SCORELAND busty WILFS: Has their time cum?

Diane Poppos

In the beginning, there were few readers’ wives who modeled. Now-legendary Diane Poppos was one of the great pioneers in the late ’90s. Her husband took things a step further with his video camera. (His horny work is posted at DianePoppos.com.)

Cherry Brady was one of the earliest readers’ wives in 2003. Said Cherry on that first day at SCORELAND, “Voluptuous is the best magazine. My husband’s been a reader since it came out, and it’s by far the best mag for big-titted, natural women. I wouldn’t be in any other.” Her husband often had asked her to try-out for the magazine. “I just never got around to it. I just wasn’t ready for it, but now I’m ready.” Cherry became one of the most popular models. We still get letters asking for her return.

Other amazing big-titted wives include Deauxma, Holly Halston (“My Wife Your Meat” on DVD), Jayden Prescott, Dallas Dixon, Krissy Rose, Siri, Elaina Gregory and Kelly Christiansen.

Elaina Gregory

Barbie Kelley and Shelby Gibson are the two newest members of the Busty Wives Club. Will their appearances light a fire in other busty wives who’ve thought and fantasized about clothes-free modeling? We hope so.

Says Barbie: “I have never modeled or danced and I have shot exclusively with SCORE. I am college-educated and live a fairly normal life. I just have a naughty side and SCORE has helped quench that thirst.”

Barbie Kelley

Mr. Gibson said: “Shelby always wanted to pose for an adult site but didn’t think that she was hot enough. But I encouraged her and she finally agreed to let me send in some of her pics. She couldn’t believe it when SCORE was enthusiastically interested in her.”

And Shelby adds: “It’s been a blast showing off for you! I’m soooo glad I finally did it. I love all this attention. Such a fucking turn on. Can’t wait to show off again!!”

Shelby Gibson

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Upcoming big-boob birthdays at SCORELAND. A holiday of hooters.

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 15, 2014 in birthdays, Holidays

Happy birthday to Marie Leone Dec. 14, Denise Derringer Dec. 16, Ashley Bond Dec. 16, Noelle Easton Dec. 17, Beverly Paige Dec. 17, Tiffany Towers Dec. 19, Alana Ambrose Dec. 22, Rocki Roads Dec. 22, Victoria Lane Dec. 22, Annina Dec. 22, Kelly Christiansen Dec. 22, Mercedes Mounds Dec. 23, Desiree Dec. 24, Roxi Red Dec. 24, Lilith Dec. 24, Fantasia Dec. 25, Cherry Brady Dec. 25, Jeannine Oldfield Dec. 25, Crisa Dec. 25, Goldie Blair Dec. 26, Angel Eyes Dec. 26, Rene Love Dec. 28, Audee Dec. 28, Lanea Love Dec. 29, Faith Stevens Dec. 29, Erin Ireland Dec. 29, Alexis Amore Dec. 29, Harmony Sweet Dec. 30, Nikki Jaye Dec. 30, Mischel Lee Dec. 31 and Holly Halston Dec. 31. None of the ladies in this group need padded bras.


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Ten years ago at SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on May 30, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland

10 years ago today at SCORELAND.

The August 2003 issue of SCORE was posted at SCORELAND on May 30th, 2003, ten years ago today. I was looking at the line-up of hot babes and the way-back machine in my brain began spinning its dials.

It was a big month for the C word. No, not that C word.

I mean names beginning with C, either first name or surname.

Ashley Evans

Casey James


Chesty Sweet

Cindy Cupps

Crystal Gunns

Hana Cekova.

Holly Halston

Josie Hernandez

Kiki Daire

Lorna Morgan

Mary Carey

Let’s do a head count on May 30th, 2013 and catch up.

Crystal and Cindy are retired. Don’t know what Chesty, Claudia, Cassitty, Ashley, Holly and Hana are up to these days. Josie Hernandez still models and is now known as Monica Mendez. (She also became a photographer herself.) Kiki Daire started modeling again just recently. Casey does web-cam shows on the net. Lorna is raising her three kids in Wales. Mary Carey has been doing the strip club circuit. She was dancing in south Florida recently.

And that’s how it was, ten years back.

Kooky Mary Carey.

Claudia, an Arizona dancer.

Casey James.


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After Titmas, the clean-up begins!

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 26, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Holidays, Tits in Tight Tops

I kept writing “Season’s Breast” instead of “Season’s Best” on my holiday cards. I had to throw out a bunch of cards. I might need a vacation.

No one ever mentions the day after Xmas because it’s anti-climactic. It’s returning gifts to the stores. It may be apologizing for saying the wrong thing after a few too many drinkees. It’s cleaning up the huge mess leftover from Xmas dinner. It’s heading back home if you’ve been away. It’s dealing with the morning hangover or bloated bellies from one too many trips to the dessert table. It’s disposing of all the reindeer poop.

But after Titmas, now that’s something else. That’s fun.

Because after Titmas at SCORELAND, we always have a clean-up squad of nubile maids with big boobs to tidy the place. Here are a few from our rich history of hiring the right maids.

They’re just maid to be busty.

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Blog readers love Christina Hendricks, DP and a pretty face. Girl-girl? Not so much.

Holly Halston takes two at SCORELAND and in the DVD My Wife, Your Meat!

SCORELAND Blog readers love giving their opinions (which, I guess, is what blogging is all about). Here are the results of recent Blog polls.

First, one of my favorite polls:Which busty mainstream celebrity would you most like to see in a fuck film? Christina Hendricks, the only good reason to endure the plot-less TV show Mad Men, is the winner with an astounding 53%. I think Dexter is one of the best shows on TV. If Christina Hendricks played Dexter’s sister (rather than the spectacularly flat-chested Jennifer Carpenter), it would be the greatest TV show in history (surpassing the episodes of Maude when busty Adrienne Barbeau showed up wearing tight tops). Dolly Parton tied for second with 14%, pretty impressive considering she’s 66 years old. Sofia Vergara also had 14%. Then came Mariah Carey and Salma Hayek. I would have included Jennifer Tilly in the poll, but she’s been faking cleavage and big tits for years (although I certainly appreciate her efforts).

Several months ago, we asked, “What do you like most about women’s bodies after big boobs?” And the winner was…pretty face at 37%. Who says we men are shallow? “Nice pussy” didn’t even finish in the top three (although great ass did at 22%). I asked Elliot this question and he said, “Their brains.”

Just kidding.
After watching Stephanie Stalls getting double-pounded at SCORELAND, we asked, “What do you think about DP in girl-boy-boy scenes?

Back in the day, Sierra and Autumn-Jade hooked up in one of the greatest girl-girls ever.

Well, talk about a split-decision…41% said they love it. 35% said they hate it. But 17% also said they like it once in a while, so the majority (58%) wants to see some DP. We’ll see what we can do. Not all girls will do DP. Most girls won’t even do anal.
And, finally, the age-old question, “Do you want to see more girl-girl at SCORELAND?”

You know, I’m always getting letters from guys asking for more girl-girl. And whenever I do, I think, “Unless times have really changed, these guys are in the minority.” Well, they are because 58% turned their thumbs down to more girl-girl.

So, to recap, most of you would like to see Christina Hendricks getting DP’d. I’m definitely in favor of that.

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Let’s have a candid conversation about double penetration

Yes, Stephanie, your pussy and ass are going to be filled with cock at the same time.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about DP. You know, double penetration. Totally stuffed. A cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass at the same time. Double dicking.

If you haven’t noticed, there isn’t a lot of that at SCORELAND, SCOREVideos.com and XLGirls.com There’s some, but not much. Daphne Rosen gets DP’d in Boob Science (the scene is at SCOREVideos.com; the photos are at SCORELAND). Jasmine Black gets a cock in her ass and another in her pussy at the same time in Busty Riding Academy (this scene is at SCOREVideos.com). Holly Halston gets double-stuffed in My Wife, Your Meat (also at SCORELAND). And, off the top of my head, that’s it.

There’s a reason we’ve filmed so few DP scenes with SCORE Girls (although many of them were perfectly willing to enjoy a double-dicking if we had asked). Here at The SCORE Group, we’re boob focused, and when a girl is getting her pussy and ass drilled at the same time, it goes without saying that the focus is going to move away from her chest. Second, we’re well aware (because we’ve heard it so many times from so many members and readers) that a lot of you don’t want to see “too much guy.” Well, when the camera closes in for the hot stuff in a DP scene, there’s a LOT of guy. Hanging balls. Cocks. Man ass. All the stuff many of you have said you don’t want to see. In a DP scene, it’s unavoidable, which is why when we’ve filmed three-way anal scenes with two studs, the guys usually take turns on the girl’s ass rather than filling her pussy and ass at the same time.

I’m bringing this up because next week at SCORELAND, we’re going to present a rare DP scene, and it’s a good one because Stephanie Stalls will be the recipient. Yep, the short ‘n’ super-stacked house dancer from Kentucky is going to have her pussy and asshole filled with meat at the same time, and our cameras will be zooming in to capture all the details.

Are you looking forward to that?

Do you like DP scenes?

Would you like to see more of them?

Or do you think SCORELAND should be a no-DP zone?

Let us know because if you’re all-in on DP, then…well, you can finish this sentence yourself.

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Girl power

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 27, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Deep Inside Scoreland, Life With Big Tits

Around the turn of the century (the 20th century, not the 19th century), an editor at SCORE coined the question, “Where have all the good girl-girls gone?”

That editor has moved on to another career, but it’s still a relevant question.

We still ask it.

In a poll running at SCORELAND. we asked, “Should we shoot more girl-girl scenes?” We also said that if anyone had any names in mind, they should email Scorecard@Scoregroup.com. So far, the results are running in favor of more girl-girls: 43% say yes, 35% say no and a whopping 22% are indifferent about it. (I never get that neutral stance about topics like this. Either you like it or you don’t.) There has been one suggestion via email that I’ll publish in “Scorecard.”

Tawny Peaks and Colt 45. Thems were the days.

The big time for busty girl-on-girl stuff was during the early-to-mid ’90s. Chloe, Linsey, SaRenna, Angelique, Minka, Kayla Kleevage, Tawny Peaks, Danni Ashe…they were the champions of girl-girl action. Because of newsstand restrictions, the girl-girls in the magazines were simulated. Nipple sucking was fine, but tongues and toys could only hover a inch away from pussies. It was the same kind of simulation with the boy-girls. On video, it was a different story, so tongues, cocks and strap-ons could go all out, or in this case, all in.

Minka, Plenty and Kayla in Mega-Boob Olympics

I always felt big-bust girl-girls were more prevalent then because most of the girls didn’t want to do scenes with guys, so this was a substitute to get some kind of sex in rather than because a percentage of guys were turned on by seeing two or more girls going at it with tits, tongues and toys.

During the late ’90s and early ’00s, Brittany Love, Dawn Stone, Tanya Danielle, Nikki Diamond, Ariana, Adina, Julia Miles and Deanna Baldwin were doing most of the girly flings. Brittany in particular became the go-to girl for Sapphic action at SCORE. She locked lips with Haley Hills, Dawn Stone, Deanna Baldwin and Mary Carey.

Brittany Love meets Dawn Stone. They both went on Boob Cruise 2000.

My personal favorites in the ’00s were the Autumn-Jade and Sierra scene, Kerry Marie and Cassandra, the Cindy Cupps and Crystal Gunns pairing, the Cindy Cupps and Summer Sinn fling and the Cherry Brady, Angela White and Brandy Talore chick flicks.

Who’s been hot for the clit and the slit at different times at SCORELAND? Angela White, Cherry Brady, Brandy Talore, Annie Swanson, Rebecca Love, Destiny Rose, Kaytee Carter, Arianna Sinn, Summer Sinn, Daphne Rosen, Maggie Green, Holly Halston, Eva Notty and her friend Sarah Satori, Christy Marks and Renee Ross. Alexia Moore and Danielle Derek: Now those two were in a lipstick-lesbian league of their own.

Sierra shoots Autumn. One thing leads to another

Most of the newer girls–Leanne Crow, Jenna Valentine, Karina Hart, Natalie Fiore, Karla James, Micky Bells, Sophie Mae, Taylor Steele, Merilyn Sakova and Valory Irene among them–prefer to fly solo. I guess that’s how trends cycle. Maybe that’s the way it should be. If a girl’s not into other girls, it’s not going to work on-camera, either.

Newcomer Sheridan Love is really into pussy, proven by her recent encounter with Charlee Chase. I think it’s the only girl-girl we did at SCORELAND in 2011, not counting threesomes with a guy. Who would Sheridan bump boobs well with in the future if she does another girl-girl?

We haven’t released a girl-girl DVD since Busty Snatch Club. Is it worth making another one with a new cast?

Girl-girls: a thing of the past? Or due for a revival? Bring them back? Keep them in the closet?

Feel free to add your opinions to this thread.

Sheridan gives Charlee the once over

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Camille Morgan takes on two dudes and wins the double header

Karen Fisher and Kelly Christiansen: Blonde Nitro.

Sara Jay and Daylene Rio were a power team.

Cassandra Calogera and Christy Marks went all out.


Three’s not a crowd. Three’s company. A threesome doesn’t happen often and mostly with European SCORE Girls. Still, American SCORE Girls join in this male fantasy sometimes.

Sara Jay and Daylene were just here for one. Rachel Love took on two dudes in Mamazon. Karen Fisher and Kelly Christiansen wiped out one guy. Tera Cox almost destroyed a guy with Gianna.

Miosotis and Arianna Sinn shared one shaft. Summer Sinn and Claudia Kealoha matched up well. Kayla Kleevage and Minka beat up “Blue Balls.” Brittany O’Neil left her two sex-mates punchy. Of course, there’s Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s famous three-way with Czechmate Veronika.

Then there’s Christy Marks and Carmen Hayes, the most flexible team of them all. Then Christy and Cassandra Calogera. Then Christy and Holly Halston.

Pounding The Pledges.

Pounding The Pledges has an awesome threeway.

"Blue Balls" had his hands full with Minka and Kayla.

Claudia Kealoha and Summer Sinn almost broke the bed.



Now it’s Camille Morgan’s turn, hooking up twice in “Camille Morgan’s Double Header” at SCORELAND.

Chesty Camille Morgan busts two nuts doublehandedly.

A couple of years, I asked Camille if she was interested in trying a boy-girl scene for SCORE. At that time, Camille had modeled alone with toys. Her answer to my question was, “Well, it depends on what the shoot consists of. If there is penetration by his penis, the answer is no. But if it is us simulating different things, sure.” So that was that. No penis.  But you can’t blame an editor for trying. That’s the name of the game. No pain, no gain.

I don’t know who coined the phrase, “It’s a women’s prerogative to change her mind,” but I’m glad it’s a universal truth.

Because Camille just did change her mind recently, and now she’s doubled up on that decision, playing hide the sausage with two guys in a hot and wild scene. I never would have predicted it.

I love that about girls. They always give a man hope and reasonable expectations. They’re full of surprises, and nothing is ever written in permanent ink. For which I am grateful!

By the way, if you haven’t taken the SCORELAND tour hosted by Maggie Green, give it a ride. Tour guides don’t come any bustier.



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Hairstylists and tits. Like pancakes and maple syrup.

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 29, 2010 in Interviews, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites
Blake James. A few more cup sizes and she'd be SCORE ready.

Blake James. A few more cup sizes and she'd be SCORE ready.

I usually don’t blog about MILFS from 40something magazine, even if they’ve got big tits. But in Blake James’ case, I’m going to make an exception and not because we’re related, at least by surname. This 40 year-old hairstylist busty hardbody from Arizona is blow-drier hot. I just saw her first videos and set at 40somethingmag.com and I’m more than impressed. They’re hardcore and besides the usual boom-boom action, there’s a pre-game interview conducted by Dave that once again raises the bar.

Between answering questions, Blake sucks on the cock of her booty call whose face I have thoughtfully obscured in this photo. And Ms. James is so smooth and natural at the blow job interview, it makes me sad that she cuts hair so far away from SCORE HQ. Why haven’t we done this before with SCORE Girls? Summer Sinn, Minka, Holly Halston, Eva Notty, Annina…they’d be great at this kind of interview. Something to think about for the future. Anyway, I recommend you check out Blake if you love sultry, well-built, middle-aged brunettes that have two ex-husbands, two kids and boff on camera. Female hairstylists and big jugs in your face just go together. Only now does television understand that with shows like Jerseylicious and Split Ends.

Ivy Dreams born Dec. 28.

Ivy Dreams born Dec. 28.

Our birthday shout-out this week goes to Ivy Dreams (Dec. 28), Erin Ireland aka Bunny Jo Tyler (Dec. 29), Lanea Love (Dec. 29), Melonie Max (Dec. 31) and Holly Halston (Dec. 31). Happy holiday birthdays, ladies.

Lanea Love

Lanea Love born Dec. 29.


Holly Halston

Holly Halston born Dec. 31.

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December ’10 SCORE now at newsstands

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 6, 2010 in Men's Products
Good Girls. Bad Girls. You love 'em.

Good Girls. Bad Girls. You love 'em.

Now at your local newsstand, magazine store, adult superstore, barber shop and dentists waiting office, the action-packed December ’10 SCORE. There are two Karina Harts on the cover, one dressed like a coed, the other decked out as a temptress. Why? Because this is the “Good Girl/Bad Girl” special edition.

Inside, you’ll find Karina, Janet Jade, Annina, Melissa Mandlikova, Kristy Klenot, Eva Notty, Angel Gee, Maggie Green (in bondage, a first in SCORE), Alexa, Christy Marks and many more.  The “Boob Beat” column looks at really bad girls Puma Swede, Brandy Talore and Kianna Dior.

Odds are Angelina will have a stiff one on her birthday today.

Odds are Angelina will have a stiff one on her birthday today.

What makes a Good Girl? What makes a Bad Girl? Can a Good Girl do bad things and remain good? Can a Bad Girl become good? Can a girl be both good and bad at the same time? Is it like good cop/bad cop? What do they want to be the most, good or bad? This issue tackles this situation head-on! Some things are not always understood, and maybe it’s better that way. Filled with XXX, and that’s not so bad.

A freemium DVD starring Danielle Derek, Alexia Moore, Kitty Lynxxx, Charlee Chase, Holly Halston and Rebecca Love in femme-fucking action is included in the Bonus editions. If your favorite store doesn’t carry SCORE, let us know.

On  this day, SCORE would like to give a shout-out to Angelina Castro ’cause she’s a birthday baby. Angelina may be born on Labor Day, but it’s not a job of work to overload your eyes on her. You don’t need to see a blinking neon sign to know that she’s a true Bad Girl, bad to the bone(r). Happy birthday, Angelina.

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