, a 47-year-old wife, mother and grandmother, kicks JMac’s ass. She also sucks and fucks his cock, but first, she kicks his ass. Sherry has a wrestling fetish. She wrestles both men and women, and here, she shows off her moves on JMac. After she gets her big tits out, of course.”

Headlock, leglock, full nelson…Sherry does it all to JMac, and I didn’t feel sorry for him at all. Because later in the scene, JMac demonstrates a wrestling move of his own: the piledriver. Of course, it’s not the kind of piledriver where one wrestler slams another wrestler’s head into the mat. It’s the kind of piledriver where JMac turns Sherry upside-down and fucks her hard.

Like Sherry, a lot of our MILFs and GILFs at 40SomethingMag.com, 50PlusMILFs.com and 60PlusMILFs.com have big tits. Could that be because a lot of big-tit lovers are involved in the process of choosing models? Or could it be that a big rack, natural or otherwise, makes any woman sexier? Or could it be both?

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Our MILF of the Month has a few stories to tell

You can see more of Tarise at 40SomethingMag.com.

Today at SCORELAND, Tarise Taylor is the MILF of the Month.

As her reward for being MILF of the Month, Tarise gets to suck and fuck Carlos’ big cock.

Of course, I have this completely backwards. According to Tarise, Ted DiBiase, the former professional wrestler known as “The Million Dollar Man,” tried to get into her panties on several occasions. But Tarise avoided Ted’s grasp and never went down for the count. Therefore, DiBiase never went down on her cunt. So it’s not true that everybody has their price, and it is absolutely true that in this case, Carlos gets the reward.

Tarise was also a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Raiders during their final year in Los Angeles. She didn’t fuck any football players. She was more interested in shaking her pom-poms than having sex with NFLers.

And now, Tarise is fucking on-camera for the first time. Taking it up her tight ass, too. Breaks your heart, doesn’t it Mr. DiBiase?


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“Okay, okay, you win!”

Posted by Dave on Aug 1, 2014 in Cummin Soon, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

Goldie executes the wrestling move known as the pussy plant.

If I were wrestling Goldie Blair, I’d let her sit on my face, too.

Goldie wrestles JMac Monday at SCORELAND. He’s twice her size, but she wins. Explain that.

But first, on Sunday, Goldie stars in a new photo set and video, “The Blair Tits Project.”

Elliot comes up with the best titles. The guy is a creative genius. “Blair Tits Project.” How’d he ever come up with that?

Today at SCORELAND, Brook Ultra gets fucked in her tight little ass. Elliot calls this one, “Gaping Butthole Afternoon.”


And on Saturday, great natural newcomer Maya Milano in, “Boobs In The Sun.”

There are a lot of things you could do this weekend. Go to the beach or the pool. Have a BBQ. Maybe take in a ballgame.

Or you could stay inside and jack to SCORELAND.

I know what I’m doing.

Spend your Saturday with splendid Maya Milano.




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Tanks for being you, Maggie Green

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 26, 2013 in bras, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

Maggie is tanked. But not for long.

Maggie Green kills a tight, pink tank top (and a pair of tight jeans) at SCORELAND on Saturday before getting down to smooth, naked skin and showing off that hot, Zumba-trained body. Clothing so tight, Maggie could have used some lube to get those jeans off, according to the photographer of these pictures.

I love seeing the girls wear tank-tops, my favorite top for a busty model to wear before she goes bare. (In a poll, bras followed by bikinis were more popular than tank tops, but no one wears a bra in public anymore. That look died after Madonna’s late ’80s style and the bra-wearing heiress on “The Caddy” episode of Seinfeld.)

Ever since Rockell hit the SCORE scene, I think of Maggie when I see a Rockell set or video and I think of Rockell whenever I see Maggie. For some reason, I link them together.

Thong you very much, Maggie.

Rockell is the covergirl of October '13 SCORE.

Sometimes I think Maggie could be Rockell’s big sis. They have similarities. Both are athletic, pretty blondes with natural tits who do that Zumba thing.

Whether Rockell will follow in Maggie’s footsteps is something I can’t predict. No one predicted in 2009 that Maggie would be doing boy-girl a few years later. But hardcore doesn’t even come to my mind when I think of the two of them. I picture them lubed up and wrestling in a boob mash-up, either outdoors or indoors, and ending in a lip-lock.

I’m not sure how my mind wandered off from my original Blog about Maggie’s Saturday pictorial to two busty blondes wrestling naked in clear lube on a bright sunny summer day, but at least its wholesome thinking.


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Not a shrinking Violet. A new XL Girl

Violet Addams arrives at XLGirls.com right on the stacked heels of the previous newbie, Marilyn Mayson.

Violet packs her bra with 46 inches worth of 38G-cups. And she likes anal. She went right for it in her first guy-girl scene.

Someone wrote that Violet looked like a more zaftig version of Dana Delaney from the TV show Body of Proof. I see that also.

Violet has a job that fascinates me. She works in an adult store.

Now and then we get a model who’s employed in that occupation. Marilyn Scott and Allysa Andrews come to mind right away, and Sienna Hills owns her own store in Little Rock, Arkansas. “We sell equal amounts of XL Girls, V-mag, and SCORE magazines when we have the most-recent issues,” Violet kindly told me. I liked that she used the name V-mag. Mostly guys work in adult stores, so when a female does the selling, and she’s attractive, I see hope for the retail field in this on-line age. And when we keep finding models like Violet, I appreciate that they’re busty and proud.

Newbie at XLGirls.com: Violet Addams

Today at SCORELAND, the Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling wraps up the greasy, slippery, huge-titted, big show. With all due respect to The Rock and his pals, I’d rather see B.L.O.W.

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Reformatted Busty Ladies Of Oil Wrestling kicks off tomorrow @SCORELAND

The Busty Ladies Of Oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.) was SCORE‘s only nosedive into the wild world of catfighting. Our femme combat specialists for this special were the very best of an unbeatable Voluptuous line-up: Angela White, Annie Swanson, Brandy Talore and Cherry Brady. They made this movie what it is with their high-energy, motivation and personalities, not to mention their awesome bods and mashable, huge tits and well-cushioned asses.

Dave and I were involved in the shoot as ringside color man and referee since we had extensive prior experience in being assaulted by female wrestlers, and a former SCORE staff member was the girls’  fitness trainer. I remember this event very well, both for the great, naked and oiled-up quartet and because hurricane Frances was getting closer to Miami and we had to speed up the fighting. And I got smashed into the mat by four V-Mag covergirls at the end. My spine never recovered fully, and my right kidney still bears the imprint of Annie’s knee.

Since then, the DVD release remains a good seller and still a popular title at video stores. There is really nothing like it with girls as built as this wild bunch. It has a timeless feel to it and will always be one of my biggies.

We never did another wrestling special after B.L.O.W. I don’t know why. Maybe we shot our load and a follow-up would not have been as good. Maybe other projects, like foreign-location shoots, became the focus. If we were to do another B.L.O.W., I don’t know who could be the new fantastic four, but I have some ideas.

When B.L.O.W. was originally uploaded to SCORELAND, web-video technology was still in its early years. Looking at it recently, I wasn’t happy with the video quality so I had it remastered and reformatted. The experience of watching it is much better now. It’s too good to have left it in the old format.

Tomorrow, the first part kicks off at SCORELAND, to be continued on Tuesday.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

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First she kicks his ass, then she fucks him. Sounds like a deal.

Posted by Dave on Apr 22, 2011 in Boob Watch, Other SCORE Group websites
Shelly, in control

Shelly's in control, and Juan gets what he deserves.

I don't think Juan can take much more of this.

I don't think Juan can take much more of this.

He's not getting up. Would you?

He's not getting up. But Shelly's going to make sure he gets it up.

Her name is Shelly the Burbank Bomber.

No, she’s not a roller derby star. But you’re close.

She’s a wrestler. Not a WWE wrestler (although I think she’d definitely spice things up over there) but a mud wrestler. And an oil wrestler. And a spaghetti wrestler.

I’m telling you about her for two very good reasons:

1. She’s has G-cup tits that can’t help but pop out of whatever wrestling getup she’s wearing.

2. She’s fucking on-camera for the first time over at 50PlusMILFs.com.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: She’s 50 years old and kicking ass. And sucking cock. And fucking.

Anyway, this week’s postings of Shelly are interesting and unusual because before she gets around to the hardcore action (her first XXX scene ever), she demonstrates some moves on our stud, Juan Largo. Basically, she kicks his ass all over the mat. Lays the smackdown on poor Juan. But Juan manages to get up–and get it up–to give big, busty Shelly the deep-dicking she deserves.

Check her out over at 50PlusMILFs.com. I guarantee that pandemonium will be breaking loose in your shorts.

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Have yourself a very Brady Xmas!

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 25, 2009 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, The Life of an Editor

Cherry Brady’s birthday is today, as SCORELANDER Dino pointed out. But I had a reason for not adding Cherry to the week’s birthday BLOG. To celebrate this momentous occasion, when Mr. and Mrs. Brady gave the world a rare gift, let’s gather ’round the Yule log so I can tell a very Brady Xmas story.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

It was Thursday, September 2, 2004, and we were shooting B.L.O.W. (Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling) in the SCORE Studio. You’ve seen B.L.O.W., right? In fact, you should own the DVD on sale in the eBoobStore if you want to get on my good side. For those of you who don’t own it or have never seen B.L.O.W. on SCORELAND, Cherry, Annie Swanson, Angela White and Brandy Talore were the oil wrestlers, and they destroyed any female wrestlers before or since then. Dave was the ringside color man, and I was the ref. (Which I found out a few hours before the match.) It was the greatest wrasslin’ show I ever witnessed, let alone participated in, in my life. Cherry, Angela, Annie and Brandy oiled and rolling around on a mat? Hooter heaven, friends. But what you may not know was that we had an uninvited guest fast approaching from the Atlantic Ocean. A big, fat, Category 4 massive monster of a guest who didn’t fuck around. Hurricane Frances. Set to nail America right in the groin: the cock-shaped state of Florida. And fear was starting to set in.

Not only did we have to shoot B.L.O.W., a major project, but we had to batten down the SCORE building and everything in our office. And get the SCORE websites ready and up before the weekend arrived. And get some of the print mags off to the printers. And get the girls safely home before the hurricane nailed Florida. Home for Angela meant Australia! Controlled chaos? High anxiety? The understatement of our careers. But we did it! Angela’s jet left for Sydney and so did Brandy’s, right before Miami International Airport shut down. Florida local Annie drove safely home in time. And Cherry? She weathered the storm here, hunkered down in her hotel near the SCORE building. On September 4, 2004, Frances the bitch battered the east coast of Florida, downgraded to a Category 2, a still very powerful and dangerous hurricane. But not powerful enough to beat the Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling. And that, kiddos, is my very Brady Xmas story.

Happy Birthday, Cherry, and Merry Titmas, Cherry, Brandy, Angela and Annie.

What? You don't have the B.L.O.W. DVD on your shelf?!

What? You don't have the B.L.O.W. DVD on your shelf?!

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