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Is it okay to call a girl a bimbo? It is with these girls.

June 6, 2024 by Dave 2 Comments


When the powers that be at The SCORE Group asked me to pick out six models for a new hardcore movie called SCOREing A Busty Bimbo, my first thought was, “Which of our girls would be proud to be called a bimbo?” You know, even a few years ago, calling a girl a bimbo could get you slapped across the face, maybe even MeTooed, but not anymore. The bimbofication of the world is well underway, but still, ya gotta be careful.

The list I ended up with was Mariza Rabbit, Victoria Vale, Sandra Star, Bad Bella, Safira Yakkuza and Tanya Virago, and I was very happy to discover that two of those girls, Tanya and Safira, had unreleased scenes in which they get ass-fucked. Because nothing says bimbo like, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Tanya Virago … she went out of her way to super-size her tits and ass. Bimbo.

Bad Bella … she’s wearing crotchless panties for easy pussy access. Bimbo.

Safira … she jams a butt plug up her ass to stretch it out for cock. Bimbo.

Victoria … super-sized her tits to turn herself into a MILF … yep, bimbo.

Sandra loves to eat cock. Tanya is a slim ‘n’ stacked fuck doll. Bimbos both.

Looking back at girls who might have been proud to be called a bimbo, I’d say Daphne Rosen is a no, Tigerr Benson is a yes, Christy Marks is a no because she was so proud of her nerdiness, Danielle Derek is a definite yes, Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Chloe Vevrier definite no’s, Angela White no, unless telling her she’s a bimbo would get her laid.

Got an opinion about this?

Anyway, score a copy of SCOREing A Busty Bimbo at eBoobStore.com.


I support Bimbo Kaya’s right to call herself a bimbo

June 24, 2022 by Dave

“Are you calling me a bimbo? Well, that is my name.”

I was always told it isn’t nice to call a girl a bimbo. No less a source than the Oxford dictionary says the word is derogatory and defines it as “an attractive but unintelligent or frivolous young woman.”

But what do you do if the girl herself calls herself a bimbo, like in the case of Jessy Bunny, who’s very proud of her bimbofication, and Bimbo Kaya, a busty natural who makes her debut at SCORELAND today by sucking and fucking?

I believe people have the right to call themselves whatever they want, and if Bimbo wants to be Bimbo, fine by me. I mean, if I wanted to call myself Perv Rosenbaum, I could, right?

So, speaking as Perv Rosenbaum, I heartily endorse Bimbo Kaya’s right to call herself a bimbo, show off her big tits and hairy pussy for all the world to see and fuck on-camera. And by the way, Bimbo is not unintelligent nor is she frivolous. She has a lot of value…for us to jack off to.

Today at SCORELAND, the bimbofication of Jessica Bunnington continues

December 4, 2020 by Dave

Jessy’s pointy tits are two of her best features, but she has many others.

“I like to wear tight dresses with deep, wide necklines,” said newcomer Jessica Bunnington, aka Jessy Bunny, who returns to fuck today at SCORELAND. “I want every man and woman to look at my chest, which they always do. People stare and take photos of me when I’m out. I love it!”

She loved coming to SCORELAND and becoming a SCORE Girl. It was an aspiration of hers. Some people want to be doctors or lawyers. Others want to be teachers or civil servants. Jessy wanted to become a bimbo. The problem was, although she had blond hair, she had A-cup tits. Yeah, you read that right. A-cups. So she went out and made them bigger. While she was at it, she also got herself a pair of dick-sucking lips.

“I really love when men like me for my big boobs and big lips,” she said. “That is part of bimbofication. And my big lips will get even bigger and my big tits are going to get even bigger. That makes me very, very horny, thinking about my big lips playing with a big dick.”

Jessy’s big lips play with a big dick today. Her big tits get some action, too, as does her pussy, which is very pink with meaty lips.

There are people who say, “You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.” I don’t believe that. I think that sort of thinking sets up people for failure.

But if a girl wants big tits and big lips, she can get them. Jessy did, and now she’s at SCORELAND. I’m looking forward to watching her further bimbofication.