Paige Turner busts her bikini today & Minka returns on Saturday

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 8, 2016 in DVD, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Proud member of the big bra club.

The age-old question, “Do natural boobs float or sink?” is again answered in Paige Turner‘s video today. Give me a good bikini pictorial and I’m happy. Paige adds fuel to the fire with her phone-sex talk. Some models are shy about verbal intercourse on-camera but not Paige. She said one of her favorite jobs before becoming a stripper was working at the national sandwich chain Subway. I can’t think of a foot-long joke right now.

Minka plays tennis every day. She was a tennis champ long before she started modeling.

Minka with her DVD.

J.B. writes, “SCORELAND, you did it again. I just discovered another favorite. Paige is unbelievable. Those tits, that smile, that ass, that pussy and that voice are just phenomenal. I hope to see a lot more of this wonderful lady.”

On Saturday, the return of Minka after several years. Her first scene is a mirror solo with a hardcore to follow soon. Minka’s been an inspiration to many big-boobed models from Vanessa Montagne and Beshine to Dolly Fox and Sandra Star. Her fans are all over the world, like Stefan from Sweden who’s written about her many times: “I  have followed Minka since her first appearance in SCORE October 1994. Minka is the best hardcore performer of all time. What a titillating pleasure to watch her fuck!”

On Friday, Sheridan Love. More about her new scene tomorrow.

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Minka has been a SCORE Girl for 20 years. Let the celebration begin!

There are two girls on the cover of the October 2014 issue of SCORE.

Minka is both of them.

Looking at the cover, the photo on the left is from her first appearance in SCORE in the October 1994 issue. As I wrote in the October ’14 issue, “Nobody could have known when they saw the cover of the October ’94 issue that they were looking at a girl who would make big-boob history. Wearing Army fatigues tied just below her tan-lined breasts, Minka was beautiful and busty, but not nearly as busty as Pandora Peaks, Wendy Whoppers and girls who had been on previous covers. And although her future as a magazine model seemed bright, she told us, ‘Dancing is what I really want to do.’ As it turned out, Minka would do it all…for 20 years and counting!

Of course, back then, nobody could have guessed that Minka would mega-size her boobs to KK-cups. And, really, who would’ve guessed that she’d be keeping us hard for 20 years?

Celebrate 20 years of the world’s bustiest Asian with a 10-page career retrospective in the October ’14 SCORE. The digital version, complete with five videos, went on sale today at eBoobStore.com. The print version goes on-sale next Tuesday (although who knows; if you check out your local magazine retailer, it could be there now).

Also in this issue: Maserati XXX, a Sharon Pink three-way, Sheridan Love dressed as a fuck doll, Noelle Easton and more.

But, really, it’s all about Minka. Salute her with your best stuff.

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20 Years of Minka: The Jackumentary


Minka wins Hardcore Performer of the Year 2013.

Minka's first SCORE magazine was the October 1994 edition.

In a world where big-bust models come and go, 20 years of continuous involvement is an amazing achievement. The October 2014 SCORE magazine (on-sale July 8, 2014) will mark 20 years since Minka’s debut in the October 1994 issue. The issue will feature a 10-page special devoted to Minka.

Before becoming a dancer and model, Minka was a ranked tennis player, something that remains her passion to this day. “One day, I was playing in the Asian Olympic Games in Chicago, and my friend, she’s a plastic surgeon, she and I were showering together and she said to me, ‘Why don’t you get into the men’s magazines? Don’t teach tennis. How much money can you make teaching tennis?’

“I didn’t even know about the magazines. I had never seen them. So she brought SCORE magazine the next day, and she said she’d never seen any cover of SCORE with an Asian girl. She said, ‘You have a photogenic face. You’re going to make it.’ When my friend showed me the magazine, I saw the telephone number and that’s what I called. I sent three Polaroid pictures. In all the pictures, I had a natural smile on my face. And it was going to be the first time an Asian girl was on the cover. That was very important to me.”

Minka was, in fact, the first Asian model to become a covergirl for any big-bust magazine.

A just-posted Minka “Jackumentary,” now showing at SCORELAND, is a tribute to her resilience. Click here for a preview.

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Girls holding their covers, part tres.

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 3, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Boobs in the News, DVD, Men's Products, print magazines
Minka with Maximum Minka

Minka with the DVD cover of Maximum Minka.

Maria Moore and her XLGirls mag cover.

Maria Moore and her XLGirls SP 183 mag cover.

I haven’t done a Blog about this since January 3, 2010, exactly two years ago.

Back then, SCORELAND member Jack had perceptively written about this kind of picture: “I agree that having a model hold up her SCORE pictorial brings everything full circle. Interesting to see that each model is smiling and proudly displaying her pictorial. I believe this brings back the human element and establishes the sense of realism.”

This kind of picture can’t be done with digital images. I don’t think a model holding up a tablet computer with her photo could ever have the same impact as her holding a printed magazine or a DVD cover in her hand. There’s a permanence with a physical product.

As Angela White commented, “There’s no way to describe the feeling of seeing yourself on the cover of a magazine!”

Come to think of it, I need to hit up Angela for a photo of her holding up her DVD, Angela White Finally Fucks.

Angel Gee and her April '09 SCORE cover.

Angel Gee and her April '09 SCORE cover.

Crystal Gunns and SCORE Man VL in "The Gunns Show" column, July '08.

Crystal Gunns and SCORE Man VL in "The Gunns Show" column, July '08.

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It’s a boob avalanche this weekend! SCORE big!

Posted by Elliot James on Nov 5, 2011 in Boobs in the News, New at Scoreland, Other SCORE Group websites

There’s lots of boob-packed action this weekend at SCORELAND, XLGirls.com and SCOREVideos. Boobs bigger than your head. Boobs bigger than two heads put together, in fact.

As you saw in yesterday’s Blog and flexible video, the amazing Minka is back at SCORE. It’s been well over a year so welcome back, Minka, the people’s choice.

This weekend, Minka’s got a line of guys waiting for her to autograph copies of Maximum Minka and her SCORE magazines. When one Minka super-fan crashes the line, he almost gets his butt kicked. But Minka likes loyal fans so she treats him to a private afternoon of hot mega-tit fucking, blow jobs and fucky-fucky as only Minka can. He’s hit the big-boobed lottery. Dreams can become reality.

Minka's back at SCORE. Time to party.

Minka's back at SCORE. Time to party.

Over at XLGirls.com, Angellyne Hart gets back home with her date after a night out on the town and decides to give him the ultimate reward: her plumper body and big tits. “When I have sex, my tits bounce around too much so I have to hold them down,” says Angellyne. But no worries. Ms. Hart can always find someone to lend her an extra hand for that.

Date night for Angellyne.

Date night for Angellyne.

And at SCOREVideos.com, SCORE alumna Camille Morgan makes her second XXX video in as many weeks. This time, Camille is a greeter at a tropical resort. She’s got the bikini, she’s got the lei and she’s got the stacked and sexy body. Our kind of hospitality representative. Here’s one guest who’s not going to leave his room for the entire stay!

Camille "leis" one on her guest.

Camille "leis" one on her guest.

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No solo Mio! Miosotis is shaken and stirred this weekend.

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 4, 2010 in New at Scoreland, New DVD Releases
A good place to be.

A good place to be.

Miosotis has received among the largest number of comments since we began the comment section at the bottom of every photo set and video. The new DVD Miosotis Natural Wonder is currently at #1 on eBoobStore.com, dethroning Maximum Minka. (I found it interesting that Miosotis is not in the Top 20 in the SCORELAND Model Directory, but this could be because a lot of people just don’t take the time to rate the girls.)

This weekend, Miosotis freezes the brain cells of a very lucky bartender. He winds up dumping the contents of her cocktail (probably a Sex On The Beach) all over her incredible hooters. Then he dumps something else on these mammarific marvels of nature. Never have I seen a guy so breastnotized in a video. Maybe a crowbar could wedge his head out of her cleavage. Scientists claim that the average male loses a few IQ points when a big pair is in his line of vision. Our man of the bar rag loses more points than the stock market crash of 1987 when he meets Miosotis!

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The mind of Tiger Woods and other subjects according to Minka

Posted by Elliot James on Aug 29, 2010 in Behind the Scenes, Boobs in the News, Interviews
Minka lives in Vegas but Miami Beach suits her too.

Minka lives in Vegas but Miami Beach suits her too.

On Tiger Woods: “Look at Tiger Woods! It doesn’t matter how much money a man has, his brain is not up HERE. A man’s brain is down THERE. ”

On competitive tennis: “Last year when I was at the National Games in tennis, the other girls were saying, ‘You are a porn star. How can you play tennis?’ I said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll kick your ass!’ And in the final game, they looked at me like they thought they were better than me, and I said, ‘You look at my boobs. You wish you had my boobs. Now I’m going to kick your ass!’ And I killed them all.”

On women in public: “Women are laughing all the time, but men love it. It doesn’t matter how old they are. The women say, ‘Oooooh, that’s disgusting.’  But I say, ‘You wish you had this.’  The men love it. What women think, I don’t care.”

This Monday, check out Minka’s SCORE interview and Miami photos. Maximum Minka on DVD is currently #14 at the eBoobStore and on the Most Watched list at SCOREOnDemand. She really can kick some ass.

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Women’s Tops 50% OFF

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 22, 2010 in Men's Products, New DVD Releases, Other SCORE Group websites
We are always improving customer service.

We are always improving customer service.

What’s shaking this week at our eBoobStore.com? And who’s doing the shaking?

September 2010 Voluptuous magazine rides the top of the charts. Don’t live near a newsstand or mag shop? Get it fast from us. Natalie Fiore is the H-cup covergirl. The layouts include Mianna Thomas, Melonie Maxx, Taylor Steele, Paola Rios, Raquel Grant, Angellyne Hart, Kaytee Carter, Venice Knight and Destiny Rose. Every page is produced with love, devotion and care. Your fingers will feel it.

Check for a big back-issue blow-out sale coming soon. It will be the perfect time to fill those holes in your collection. We do it all here in the SCORE building, by the way. Just like Santa’s toy shop. The eBoobStore is a one-stop shop completely operated by us. No outsourcing to staff in other countries.

September 2010 Voluptuous: no rivals come close.

September 2010 Voluptuous: no rivals come close.

Don’t like recurring charges on your credit card? Try a new  payment option for our websites. SCORE‘s new WebPASS is easy to use. Pay once, get full access to the SCORE site of your choice for one full month. Your membership ends after a month, and there is no rebilling. Join again when you’re ready. Many like recurring because of the automatic renewal so they don’t have to repeat the membership sign-up process, but some don’t like it and won’t join websites  because of it. WebPASS is perfect for them. The full details are inside eBoobStore.com

Now out: the latest quarterly SCORE Videos DVD and novelty mail-order catalog in a downloadable PDF version you can save on your desktop. If you don’t get our print catalog in your regular mail, check this out. The 80-page summer 2010 catalog includes More To Fuck, Maximum Minka, Boob Science, Voluptuous Xtra 12Best of the Boob Cruise, K-JUGS, Christy Marks’ Big Bang and the 7 hour two-disc Breast of Scoreland.

On Location Grand Bahama is fresh out on DVD. In the tradition of On Location Key Largo, On Location Costa del Sol and many other group excursions over the past two decades, Grand Bahama is a fun mix of surf, sun, boobs and babes. Starring Arianna Sinn, Jenna Valentine, Karla James, Natalie Fiore and Taylor Steele. An unbeatable cast. They may have spilled more oil than British Petroleum.

On Location Grand Bahama busts out on DVD.

On Location Grand Bahama busts out on DVD.

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The Top Ten DVDs at the eBoobStore

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 2, 2010 in New DVD Releases

The Top Ten SCORE Group DVDs for June are:

1) Maximum Minka
2) More To Fuck
3) 60Plus Milfs
4) The Best of XL Xtra
5) K-Jugs
6) The Breast of SCORELAND
7) All Stacked All Natural
8) Chocolate Stuffed Milfs
9) The Breast of Stacked & Packed
10) SCORE Best of The Decade

Huge boobs and MILFs dominated in June. Several busty solo collections such as All Stacked All Natural (with Jenna Valentine) still remain strong, an example that hardcore is not the be-all, end-all these days despite all the XXX all over the place today. Continued proof that a lot of guys don’t want to see titties with hairy man-asses (a necessary evil in hardcore). Two new arrivals, Super Sized Rides #2 and Best of the Boob Cruise, are trailing the top ten.

Have a look around the eBoobStore today and check out the streaming trailers for these hot DVDs. There’s lots more to explore too. A downloadable PDF version of the newest printed catalog we mail every quarter has just been added. FYI, the eBoobStore is operated by SCORE at SCORE, not by call-center people 3000 miles away, like that huge computer company that’s made my life miserable.

Reality TV blows so we made our own show.

Reality TV blows so we made our own show.


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Boob Bloopers Part Drei

Posted by Elliot James on Jun 9, 2010 in Boob Bloopers
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