15 years ago in SCORE magazine

November 1999 SCORE magazine.

The cover of the November 1999 SCORE said it all with 20 photos of the slimmest and bustiest babes ever showcased in the magazine. These super-busty favorites were selected for a special photo collection called “Supersized!” aka “The 20 Club.”

How were they picked? The minimum requirements were that the girl’s bust measurement exceeded her waist by 20 inches or more.

How many super-hooter heroines can you identify on this cover?

The “Caught in the Act” section featured Darien Vain, live on stage at T’s Lounge in Pompano Beach, Florida. (The club is still there. Isis Haze danced there last week.) With the busty feature dancer scene pretty much faded away at strip clubs, it became less-productive as time went on to continue sending photographers to local clubs for “Caught in the Act.”

Busty Kathi, a well-known big-bust Internet star, posed for an exclusive photo shoot and chatted in an interview I did with her.  Although she had a regular job as a technical writer and was a married mom, Kathi ran an advice column on the Web called “Ask Kathi,” and she was a treasure chest of information about breasts, their care and maintenance.

They asked Busty Kathi for advice. She would answer.

Bobbi Roxxs came to us through Alyssa Alps. They met at a strip club called Temptations in Tucson, Arizona, and Alyssa recommended SCORE to kick-start her career to national prominence like so many have done. Before becoming a dancer, Bobbi spent six years in the U.S. Marine Corps after graduating high school. She was also a billboard model for the Marines recruiting department. (“The Few. The Proud. The Busty.”)

Bobbi Roxxs' first pictorial.

College coed by day, dancer by night, Vicki Valentine also made her debut, along with Ashley Heart, who went from teen model to busty SCORE Girl. A Florida dancer named Becky Johnson returned, and Linsey Dawn McKenzie made her seventh SCORE appearance.

Rounding out the edition was “Fantasy SCORE” by Duncan Gutteridge and “Boob Beat,” which checked out New Jersey Web model Toni Marie, and a Minka and Lisa Lipps photo shoot. The “Scorecard” readers’ forum was filled with letters of praise for Diane Poppos. “On The Road” with Alyssa Alps traveled to Toronto, Michigan and New York. That girl was always on the go-go-go.

And that’s the way it was 15 years ago in SCORE magazine.

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Fly me to the moon and let me play among the busty Rocket Girls

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 16, 2012 in Deep Inside Scoreland, print magazines, The Life of an Editor

Rocket Girls #1 from October '05 SCORE magazine.

Running from October ’05 to July ’07, Otis Sweat’s Rocket Girls series alternated every other month in SCORE magazine with Duncan Gutteridge’s revived Fantasy SCORE series.

A follow-up in some ways to Duncan’s World War II-inspired Bomber Girls series, Rocket Girls was Dave’s concept.

Otis was the perfect artist for Rocket Girls. He understands the appeal of the sci-fi and fantasy art that paperback and comic book publishers commissioned during the 1930s, ’40s, ’50s and ’60s and brought his own matchless style to the genre. He perfectly captured the warp-drive energy and point-of-impact power of these super-stacked, super-shapely space queens in their skin-tight suits.

I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and horror cover art and the masters of this kind of good-girl art such as Wally Wood, Alex Raymond and Al Williamson, so I enjoy the look and style of Rocket Girls. On TV, there was Wilma Deering played by Erin Gray on Buck Rogers, the several-dozen space hotties Captain Kirk was always hugging on Star Trek, the purple-wigged moon babes from the British series UFO and Marta Kristen from Lost In Space. In the movies, Caroline Munro in Star Crash. Princess Leia from Star Wars? Not shapely enough to fit the bill, in my opinion.

I would love to see Otis bring his artistic genius to the barbarian girls that artists Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo became famous for. Maybe one day.

A limited edition series, 12 Rocket Girls paintings are archived in the “Art Gallery” section of SCORELAND. Each painting is available in two sizes, 800×600 and 1600×1200.



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Big-boob fan art through the years

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 2, 2011 in Boob Watch, Deep Inside Scoreland, Fan Art, The Life of an Editor
The real Morgan Leigh.

The real Morgan Leigh.

Morgan as depicted by Matt M.

Morgan as depicted by Matt M.

Fan art submitted by readers and members has a long history at SCORE. I remember big-boobed artwork coming into SCORE and Voluptuous magazines by standard mail–you know, the kind that use paper and ink–as far back as 1995. Today, it’s usually sent by email, with some exceptions.

The artists are from different backgrounds and different places but they share a common trait: a deep love and appreciation for the girls who model for SCORE and Voluptuous.  Some fan artists were one-shots, others regularly sent in their sketches, toons or paintings. Their talent seemed to increase the more they kept practicing.

They are almost exclusively male. I can’t recall one female ever submitting anything. I know that the work of the two main pro SCORE artists, Otis Sweat (“Bomber Girls” and the artist for the majority of the short stories) and Duncan Gutteridge (“Fantasy SCORE“), inspired many of them. Some of them were art students in school. Others are hobbyists.

Computer-generated art mixed with photography began to show up in the late 1990s, notably Ricky Java’s morphs of SCORE photos in “Fantastic Fantasies.”  This was the very beginning of the morphing trend as home computers became more affordable. Later on, fully computer-generated illustrations began to show up.

Every artist had his favorite subjects. D.M. loved Chloe, and he always did a bang-up job in his lavish illustrations.

“Treva” from the UK loved the XL and plumperish Voluptuous girls.

“Simon Templar” depicted SCORE Girls such as Lacey Legends and Colt 45 as super-heroines or secret agents.

Pauly loves super-huge boobs that jut straight out, defying gravity and the laws of physics. I did interviews with both Simon and Pauly years ago, and they’re still archived in the SCORELAND Art Galleries department. Their points of views are really interesting.

Lately, there’s Mr. H.D. from Germany, who regularly sends Maria his Voluptuous-inspired pencil sketches that she posts in her Blog postings. In H.D.’s illustrations, his favorite models such as Cherry Brady and Renee Ross usually share one common accessory: they wear sexy, spike-heeled boots.

Interestingly enough, I never see submitted fan art of a girl having hardcore sex. It’s always the model in a solo pose, never a guy in the mix.

One of the most prolific and dedicated artists in recent years is “Thor,” aka Matt M. Matt just sent us his latest illustration of Morgan Leigh, one of his favorites, and it’s excellent. Matt’s earlier renditions of Merilyn, Jenna Valentine, Indianna Jaymes and others have always been excellent, too. There’s another piece Matt did that I want to post on the Blog at a future date, that of ’90s icon Tiffany Towers.

We salute you, noble fan artists. Thank you for your motivation and your high-powered interest in the subject we’re fanatics about: those awesome, big-boobed babes!

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Fantasy SCORE: Yay or nay?

Posted by Elliot James on Feb 23, 2011 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Fan Art, Point/Counterpoint
The last Fantasy SCORE.

The last "Fantasy SCORE."

Beshine. A human Fantasy SCORE.

Beshine. A human "Fantasy SCORE."

“Fantasy SCORE” has a history in SCORE magazine that goes back to the August 1992 edition (Volume 1, Issue 2 with Letha Weapons as the covergirl). British artist Duncan Gutteridge’s ongoing monthly assignment was to take a celebrity and paint her with impossibly huge tits along the lines of Chelsea Charms and Beshine…years before Chelsea and Beshine became Chelsea and Beshine. Duncan’s first run ended in the Holiday ’99 issue.

Beginning with the December ’04 SCORE, “Fantasy SCORE” was revived as a semi-regular feature, often alternating with the “Rocket Girls” series painted by the great Otis Sweat until Duncan’s final “Fantasy SCORE” illustration in the February ’09 issue. Many of the paintings from the first series  and all of them from the second series are preserved in SCORELAND‘s Art Gallery section along with “Dream SCORE,” “Bomber Girls,” “Dick Boy” and other works of big-bust art.

Although “Fantasy SCORE” ended, we still get mail from people who have never forgotten it. With new female celebs who can barely fill a C-cup popping up all the time, there’s no lack of new potential subjects. We continue to get requests to revive it, usually with the person making the request’s favorite celebrities. When we publish those letters, inevitably someone else writes against bringing it back. A while ago, Greg wrote, “The reason I’m writing is because I am disappointed that you no longer have ‘Fantasy SCORE.’ I always was so excited to see who you would have next. Please bring it back. There are lots of us fans out here.” In this weekend’s “Scorecard,” R.L. writes, “I must agree that ‘Fantasy SCORE‘ is due a return and would continue to be a very popular feature.” He lists several celebs he’d like to see given a “Fantasy SCORE” boob job.

On the other side of the fence are the letters such as “I don’t like art or cartoons. Just give us photos. ‘Fantasy SCORE’ is a waste of space.” I’ve seen a lot of those letters, too.

I personally love busty art and have enjoyed Otis’ and Duncan’s work since I first saw them. One painting a month, in print and on the Net, certainly doesn’t negatively impact the amount of photos we run. I also believe those two guys inspired many younger fans to try their hand at creating their own art. Just to clarify things, there have been no discussions here about reviving “Fantasy SCORE” (or “Dream SCORE“).

What do you think? Yay or nay?

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On the rack 15 years ago

Posted by Elliot James on May 23, 2010 in Boob Watch, Deep Inside Scoreland, Men's Products
Angelique spilled out at newstands and mag shops this month in 1995.

Angelique spilled out at newsstands and mag shops this month in 1995.

What did SCORE readers buy 15 years ago this month? The July 1995 SCORE featured Angelique as the sole covergirl. The U.S. cover price was $5.95, $6.95 in Canada. It wasn’t sealed in a plastic bag with a free DVD inside like it is today. Back then, the art director and editor created back covers that looked like a front cover. For this issue, the back cover girl was Jay Sweet from Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Jay later changed her name to Angelica Foxxx and then Sam Bond. She’s still modeling in England.)

Irish bombshell Jay Sweet brought up the rear.

Irish bombshell Jay Sweet brought up the rear.

Why a back cover that was designed like the front? Because studies showed that at busy newsstands, many browsers would pick up a magazine, look through it, then put it back on the rack backwards. So with this technique, the SCORE title was always visible. Annoyed store clerks liked it, too.

The pictorials featured Tiffany Towers and Tawny Peaks in a girl-girl, Bonnie Banks, Angelique and Jay plus a Lilli Xene layout and interview. I’ve heard that Lilli Xene (pronounced “Zen-A”) became a housedancer in a California club, but I don’t know if she’s still dancing. ”Nice Ass” was a six-page photo article of bootyfull SCORE Girl butts. Dipping into the Internet explosion, “Fantastic Fantasies” by Ricky Java kicked off. One of the first Netizens of the Boob Brotherhood and a Boob Cruise passenger, Rick morphed photographs to give SCORE models impossible dimensions. For this first installment, he performed massive cyber-boob jobs on Minka, Angelique, Traci Topps and Lisa Chest. Rick just emailed the other day to touch base, and he is as breastnotized as ever.

Fantastic Fantasies kicked off on page 34 of July 1995 SCORE.

Fantastic Fantasies kicked off on page 34 of July 1995 SCORE.

What else did you get in July ’95? A lotta stuff. A chesty short story called “Old Tricks” by Bo Alexander with sensational art by the Baron of Bazongas, Otis Sweat. “Fantasy SCORE” by Duncan Gutteridge. “Bomber Girls” by Otis. “Homebodies,” the amateur section with pictures girls sent in with the hopes of being called to model. My column, “Boob Beat,” with pix of Angelique, Chessie Moore, Lilli Xene and Letha Weapons causing trouble at the Consumer Electronics Show. An army of photographers was all over Angelique at the convention, and she played it up for them. She didn’t need to speak English, just squeeze her tits. And in “Scorecard,” our readers’ forum, the guys wrote letters about Busty Dusty, Tiffany Towers, Tawny Peaks, Honey Hills and Winona Lind. Real letters made out of paper, too. Stamped and delivered in a bag by a human. Few people had email in 1995.

Today, a copy of the July 1995 SCORE in good condition lists at $20.95 by back-issue magazine dealers.

And that’s how it was 15 years ago.

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