Ten years ago inside SCORELAND

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Vixen LaMoore's cover issue hit newsstands.

Vixen LaMoore made her debut as the covergirl in the February ’03 SCORE. Kayla Kleevage drove a motorcycle and a shopping cart around Las Vegas and she invited our photographer into her house in the “At Home With” section.

Bad-ass biker chick Kayla Kleevage and her Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider.

Lisa Lipps was interviewed for a fresh spread. (“Lately, I’ve had this thing for young guys, about 20 to 25 years old. I like to pick them up, take them home, see if I can suck their cocks, maybe fuck ‘em,” Lisa said in her interview.)

Blondie and Jade Feng made their SCORE debuts. Blondie was a Hungarian bartender discovered by an English SCORE photographer. Jade was our first model born and raised in China.


Anne Marie was a real-ife married swinger.

Hannah Callow and Brandy Dean returned for strip action.

Chaz dangled her dazzlers in Key Largo. Sana Fey in one of her final sets.

Short ‘n’ stacked Kate had a date with a big dick. Melissa Carey did interracial hardcore and swinger Anne Marie did even harder hardcore with a guy, a sex swing, anal beads and a butt plug.

Otis Sweat’s Dream SCORE for February ’03 was a painting of one of the most popular teens in TSG history.

Chaz. Where has she gone off to?

Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Susie Wilden appeared together in girl-girl toy play in the February ’03 Voluptuous.

Howard Stern interviewed Linsey Dawn McKenzie on his radio and TV show.

Annie Swanson was interviewed.

 Busty Dildo Lovers 3 with SaRenna Lee, Mandi Melons and other babes playing with BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) was released.

“The Jack Report 6″ by Dan Ross looked at natural ways to strengthen your penis.

Daphne Rosen was a New Discovery.

And that’s the way it was 10 years ago in the month of January in the year 2003.

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The hanger, boob tricks for videos and other topics that weigh heavily on my mind

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Hitomi has great hangers.

“My favorite breast pose is the hanger pose from a standing position,” T.K. tells us. “The model has her hands off so she’s not blocking a clear view of her tits. This pose works best with girls that have natural boobs. She leans forward and rests her palms on something, like a chair seat. Don’t forget to include this pose from different angles in your pictorials.”

Jasmine Shiraz's hangers should be hanging in an art museum.

With T.K.’s comments in my head, I went diving into SCORELAND‘s huge library and pulled a few shots of the girls doing the hanger, a pose I also love to study.

To me, the hanger pose is in the top 10 of busty babe positions. Breast shapes come in all forms, and the hanging pose shows how diverse they can be as the force of gravity takes effect. They can hang like raindrops. Their shape takes on a different look from the front or the back. Now and then we get letters from guys who also love to see stretch marks.

How does the hanger shot hang with you? Any favorite angles or photos? Any favorite hangers or danglers? Me, I love the between-the-legs from behind hanging shots, either with panties on or off and from a low angle. I also like full-length hanging shots, like this one of Cynthia.

Dang, how they hang!


Something else on my brain: I was thinking of different tit tricks for a girl to try on video. What do you guys think of these four? The camera has to go in close.

1) The model sits on a big workout ball and bounces up and down.

2) The model puts on a shirt that is pre-scored down the middle and rips it off her chest with a yank on both sides to expose her tits.

3) The model holds the ends of a cloth or shammy in both hands to buff the underside of her breasts like you’d polish a shoe. First one boob each, then both together.

4) The model uses a “Shake Weight,” holding it in front of her below her boobs. This gizmo is an exercise device, but I immediately thought of another use. I saw Jennifer Aniston use it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. They should have gotten Jenna Valentine instead.

Anyone have any other tit tricks up their sleeve for video?

Blondie in Budapest.


And just one more thing. Excuse me for being the Columbo of SCORE.

Dave will blog tomorrow about some of the questions in the 20th anniversary special. This morning, I was comparing the contest questions for the 20th anniversary with the questions and clues for the 15th anniversary in 2007.

Do you remember the island and the sailing ship? (The 15th anniversary special went off-line after it ended and wasn’t archived on the site.) I actually thought the questions were a little more difficult in 2007 and the clues to find the items on the island and the ship were really elaborate.

For some of the questions, the answers were in the video and text interviews, such as this example:

Which model discovered Voluptuous while shopping in an adult book store?
1) Brandy Talore
2) Anna Caans
3) Keisha Evans
4) Lori Pleasure

The answer is A) Brandy Talore.

Brandy talked about this in her interview for the September ’03 V-mag:

V-mag: How did you happen to see V-mag?
Brandy: In an adult bookstore.
V-mag: You went to an adult bookstore by yourself?
Brandy: No, with my friends.
V-mag: And all these perverts were there, and the minute you walked
in, they stopped looking at the magazines and started looking at you, right?
Brandy: That’s right. Adult bookstores in Ohio are full of truck drivers,
and they all looked at me.
V-mag: How were the truck drivers reacting to you being in the store?
Brandy: They were staring at us. Like we’d be in one aisle, and they’d
follow us. Then we’d go into another aisle, and they’d follow us into that
aisle. We’d move, then they’d move. It kinda went like that for a while.

Then there were the limericks that were clues in the island treasure hunt map:

There was once a parrot from France
who liked to watch busty girls dance
He hid under a tit-sling
And came out for a boob fling
Hold the mouse and you’ll have a good chance.

So all in all, I think the 15th anniversary was tougher.

Your thoughts, if you were there?

SCORE Island in The 15 Year Anniversary Special in 2007. Art by Otis Sweat.



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A day of birthdays

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Renee Ross has remained in the Top 20 since her debut last year. Shyla Shy made her feature DVD debut in Mamazon. Demi38DD is a cam-model in Las Vegas. Blondie lives in Budapest and posed only six times. Happy birthday, ladies.

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