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Victoria Vale’s nipples are rock-hard today, and you know what that means

May 25, 2024 by Dave Leave your thoughts

Victoria has some pointers for you.

My favorite part of this photo is how Victoria Vale‘s nipples are rock-hard and pointing straight out. Turns out that in almost every photo of Victoria’s set that goes live today at SCORELAND, her nipples are pointing. You can’t hide the nipple point any more than you can hide your hard-on. If a girl’s nipples are hard, she’s either cold or horny. I’m going with horny in this case. One of my favorite scenes at 40SomethingMag.com is blonde, big-titted Kay Kummingz getting her ass absolutely drilled by Johnny Champ’s big dick. You know she’s into it because her nipples are always pointing toward the wall or the ceiling, rock-hard. Karina Hart’s nipples are also usually hard when she’s fucking herself with a toy.

Victoria is very much into cock. You can tell by the way she’s sucking the dude’s dick in the scene she did with Mariza Rabbit. She’s so into cocks that she rates them on the web. She told Elliot, “I rate on several criteria: length, girth, hardness and overall appearance.” I hope she doesn’t deduct points for cumming in five seconds.

The photo below shows something I somehow hadn’t noticed about Victoria: She has booty. How’d I miss that?

Did you realize that Victoria has a nice ass?


Inverted Nipples: Let’s probe this topic.

September 22, 2012 by Maria

Siri has the best inverted nipples of all time...in my humble opinion.

Inverted nipples…I am currently obsessed with them.

I think my obsession started when Jenna Valentine, whom I love to talk to, told me she had a shy nipple. Up until that point, inverted nipples were a thing of mystery to me.

Ever since then, I am seeing them more and more often in our studio.

The best belong to the beautiful and very awesome Siri. Hers are a thing of beauty.

Maybe I am so fascinated by inverted nipples because I feel like they require more suction when they are in someone’s mouth in order to become hard and pop right out? Probably. I think that nipple play and lots of dug sucking is really hot.

But today when I was discussing inverted nipples with a friend, I realized that although I love them, I really am clueless about why inverted nipples are, well, inverted.

So, I put on my big-boob scientist’s lab coat and went to town on some research about these shy sucklers.

Here is what I found out.

For one thing, both men and women can be born with inverted nipples. I didn’t know that before today and now I want to meet a guy with inverted nipples because my curiosity is pretty serious.  lol

Secondly, about 10-20% of women have varying degrees of nipple inversion. There are actually three grades of inverted nipples.

Grade 1 are commonly referred to as “Shy Nipples.” These nipples can easily be pulled out by using finger pressure around the aureola. Women with Grade 1 nipples can usually breastfeed easily and only have shy nipples sometimes. Jenna Valentine has these kinds of nipples.

Grade 2 usually require more stimulation to come out and cannot be pushed out with finger pressure. These ladies might be able to breast feed depending on the amount of suction their nipples receive. I imagine that a breast pump would be handy for these gals. Siri has these nipples.

Grade 3 inverted nipples usually do not respond to suction or stimulation and these women need surgery to protract the nipple and allow it to be on the outside, rather than inverted. These ladies cannot breast feed.

(I have yet to meet a set of Grade 3 nipples, but I am sure that they exist somewhere out there in the universe of tits.)

Ladies with inverted nipples can be born that way or the inversion could be caused by breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight loss and a series of diseases and syndromes that I don’t want to talk about because they make me sad.

(I get sad when bad things happen to boobies. I do.)

But let’s get back to talking about stimulation.

I think my curiosity with inverted nipples is all about the stimulation. The way a person would want to rub a lamp so that a genie comes out is the same way that I want to suck on a pair of inverted nipples until they emerge, glorious and victorious.

Am I the only one who is fascinated by these innies?

I can’t be.

They’re fucking fascinating!

What say you, boob men? Chime in.

I want to hear all about your nipple fetishes because the next time we get a gal with inverted nipple in the studio, I want to do a blog video focused solely on them.

What do you think?




Roxi Red is a Rack Star!

September 16, 2012 by Maria

So, I told you earlier last week that the phenomenal K-cups of Roxi Red had landed at SCORELAND and I promised you some fun times lay ahead with this lovely lady and her, um, ladies.

Well, the fun times are here.

Prepare yourself for fun.

Are you ready?

Here are the things you will see in this video of Roxi:


  • Roxi in a white top that I wet immediately, so there are wet T-shirts in this blog.
  • Roxi’s huge tits just out and about, just swinging around. They’re K-cups…it’s kind of breathtaking.
  • Roxi topless and trying to hula hoop.


Now I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds like the big-tit circus to me!

But WAIT! there’s more!

Roxi’s FIRST EVER Tits & Tugs photos AND videos are going to be live tomorrow, (Monday) on SCORELAND. So this is like the big-tit trailer to the big-tit showdown between Roxi’s rack and a cock.

It’s so exciting that I giggled like a schoolgirl when I typed that.

So, check out the video below and enjoy the pendulous, ginormous hangers of Roxi Red.

Lord knows I did when I filmed this!



So Cold, Part 3: Snow

February 18, 2012 by Maria

Heather Hooters uses her nipples to test the cold weather conditions.

For the last couple of days, we have been talking about all things COLD.

We first discussed Ice and Thermal play. Then we talked about bringing sweets into the bedroom and incorporating ice cream into your sexy time.

Today we are going to talk about the one thing most of us Miami folk know nothing about.

Lily Valentine whips out her snow globes while hanging out in the dead of winter in Canada!

Today we are going to talk about snow.

I know about snow because I spent a better part of my youth living in the Big Apple and remember fondly the days I played in inches and inches of snow.

But can snow be sexy?

At first I thought NO. But then I started to look at photo sets and found these two shots of Heather Hooters and Lily Valentine. Both ladies are stripping down to their birthday suits amidst a winter wonderland. Please take note of their very erect nipples in these shots. Those things are harder than diamonds in an ice storm, right? There you have it. There is the sexy factor.

Those nipples are practically begging to be inside of someone’s warm mouth.

And that is sexy.

But them I thought about people having sex in the snow.

Personally, I have never felt the urge to get naked in the great outdoors when the temperature is below 75 degrees, but that is because I live in Miami and everyone is naked here mostly all the time.

And I thought that snow sex was impossible…until I met Destiny Rose and she told me about having some sexy time in the snow in the woods behind a church in her native Ohio. That’s when I became a believer.

And while I have yet to have Abominable Snowman sex anytime soon, (unless it snows in Miami.) I am confident that Destiny is not the only one fucking in the freezing weather.

Have you?

Tell me about it.





So Cold, Part 2: Ice Cream

February 17, 2012 by Maria

Sometimes, you can have the main course and dessert at the same time. Bring some sweet treats into the bedroom and use them on your sweetie!

Arianna demonstrates how to eat an ice cream cone without using your hands.

Kerry Marie is a messy eater. That just means you need to help her by licking it off.

Yesterday, we took a trip to the frozen tundra…and by frozen tundra, I mean we talked about thermal play, AKA using ice in the bedroom to stimulate your lady during foreplay so that she would be more inclined to put your snowballs in her mouth.

What? That’s exactly what I meant by frozen tundra.

Today, we are going to talk about the thing that makes everybody scream.


Ice cream is delicious and a nice frozen treat.

It is also very, very, very fucking hot when paired with a set of DSLs. (That’s dick sucking lips for those of you not in the know.)

And when you apply ice cream to a ripe pair of tits, well, that’s just like dessert for your dick, dontcha think?

But we should talk about using ice cream during sex because there are some rules and tips that will keep your food play as play and not a mess that will make your dick limper than overcooked asparagus.

  • First of all, like we discussed in yesterday’s post about thermal play, when it comes to using ice cream in the bedroom, less if more. I repeat: LESS IS MORE. Don’t go in there and dump an entire tub of ice cream on your girlfriend’s pussy and expect things to remain sexy. I suggest a couple of spoonfuls, max. You are trying to keep it sexy. Your lady lover is neither a bowl nor one of those cold marble slabs from Coldstone Ice Cream. Do not coat her in ice cream.
  • Also, remember that unlike our ice play, when ice cream melts, it is messy as fuck. And I am not talking about the good kind of fucking messy. I am talking about a kind of sticky unsexiness that will never be good. You don’t want this melted ice cream all over your bed, your carpet and your walls. So, I suggest you keep this play to the kitchen areas or even outdoors. Stuffing a Popsicle in a woman’s pussy, outside on a hot summer day…well that can be quite pleasant.
  • That brings us to DAIRY-BASED ice cream versus NON-DAIRY ICE CREAM. Okay, here is the truth: Dairy-based ice creams or dairy-based ANYTHING will start to smell bad after a few hours, so you NEVER want to play with ice cream and then conveniently pass out into a post-orgasm coma. You will wake up and smell like rotten milk. No one wants to be naked and smell like rotten milk, I fucking promise you. Fruit-based, non-dairy ice creams and Popsicles will be as messy and sticky but won’t make you smell like a decaying cow afterwards. Just an FYI.
  • This last pointer is pretty much common sense but I am going to throw it in here because I know someone this happened to and I want to spare you the embarrassment. Heed my warning unless you are into your friends making fun of you for years, then by all means do whatever you will. Okay…so you should probably make sure that both you and your partner in this foodie fuck fest are not Lactose Intolerant. I know, by now most of you know whether or not you can handle dairy, but if you don’t know, find out. If you don’t know and you eat a lot of ice cream and then proceed to have what we will politely refer to here as “bubble guts” and “mud ass” halfway through your epic sexual performance…YOUR FRIENDS WILL MAKE FUN OF YOU. WOMEN WILL TALK ABOUT YOU AS A PUNCHLINE. YOUR FUCK STOCK WILL PLUMMET! Okay? You’re welcome.


And there you have it. So Cold, Part 2: Ice Cream.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go chase down the ice cream man and get myself a Creamsicle.

Tune in tomorrow for the final chapter in our exploration of all things ice…So Cold, Part 3: Snow.









So Cold Part 1: Ice Play

February 16, 2012 by Maria

Merilyn Sakova likes to cool down her twin peaks.

Today, I woke up and remembered my journalism roots. (Yes, your now-editor was once a wild-mannered reporter. I have since stopped chasing leads and spend my days immersed in big tits. Wise career move? You betcha.) I remembered how I used to write three-part exposes, and I thought I would bring that into the Blog and talk about something that we have never talked about before…(kinda)…ICE.

Yes, ice.

We have talked about chicks who like to stuff ice in their pussies. (Yes, Angel DeLuca, I am talking about you.) And we have talked about tit sundaes via our notorious Whipped Cream Debate, but we have never talked about ice, and there is a lot to talk about.

Today, we are going to discuss the importance of ice play during sexy time. Yes, it’s time to talk about thermal play.

First of all, not every woman likes this, so please refrain from installing an ice maker in your bedroom. Some women have sensitive sking and experience irritation and burning if you apply ice on their nipples for too long. Freeze burn is not sexy, y’all, however, some women absolutely love some ice rubbed on their nipples, pussies and other sensitive parts. As with everything in the bedroom, (ESPECIALLY OIL & LUBE!) when it comes to using ice on a nipple, or even on a clit, less is more. The point is to tease and titillate her body’s neuroreceptors, not to freeze her sensitive parts like Han Solo in carbonite.

Here are some suggestions from yours truly about ice play. I did hours of research on these. I conducted lab experiments on hundreds of nipples. I traveled to far reaches of the Earth and endured sub-zero temperatures.

Not really.

I just used my breast common sense and some ice in the privacy of my own home.

But I really did want to conduct the experiments, I swear.

Used properly, ice can be so nice.

  • Use ice cubes. Crushed ice is neither sexy nor long-lasting.
  • The best way to incorporate ice into the bedroom is to use it in your mouth first and then use your cold mouth on her nipples and sensitive parts. If she is into it, then put the ice in your mouth again, and this time, keep it in there when you tease her.
  • When it comes to ice play, you can use ice on other sensitive parts like her neck, her navel, her thighs and her clit. You can also kiss her with a cold mouth. Think STIMULATION and use your IMAGINATION.
  • If you are going to take ice downtown, and by downtown I mean around a woman’s pussy, remember that whole freeze burn thing we discussed. You want to arouse her, not give her hypothermia.
  • You can stimulate her clit, or you can slide an ice cube inside her pussy. The inside of a woman’s vagina is around 99.5 °F and the temperature of ice is three times colder at 32°F. When you place an ice cube inside of a woman, it immediately starts  to melt. The more she contracts down there, the more it will melt. The combination of cold versus hot down there will stimulate her, I promise. You can also try to suck the ice out. I would recommend letting it melt or pulling it out of her before you try and stick your dick in there, though.


And there you have it. So Cold, Part 1…a chat about ice.

Tomorrow, we will discuss So Cold, Part 2…ICE CREAM.

Are you excited?

I am.




Tit’s nippy out there and other boob science facts

October 16, 2011 by Elliot James

There’s a point to nipples. Two points, in fact. They are erogenous zones as well as the spigots of milk delivery. And they are great to look at, in an artistic sense. Plus, staring at them causes woodies.

Let’s look at the boob science behind nipples. There won’t be a quiz later. I just wholeheartedly urge that you spend some time with some fine, fine nipples and their beautiful owners this weekend: Eva Notty and Sarah Satori in a threesome at SCORELAND; Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells at XLGirls ( a must see) and Destiny Rose in her second boy-girl scene (as a nurse, naturally) at SCOREVideos.

Today in boob science:

The medical term for nipple is papilla. Teat is a word used more often for animals than humans. The word tits comes from teats, but tit usually means the entire breast, not only the nipple.

Some word scholars believe that the word nipple derived from “neb,” an Old English word for nose or beak. Others claim it’s from the German “nippel.” Not much in favor anymore, for an excellent reason, is the German “die Brustwarze,” literally “breast wart.”

“Puffy” nipples are larger than average nipples and areolae that have a domed look.

Erect nipples are caused by contracting muscles under the skin, while clit enlargement and a boner in guys is caused by blood engorgement. Cold will also contract the areolae giving them a scrunched-up look. Not all women get erect nipples when turned-on.

The average projection and size of the human female nipple is approximately 3/8″ or 10mm.

20% of women have inverted nipples.

The nipple/breast system is complex and well-designed. Each breast has approximately 20 sections called lobes that surround the nipple. Inside the  lobes are smaller lobes called lobules that end in bulbs that create milk. Small tubes called ducts carry the milk to the nipples. Montgomery glands inside the areola lubricate the nipple during breast-feeding. Kristina Milan can show you exactly how this works.

Female nipples are more sensitive than male nipples because there are more nerves and nerve endings.

Male horses and rats have no nipples. They don’t miss them, either.

Nipples. I’m grateful to the girls who show ’em.

Sometimes it’s hard (nipples) to be a woman…

August 14, 2011 by Maria
Minka's hard nipples are distracting.

Minka's hard nipples are distracting.

I want to talk about something that I feel needs to be talked about. I want to talk about hard nipples.

Yeah, I said it.

I am not talking about naked hard nipples because once you have them all out in the open, hard nipples lose their hard edge. They are not as eye-catching or very serious at all once they are naked and in your line of vision or, if you are lucky, your mouth.


What I want to talk about is what I like to refer to as the red flag of all things tit…hard nipples in a shirt. I am a woman and I have big boobs. Clearly, I have nipples. Clearly, they get hard. You would think that this would deter me in some way from staring when confronted by what Dave likes to call “Air-Conditioning Nipples.” It does not.

Nope, when I see a pair of headlights, I am struck stupid by their blinding lure. I stare. Nay, I gawk. I cannot help it. I know I am not alone. I know ALL of you stare, too. How can you not? It’s like two air-traffic control men are waving you in to the bone zone.

I started thinking to myself, “But just HOW distracting can hard nipples be? I mean, can ANYONE resist the lure when a pair of nips are staring you down?”

I decided to be scientific because let’s face it, experiments are fun and everyone secretly wants to be a scientist. I went to one of those gag stores in the mall. You know, the kind that sells everything under the sun that you will never, ever need but probably will buy. It was there that I found a pair of fake nipples. Yes…FAKE NIPPLES. They are rubber pasties with extra-big, extra-hard nipples that when worn over your real nipples and under your bra make your nipples look EXTRA hard. Like, mutant hard nipples.

Armed with these hard nipples, or rather, wearing them, and a very thin, very white tank top (a wife-beater, as they are known to be called), I headed over to the best possible place to conduct my experiment: the supermarket. I wanted to see just how much lure a set of hard nipples had, and I want to publicly state that the findings of my experiment were both epic and quite hilarious.

To say that my super-hard nipples caused quite a stir is an understatement. I didn’t even make it into my grocer’s door before the shenanigans began. Men pushing carts crashing into things. Then I went in and asked clerks questions like, “Do you know what aisle the sugar is in?” and “How can you tell if a melon is ripe?” I asked the butcher in the meat department what cut of meat was the best for grilling. I asked a stranger in the frozen foods section if he knew where the frozen peas were. I can say that NO ONE talked to me. They all talked to my breasts. The men I asked were extra helpful. The guy in the produce section offered to carry my melon for me. The meat department employee asked me about the weather, TWICE. (I think he wanted me to say it was cold.) The guy in the aisle wanted to know if I would like him to push my cart for me. (I think that was innuendo for, “Let me push my dick in you.”) LOL

Hard nipples...distracting, but delicious.

Hard nipples...distracting, but delicious.

And the women in the store? Well, they looked at me like I was the dingo that stole their baby. One woman actually hissed at me. I am not making this up. She HISSED. The cashier, a younger gal, probably in her mid-20s, was so flustered that she couldn’t formulate a sentence. It was like she wanted to tell me off and point out my hard nipples, as if they were offensive. And not one but TWO bag boys needed to help me carry out my three bags of groceries. When I tipped them, one of them asked me for my number. Clearly, he wanted my nips, not my tips.

By the time I got into my car, I had concluded one thing: Hard nipples are a pretty serious force of nature. Their lure is undeniable and, frankly, powerful. So, to all the men reading this blog, I say, it is not your fault that you stare at them. They are a formidable opponent to the eye. And to all the women, I say this…with great power comes great responsibility, so if you know your headlights are on, be careful who you are blinding. You might just cause an accident!



The health benefits of wearing a wet T-shirt

September 29, 2010 by Elliot James
Keeping the shirt wet is a top priority.

Keeping the shirt wet is a top priority.

There are many health benefits to wearing a wet T-shirt. These benefits don’t apply to everyone, of course. Guys should not wear wet T-shirts because it’s disgusting and makes me sick. The main beneficiaries of wearing wet T-shirts are, of course, women with big boobs. Let me explain the physics behind this.

When it’s very hot out, the body can overheat, and that can be dangerous. Wearing a wet T-shirt can prevent heat exhaustion or stroke. You see, as the water in the fibers of a wet T-shirt evaporate, a cooling effect from the evaporation is created as the heat energy is transferred from the breasts to the water-soaked cloth. This cools the body down safely. A side-effect is that this cooling action also hardens the nipples. I look upon this as beneficial also since it may increase production of the hormone Oxytocin, the “feel-good” chemical, which can make a girl feel horny. The tighter the T-shirt, the better the cooling effect since there is no trapped warm air between the skin and the shirt.

Enough to make a grown man cry like a wuss.

Enough to make a grown man cry like a wuss.

So I urge girls to wear wet and tight T-shirts as often as possible, especially during hot weather or if they take public transportation where it can get really hot. I was in London a few years ago and rode the tube, and let me tell you, it was like an oven down there because there’s no air-conditioning. I urged some of the girls waiting for the train to wear wet T-shirts and carry spray bottles filled with ice water. They looked at me like I was crazy. The British are a stubborn people.

I could watch Natalie shower all day. I'd bring lunch with me.

I could watch Natalie shower all day. I'd bring lunch with me.

Tit tricks are fun for everyone!

March 15, 2010 by Maria

If there is something that I can declare with certainty (and quite a bit of joy, actually), it’s that boobs are FUN. I’m not talking about your average, ordinary kind of fun, either. Boobs are, like, a really fucking AWESOME kind of fun. There’s so much you can do with a pair of boobs. You can pull ’em, pinch ’em, twist ’em, lift and weigh ’em, slap ’em, squish ’em, lick ’em, suck ’em, bite and fuck ’em. You can sleep on ’em, lay your head to rest on ’em, wrap them around your face and warm your ears with ’em, and you can cum on them. A lot. Repeatedly.

Tits. They can take a dickin’ and keep on tickin’, ya know what I mean? 😉

That’s why I get so excited when a model does some tit tricks for me. Because I know the magic and fun-potential a nice pair of tatas can bring. In fact, I revere that potential. I believe in it.

It is the fuel of my boobsistence, if you will.

So, when Lady Spyce was in our studio (I introduced her to you in a previous blog!), I was more than happy to ask her to demonstrate her tit trick prowess for me. And she did. She wiggled and jiggled the hell out of her titties and even sucked them for me. And I’ll be honest with you, nothing blows my whistle more than when a lady sucks and suspends her tit in mid-air. It’s a rare thing. A thing to be cherished. It sure as hell makes me want to applaud and giggle like a schoolgirl. 😀

And because sharing is caring, I’m posting it for you. You can check it out below.

Spyce’s XXX scene just went live inside of SCORELAND this weekend, and if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you take a moment to see this caramel stunner in all her fucking and sucking glory. Check it out and give Spyce the good ole’ tubesteak salute!