Bex Shiner lands at SCORELAND’s big boob house

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The world loves busty Brits.

Busty Brits bounce off the walls at SCORELAND. Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Dawn Phoenix, Lorna Morgan, Chaz, Kerry Marie, Denise Davies, Kelly Kay, Kirstyn Halborg, Kellie Garnett, Susie Wilden, Laura Bailey, Miss Emma, Jessica Turner, Emily Cartwright, Michelle Bond, Lisa Marie Greener…the list goes on.

In recent years, Terri Jane, Dors Feline, Karla James, Dolly Delight, Beti Phellasio, Charley Green and Leanne Crow have filled the cups.

A few weeks ago, you met Lily Madison. Now here’s Bex Shiner, a former Big Brother contestant who became a huge tabloid celebrity. Big Brother housemates can go topless on TV unlike repressed American Big Brother residents.

(Pop quiz: Name the SCORE Girl who lived in the Big Brother house in both Germany and the Philippines.)

When we met Bex, her British ways made instant fans of us. She’s funny, energetic and upbeat. And she has big baps.

“I was flat-chested until I turned 18 years old, and then I became the biggest-chested of my friends,” Bex said.

Better late than never, Bex, and that includes visiting the Colonies.

Bex’s first photo set and a meet-n-greet video tomorrow kick off her arrival in the USA.

Crikey! The Brits have invaded the Colonies again!

Bex, bra and baps. Rule, Britannia.

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Some guys want to marry their favorite SCORE Girls. Some guys want to fuck them. But why can’t we do both?

Posted by Dave on Jul 19, 2013 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Other SCORE Group websites


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The most-exclusive club ever for big-boobed girls

Posted by Dave on Jun 26, 2013 in Boob Watch, Deep Inside Scoreland, New at Scoreland, print magazines

Roxi Red shows off her 20 Club credentials today at SCORELAND.

We call it The 20 Club, and it’s a very amazing place. Very exclusive, too. It’s for girls whose chest measurement is at least 20 inches larger than their waist. They’re the ultimate in slim ‘n’ stacked.

Linsey joined the club in late 1999.

The 20 Club was introduced in the November ’99 issue of SCORE, and it had 20 members. Member 21 would come along a few issues later, when Linsey Dawn McKenzie revealed her boob growth spurt that put her at 46-26-36, right at the qualifying mark. She was the first natural in The Club. Since then, there have been two more.

Miosotis (50-28-36) is one.

Roxi Red, who returns to SCORELAND today, is the newest at 50-30-36.

It boggles the mind to think that slim ‘n’ stacked girls like Venera, Morgan Leigh and Merilyn Sakova, girls who are really slim and have really big tits, are not in The Club. Morgan misses by only an inch. That’s how exclusive The Club is.

Baseball has its Hall of Fame. Over 3,000 people have successfully summited Mount Everest. A total of 530 people have flown into outer space. Three hundred-ninety-nine people have won soccer’s World Cup. Only 31 girls are members of “The 20 Club.”

The November '99 SCORE cover.

Miosotis was the first natural to join The 20 Club in over 10 years.

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Ten years ago inside SCORELAND

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 20, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland, DVD, Men's Products

Vixen LaMoore's cover issue hit newsstands.

Vixen LaMoore made her debut as the covergirl in the February ’03 SCORE. Kayla Kleevage drove a motorcycle and a shopping cart around Las Vegas and she invited our photographer into her house in the “At Home With” section.

Bad-ass biker chick Kayla Kleevage and her Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider.

Lisa Lipps was interviewed for a fresh spread. (“Lately, I’ve had this thing for young guys, about 20 to 25 years old. I like to pick them up, take them home, see if I can suck their cocks, maybe fuck ‘em,” Lisa said in her interview.)

Blondie and Jade Feng made their SCORE debuts. Blondie was a Hungarian bartender discovered by an English SCORE photographer. Jade was our first model born and raised in China.


Anne Marie was a real-ife married swinger.

Hannah Callow and Brandy Dean returned for strip action.

Chaz dangled her dazzlers in Key Largo. Sana Fey in one of her final sets.

Short ‘n’ stacked Kate had a date with a big dick. Melissa Carey did interracial hardcore and swinger Anne Marie did even harder hardcore with a guy, a sex swing, anal beads and a butt plug.

Otis Sweat’s Dream SCORE for February ’03 was a painting of one of the most popular teens in TSG history.

Chaz. Where has she gone off to?

Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Susie Wilden appeared together in girl-girl toy play in the February ’03 Voluptuous.

Howard Stern interviewed Linsey Dawn McKenzie on his radio and TV show.

Annie Swanson was interviewed.

 Busty Dildo Lovers 3 with SaRenna Lee, Mandi Melons and other babes playing with BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) was released.

“The Jack Report 6″ by Dan Ross looked at natural ways to strengthen your penis.

Daphne Rosen was a New Discovery.

And that’s the way it was 10 years ago in the month of January in the year 2003.

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Bound For Glory?

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 17, 2013 in newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

Stick a ball gag in her sexy mouth and show her the ropes.

This new XLGirls.com scene with Nikki Smith is unusual for us.

BDSM isn’t  a kink we do much of in any of the sites, and it’s virtually non-existent in the print magazines.

Years back, we had a short-lived “Big Tit Bondage” section with Kerry Marie, Plenty UpTopp, Jezhabelle, Brittany O’Neil and others. Even Linsey Dawn McKenzie got in on the act. The department is still archived at SCORELAND.  It was just bondage. No beatings, whippings, torture or hanging girls off insane suspension devices. It never got all that much of an enthusiastic response. I’d chalked THAT up to our crowd preferring to see tits, ass and good, old-fashioned fucking rather than chicks tied up, gagged and squirming around on a bed.

XLGirls never gets wrapped up in the bondage and discipline scene, but since Nikki mentioned to Maria that she likes bondage, the studio thought some B&D experimentation before the hump and pump would be interesting and different. So this is a first for XLGirls. Even when bondage expert Kelly Shibari was here, we never did any BDSM, just straight sex. Nikki’s released from her bounds when the fuckin’ begins.

We should interview Nikki one of these days and find out what the story is about getting all trussed up and how far she takes it. I was more impressed by her curvy bod in that string bikini and heels, although she did look fit to be tied.

Miss Smith’s sexy with a ball gag in her mouth, but gagging on a boner in her mouth is more fun, and Nikki would probably agree, if she could speak.

What do you think about tying up and gagging girls? Yea or Nay?

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Life’s a beach when you spend your time doing nothing but looking at SCORE magazine

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we’ve been working on a very special July 2013 issue of SCORE. I have to admit, it’s been consuming almost all of my time. Now, I’m not complaining. I’ve been spending my days with my head buried in binders full of back issue of SCORE, looking at every photo we’ve ever published on every page of every issue. Yeah, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

One thing I’ve confirmed is that we’ve published some great photos during the 21 years that SCORE has been in existence. I’ve also discovered that if we wanted to, we could easily publish entire magazines with nothing but photos of SaRenna Lee, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Morgan Leigh, Angelique, Christy Marks and this girl.

Yes, this girl. The one below. The photo was taken during Boob Cruise ’98. I think it’s spectacular, one of the greatest bikini photos ever taken. What do you think?

Casey on the beach.


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Fan Art: Some of the greatest models of all time!

Posted by Maria on Dec 2, 2012 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Fan Art

Merilyn Sakova, Bea Flora, Orsoyla, Ines Cudna...some of the greatest big-bust babes of all time!

I have amassed quite the treasure trove of drawings by German artist H.D. and I am always amazed at the way he manages to capture a model’s body and tits.
And since it’s Sunday and most people are busy reading the paper and checking out the funny pages, I thought these drawings were better than the comics!
These are some of the greatest big titters of all time. Enjoy them and then enjoy your Sunday!

Christy Marks is one stacked SCORELAND sweetie that always looks hot.

Sharday is one Hall of Famer who always delivers!

Joana Bliss' recent comeback is nothing short of heavenly.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie is the top of the tops for most tit lovers.

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The top 10 most-exotic busty babes ever. It’s not my list, but it’s a good one.

S.M. of Baltimore, Maryland, one of the most-prolific writers to SCORE (made even more-impressive by the fact that he hand-writes and mails his letters using envelopes and postage stamps), sent along his list of the top 10 most-exotic SCORE Girls of all-time. I thought you might like to have a look at it on this Autumn Saturday.

My response to S.M.: Interesting list, but where’s Exotica?

1. Luma. The most exotically beautiful. Like Sharday, no penetration shots, boy-girl or videos, but still…

2. Bea Flora. Exotic in a mysterious way. Everything from facial expressions to her body language.

3. Sophie Mae. Her physique alone is exotic but also her air of mystery. Her eyes are also exotic-looking.

4. Shione Cooper. Shione is both facially exotic and sexually exotic in a teasing way.

5. Chloe Vevrier and Linsey Dawn McKenzie (tie). Chloe is the most-exotic German model. Linsey is the most-exotic British model.

6. Paola Rios. Paola’s subtle expressions show it also, but she also has one of the best exotic body frames, too.

7. Hitomi. Best exotic Asian model. Sorry Minka, Jade Feng and Lena Li.

8. Kiko Lee. Not surprise that Kiko is an exotic dancer. She’s exotically sophisticated.

9. Tiffany Towers. One of the most laid back in her approach but gives off an exotic vibe.

10. Cynthia Romero. Not only cute and pretty but her innocence and shyness have exotic appeal.

By the way, S.M., that’s 11, not 10. But thanks for sharing and keep writing.

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Boobs flash! This just in. Some girls like to show their hooters in the street

Regine, a Danish bombshell.

Has a girl ever flashed her tits at you in public?

And I don’t mean streetwalkers.

It’s happened a couple of times to me. The one I remember the most was in New Orleans at night during Mardi Gras week. This was before the flash-for-beads craze really took off. A girl and her girlfriends passed me and my friends on the street. We locked pupils, and she pulled down her tank and stuck her tongue out at me. Of course, I lost her in the crowd so that was that. But at least it was a perfect introduction because she had a nice, big pair. Mardi Gras and other carnival events around the world seem to be the most-common places for girls flashing, probably because everyone’s got a few drinks in them and their inhibitions are down.

Sasha Monet has a way to flag down highway help.

Celebrities get flashed a lot, especially entertainers. Girls will bare their chests for an autograph on their tits, too. Great lifestyle if you can get it. Very few do.

I didn’t know this, but flashing goes back to the Fifth Century BC when women flashed during festivals.

There are different kinds of flashing like mooning (more an act of defiance than teasing), streaking (which Linsey Dawn McKenzie did during an England vs. West Indies cricket match and during a charity football match) and something called anasyrma, which is when a girl lifts her skirt to show she’s not wearing panties. Yeah, there’s a scientific name for that.

XLGirl Charlie Cooper is one of the few models who’s talked about flashing. She lives in St. Louis, which also celebrates Mardi Gras. “St. Louis is the second-largest celebration in the country and trust me, I get bags of beads. The thing is when you go to Mardi Gras, you’re not supposed to flash. But the police will even ask to see and they’ll give you beads. But if you’re not careful, you can get a ticket. But I’ve never gotten a ticket in all my years of going. I go in a normal outfit, just something nice that I would wear out. And something that’s accessible from the top because I don’t want to lift up my shirt. I want to pull ’em out.”

Lori Pleasure may not be a flasher in the strictest definition of the word, but she’s practically topless when she wears her Wicked Temptation outfits in public. But I’d bet that she has flashed guys.

Shopping is a pleasure with Lori Pleasure.

Then there is the now-classic layout of Niki Knockers flashing all over Manhattan for the March 2000 SCORE, a fast sell-out because it was Chelsea Charms’ cover debut issue.

How Miss Knockers didn't attract a flash mob is beyond me.

Usually the police will ticket a flasher for showing her tits if they catch her in the act. I think this law should be wiped off the books.

A pair of boobs and nipples has never hurt anyone.

Are we in agreement here?

Crystal Gunns flashed a fan at a Glamourcon show.






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The girls who you never thought would go all the way…but did!

Harmony Bliss gives a lucky stud a few pointers.

I’ve touched on this subject before, but I’ve never really gone into it in-depth the way I’m about to. The main reason I’m bringing it up is because I just finished writing the copy for tomorrow’s SCORELAND2 posting of Harmony Bliss, in which the tall, blonde, sexy, pointy titted, first runner-up for 2001 SCORE Newcomer of the Year sucks and fucks in a scene that starts with Harmony sunning herself by a pool before moving inside. It’s one of my favorite scenes. I love how Harmony’s pointers point straight down while she’s getting fucked doggie-style, and her shaved pussy always looks great around a cock. Harmony’s pussy is so shaved, you’d think it was bald.

Shaved=Hair used to be there. It was shaved off. If it’s not shaved or waxed again, it’ll grow back.

Bald=Hair either was never there or will never be there again. No shaving will be required to keep it hairless.

Harmony’s pussy looks bald.

Anyway, I’m getting away from my point, which is this: Harmony is one of the girls who I least expected to go hardcore and surprised me the most when she did. After all, in 2001, when she debuted, she said, “I like seeing the girls get all dolled up for the photo shoot, in fancy outfits, sexy lingerie, like the pin-up girls of old used to do. I don’t even like all of the XXX hardcore. I like the glamor stuff more. I don’t need to see cum shots and I’m not a huge fan of those close-up shots. I like to see the whole model, all of her body and her curves.”

Well, we’ve seen all of her and more. In the scene that goes live tomorrow at SCORELAND2, we get to see cum all over her body and her curves.

So, who else is on the list of models who I least expected to see do porn and was most surprised when they did do it?

I guess Brandy Talore comes to mind, but she went hardcore only a year after her modeling debut, so I didn’t have enough time to expect her to do or not do anything. Harmony waited more than six years.

I’m surprised that Valory Irene ever touched a cock on-camera, but she waited less than a year, and she still hasn’t gone all the way.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie really made us wait. Over five years, in fact. I remember when John Fox told me that LDM had finally decided to do hardcore and that the videotape was on its way from our studio in London, England to Miami. I didn’t believe it until I saw it.

Autumn-Jade surprised me a little. Dawn Stone surprised me a lot.

Kaytee Carter…she surprised me. She did it once. I’d be shocked if she ever did it again, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Harmony Bliss…she has done a lot of scenes…and every time I see her in action, I can’t believe what I’m watching. She just might be No. 1 on my list of, “I Never Thought She’d Go All The Way And I Still Can’t Believe She Did.”

Which SCORE or V-Girls are on your list?




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