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Breast o’ the SCORELAND blog: Micky Bells demonstrates the boob goggles effect

March 17, 2024 by Elliot James 13 Comments

You know what beer goggles are. The more you drink, the better someone looks.

Our St. Patrick’s Day Blog is about boob goggles. With boob goggles: The more you drink, the more boobs you see. I will explain with visuals instead of words, using the lovely and ultra-chesty Micky Bells as your cocktail server to demonstrate the boob goggles effect. See Micky at SCORELAND and XLGirls.com.

We begin with a beer at 6PM.

6 PM. The boob goggles effect is about to begin.

8 PM.

10 PM.


2 AM. The boob goggle effect is now complete.


Boozing boobs

January 16, 2014 by Elliot James

A German liquor company named G-Spirits sells vodka, rum and whiskey that it pours over a model’s naked tits before bottling.

“The G in our label stands for gentleman,” informs a rep from the company. “To create the perfect taste, we let every single drop of our spirits run over the breasts of a special woman, one whose characteristics we saw reflected in the liquor. We have a special basin made out of glass. After the liquor is poured over the breasts, it runs directly into the basin. Afterwards, the spirit gets analyzed in a laboratory then it’s bottled. We pay high attention to an hygienic filling process, and medical personnel is present to verify everything is in order.”

A bottle of G-Spirits sells for over $100. That price alone could cause a major hangover.

Shaken not stirred by Alura Jenson.


Busty bar babes baring boobs

July 8, 2013 by Elliot James

Micky: she can easily pop your cork.

Such bar room phrases as “bottoms up,” “bouncers,” “pop top,” “loaded,” and “shaken not stirred” have a different meaning when our busty friends come by to bare at the bar.

Micky Bells, for example, is back in a fresh pictorial and video right now at XLGirls.com.

Micky appears ready to pop that cork and celebrate. Every time I see Micky, it’s a reason to celebrate.

The size and shape of Micky’s breasts still makes me hear bells ringing in my head every time I see her.

Everything else about Micky is supernatural too. Check out those legs.

It was a great day when Miss Bells decided to wear the air for our cameras.

This got me thinking about other top-heavy tavern teasers. Here’s a few fine shot girls to toss one back to and get boob drunk over.

Everybody knows her name: Karina Hart.

Jessica Taylor bared at the bar.

Sports bar-buster Angel Gee.



Tits & Suds. Good for what ales you

December 11, 2012 by Elliot James

Dave blogged about Gabrielle Love’s waitress show yesterday. No one as yet has volunteered the reason we tip better when the server carries large cups.

Last week, I blogged about Babes, Boobs and Beer.

Today, I want to sound the alert about a new Joana Bliss scene going up at SCORELAND.

Joana’s a traditional jug slinger in a rustic European pub, hauling beer before she goes bare.

Who would not want to tap those kegs?

Romanian cupcake Lana Ivans says that a diet rich in corn makes girls’ boobs bigger.

In Bulgaria, a millet-based ale called Boza is claimed to increase breast size.

Others say it’s the hops in beer that mimic estrogen.

Whatever the case, support your local busty bartenders and beer maids and tip them well.

Another question I have is why are all English lady bartenders busty? I’ve gone pub-hopping in London and saw them in every place I went.

Joana next appears in the March ’13 Voluptuous, on-sale January 8, and then in April ’13 SCORE, on-sale January 22.

Drop your hops and show Joana some props.

Check out this clip.

Bottoms up!

Joana serves up a couple of sudsy ones.

Babes, boobs and brew

November 27, 2010 by Elliot James

Renee Ross has two big jugs and she’s proud of them.

Screw the turkey. Figuratively speaking, that is. The only three things that really count on a holiday weekend are babes, boobs and brew. And when all three are combined, you are treated to the vision of Renee Ross dressed in a beer-maid outfit from the Oktoberfest school of brew serving. I’ve seen those waitresses slinging seven steins at once, but we didn’t want to wear Renee out, and besides, Renee needed two free hands to peel off and play with herself. If only more tap-yankers looked and acted like Renee, and had kegs like hers, our lives would be so much easier. There are 78 more photos of Renee in “Boobfest” posted on SCORELAND. Bottoms up!