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Victoria Vale’s nipples are rock-hard today, and you know what that means

May 25, 2024 by Dave Leave your thoughts

Victoria has some pointers for you.

My favorite part of this photo is how Victoria Vale‘s nipples are rock-hard and pointing straight out. Turns out that in almost every photo of Victoria’s set that goes live today at SCORELAND, her nipples are pointing. You can’t hide the nipple point any more than you can hide your hard-on. If a girl’s nipples are hard, she’s either cold or horny. I’m going with horny in this case. One of my favorite scenes at 40SomethingMag.com is blonde, big-titted Kay Kummingz getting her ass absolutely drilled by Johnny Champ’s big dick. You know she’s into it because her nipples are always pointing toward the wall or the ceiling, rock-hard. Karina Hart’s nipples are also usually hard when she’s fucking herself with a toy.

Victoria is very much into cock. You can tell by the way she’s sucking the dude’s dick in the scene she did with Mariza Rabbit. She’s so into cocks that she rates them on the web. She told Elliot, “I rate on several criteria: length, girth, hardness and overall appearance.” I hope she doesn’t deduct points for cumming in five seconds.

The photo below shows something I somehow hadn’t noticed about Victoria: She has booty. How’d I miss that?

Did you realize that Victoria has a nice ass?


The many bras (and hairstyles) of Maggie Green

April 27, 2024 by Elliot James 1 Comment

“How long a bra will last me depends on how much I wear it,” Maggie Green said. “I have tons of bras because I love to buy them. I love feeling sexy in lacy and satin bras.

“I wear much smaller bras when I’m doing photo shoots to make them pop out more. I used to think I was a 36 something, and then one of my good friends, who’s also a model, convinced me to get a good bra fitting at Nordstrom’s, and lo and behold, I was a 34 instead of a 36 and a bigger cup size than I thought. And it’s a huge difference. It makes my bras fit better.”

Maggie wears classic lingerie in today’s scene.

“When I want to feel sexy and attract attention, I make sure to put on a low-cut tank top and a bra that gives me major cleavage.”

This looks like a bra a belly dancer would wear.

“I wear a bra most of the time, except sometimes I like to wear a really tight tank top and then I don’t need a bra.”



In this scene with JMac, Maggie asks if we “like watching me play with my big, fucking titties?”

Maggie’s bra didn’t stay on for long in this scene.

A good bra keeps her tits secure when riding.



Maggie was the secretary of a 1940s private eye in this shoot.


And now a few words about Bea York

April 11, 2024 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Bea York hasn’t been here long but long enough to attract a major following. Bea is also a photographer. She calls herself a “gear nerd and a Fujifilm fan girl. I’m a photography enthusiast. In my spare time, I try to learn more about the vintage camera I received as a gift, or I just try to learn more about film photography in general.”

With smartphones, all the models I know are photographers to a degree, but Bea is the first to mention Fujifilm and film photography.

Today is lingerie day. Bea is a ginger who really appreciates high-end bras and panties.

What members at XLGirls wrote about Bea:

“She is a goddess, love the dirty talk and the curves. She is one of the many reasons for keeping my membership paid up.”

“Wow – a superstar in the making!”

“Bea is my new favorite girl! Big, beautiful G-cup tits, amazing wide ass and nice juicy pussy!”

“I am in LOVE!”

“She’s FANTASTIC!! I’ve gotta have much, much MORE of her.”


Bea gets a lot of “More please.” comments.

Barbie Nicole’s super spectacular bra-busting lingerie try-ons

April 6, 2024 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Big tits are not Barbie Nicole‘s life. Huge tits are her life.

Today, she does a lingerie show and shows off her naked, super-busty body.

I asked Barbie if she’s looking for a husband.

“I would love a husband who is super-fit and can make me laugh,” Barbie replied. “A man that’s proud of my huge bimbo boobs and hourglass body and just wants to parade me around because it turns him on.”

This has been a week for huge tits with Tanya Virago, Jessy Bunny and Barbie Nicole.


Barbie owns more lingerie than a store.

Katy Ann: Golden Girl

July 28, 2022 by Elliot James

The big question is if 2020 SCORE magazine Model of the Year contest winner Katy Ann will become a two-time winner in the 2021 contest. Since the first contest in 2002, won by Sharday, only one girl has been a repeat winner. That was three-time winner Hitomi (2013, 2014 and 2015). The finalists also include Victoria Vale, Ricki Raxxx, Anastasia Doll and Jessy Bunny. This is not only a contest, it’s a huge-bra shootout. We’ll know the winner’s name in a few months.

SCORE magazine Volume 31 Number 1 with Katy Ann’s 30th anniversary tribute to ’90s star Pandora Peaks is on store racks and in digital format. Readers are giving it high marks.

Katy Ann captures the classic look.

Katy Ann: A Magic Bra for a Stacked Hottie

March 12, 2022 by Elliot James

When is a bra not a bra? When is a bikini not a bikini?

To be precise, I call what Katy Ann is wearing a “string thing.” It’s like a combination of a bra and an extreme bikini.

It’s like something hot chicks wear in quality science-fiction movies but way skimpier than Jane Fonda’s outfits in Barbarella.

Whatever it’s called, Katy Ann is a smasher wearing it. She’s a smasher not wearing it. She could wear a HAZMAT suit and still look like a smasher.

Katy Ann talks about her new lingerie and calls her boobs cum catchers in today’s video. She says they weigh over 10 pounds. Katy Ann’s voice is so sexy, she could teach advanced classes in jack talk and phone sex.

It’s a string thing. Cha-ching!



Take the guided tour of Brooklyn Springvalley

March 13, 2021 by Elliot James

It’s rack attack time at SCORELAND with super-stacked Brooklyn Springvalley. Today, Brooklyn takes you on a guided tour of her mega-busty body. The lingerie Brooklyn wears  in this scene is designed for maximum exposure and minimal coverage.

The signs of a rack attack are heavy breathing, rapid pulse and a stiffening feeling. You may start to feel light-headed and dizzy as the tour of her dangerous curves continues. This is totally normal.

Brooklyn named several SCORE magazine stars from the 1990s who have inspired her. The big three, now legends, are Pandora Peaks, Tiffany Towers and Angelique.

Take the tour of Brooklyn.