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Boob Bloopers of the Big ’90s

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 25, 2016 in Boob Bloopers

Maybe it's the hay affecting Busty Dusty in a never-seen photo from one of her most well-known photo shoots.


The photographer said "Give me sexy" to Minka and that's what he got.


Lisa Lipps showed why she was nicknamed "The Lipster."

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Claudia Marie, Jessie Simmons and Alexya: a trifecta of tits! And you are the winner!

This weekend, Claudia Marie, young Jessie Simmons in her first XXX cherry-popping scene and Alexya getting her tits out for gardening.

Someone for every boob man.

And then on Sunday, a Tits & Tugs & Tongue with returning busty legend Ivana Gita.

Meanwhile, over at XLGirls.com, fan super-favorite Anna Beck is “The Busty Busker” in a symphony of XXX sex.


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20 Years of Minka: The Jackumentary


Minka wins Hardcore Performer of the Year 2013.

Minka's first SCORE magazine was the October 1994 edition.

In a world where big-bust models come and go, 20 years of continuous involvement is an amazing achievement. The October 2014 SCORE magazine (on-sale July 8, 2014) will mark 20 years since Minka’s debut in the October 1994 issue. The issue will feature a 10-page special devoted to Minka.

Before becoming a dancer and model, Minka was a ranked tennis player, something that remains her passion to this day. “One day, I was playing in the Asian Olympic Games in Chicago, and my friend, she’s a plastic surgeon, she and I were showering together and she said to me, ‘Why don’t you get into the men’s magazines? Don’t teach tennis. How much money can you make teaching tennis?’

“I didn’t even know about the magazines. I had never seen them. So she brought SCORE magazine the next day, and she said she’d never seen any cover of SCORE with an Asian girl. She said, ‘You have a photogenic face. You’re going to make it.’ When my friend showed me the magazine, I saw the telephone number and that’s what I called. I sent three Polaroid pictures. In all the pictures, I had a natural smile on my face. And it was going to be the first time an Asian girl was on the cover. That was very important to me.”

Minka was, in fact, the first Asian model to become a covergirl for any big-bust magazine.

A just-posted Minka “Jackumentary,” now showing at SCORELAND, is a tribute to her resilience. Click here for a preview.

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The biggest boobs in Europe are not the politicians. They belong to Beshine.

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 23, 2012 in New at Scoreland, newcomers, Tits in Tight Tops

Beshine: A living Duncan Gutteridge Fantasy SCORE painting.

Even if Beshine didn’t have those massive mega-boobs, even if she had double-Ds, I’d still have hot nuts for her.

She has a very pretty face, and I love her slim bod, tiny waist, sleek legs and trim butt. I’ll bet you could bounce a quarter off those ass cheeks.

Beshine’s fantasy tits make her a woman who has virtually stepped out of an Otis Sweat painting. A true Tit-an. She must get asked to slow-dance a lot.

Beshine’s had to adapt her life radically to living with a chest that huge, a task she’s handled very well. Activities like driving, exercising and household chores can’t be done the same way anymore. But she loves her breasts and how they look.

She keeps in trim shape. “Every day I do cardio and workouts for my back,” Beshine told us in an interview. “I use an eliptical machine where you can use your arms and legs, but Ionly use my legs because my boobs get in the way.”

We’re posting a bathroom photo set today at SCORELAND with Beshine starting off in exactly what I love seeing big-boobed women wear before she steps into the tub.

She must read the minds of tit-men like me.

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Busty MILFS. Girls-next-door. Bad girls in gold boots. Mega-boobed showgirls. It’s a tit-hound’s paradise!

Poppos poppin' out.

The word desire is in her name.

Angel face. Devil girl body.

Here’s the checklist of destinations to visit until Monday rolls around. Why travel to the mountains when the mountains can come to you?

Destination XLGirls.com: Diane Poppos. The great one returns in a pictorial and video. It was depressing to think that Diane would never again unleash her sweatermounds for the TSG cameras. But the gray skies turned to blue with one phone call almost 10 years after her self-imposed retirement from modeling.

Destination SCORELAND: Desiree is the hooker in gold boots who makes house calls. This dude is looking for some action. He gets more than he bargained for when the redhaired, naturally busty super-vixen drops by to loosen his load. Now that’s service with a smile.

For someone who many would call the ultimate in girls-next-door, look no further than Kali West. No matter what Kali does, she just can’t escape that nice, innocent, sweet image. Hey, it’s a tough world out there.

Super-giant tits that strain her tops and bras to the breaking point. An ultra-slim body with a waist and an ass you could bounce a quarter off. The legs of a Vegas chorus girl. We’re talkin’ Elizabeth Starr.

Destination SCOREVideos.com: Hot wife Krissy Rose has 36F-cups, a pierced pussy and nipple rings.  The brunette soccer mom with a liberal husband satisfies her craving for chocolate and hooks up with a big, black man-pole in her eagerly awaited second video.

Top it all off with a fresh Eva Notty scene at SCORELAND and it’s a tit-hound’s paradise, my friends.

This Monday: German tit-an Beshine. It’s what’s upfront that counts.

Blowing out her sweater, hot wife Krissy is back to swallow more cum.

"I have whacked it to her many times," writes Titster about Starr.

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Stephanie Stalls: Leave It To Cleavage

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 15, 2011 in Interviews, Life With Big Tits, Tits in Tight Tops
Stephanie: look as much as you want.

Stephanie: look as much as you want.

“It’s hard to hide my boobs,” Stephanie Stalls says. “I like shirts that are tight on my boobs. They have to be tight and they have to show my cleavage. If I’m walking somewhere, guys will whistle at me or say, ‘You’re hot.’ Or they’ll be staring at me, and I’ll wave at them to let them know I saw them. Give them a smile.”

Stephanie has a great philosophy. And she practices her philosophy.

How many times have we seen a busty girl who tries to downplay her boob size or looks annoyed when she sees you checking out her chest? It happens a lot. I’ve lost track and so has Dave. I had a sighting the other day at a Miami mall–a woman seriously putting the hurt on a white T-shirt–and the same thing happened. It’s sad and not just because I thought that she had a lot of potential to actually model for SCORE.

That’s why a boob man has to appreciate Stephanie’s attitude. If they could all be like her, the world would be a better place. At least the big-boobed world.

That’s one of the reasons we’re always happy when Stephanie visits SCORE.

She makes the world a better place for boob men.

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Welcome to the jungle!

Posted by Maria on Aug 20, 2011 in Behind the Scenes, Deep Inside Scoreland

Ah, the call of the wild…

Sometimes I like to peruse certain galleries in SCORELAND, and today, I found myself coming across all of these leopard print bikinis. It inspired today’s blog post.

There is something to be said about the whole, “Me Tarzan, you Jane,” fantasy, don’t you think? I for one could totally get into the whole jungle girl/Amazonian woman fetish…but I think that’s mostly because I have a thing for animal prints. lol

While some prefer the nurse fetish or the schoolgirl fantasy, I think that jungle girl kink is really where it’s at. For starters, the outfits are hot. Who doesn’t want to see some hottie dressed up as a savage, half-naked and wild? I know I do. And this kind of thing seems to point in the direction of outdoor sex because if you’re going to put on a wild outfit, why not hit the backyard, secluded area in the woods or…garden section of Home Depot and get busy, right? Plus…imagine the animal noises you could make!

Are you guys into this fantasy? What other kink are you into? I would love to know!



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Today and tomorrow at SCORELAND, Elizabeth Starr’s fucking return! Plus, how Elliot James discovered Elizabeth

Posted by Dave on Jul 24, 2011 in Boob Watch, New at Scoreland
That's not cum Elizabeth lips…not yet, at least.

That's not cum Elizabeth lips…not yet, at least.

I have just returned from watching Elizabeth Starr’s return to SCORELAND (you probably didn’t know this, but the bathroom stalls at The SCORE Group have video monitors so we can watch scenes in private), and I was not disappointed. The scene had all the things I expect from Elizabeth:

1. Dirty fuck talk.

2. Lots of squealing.

3. Spitting on the cock, sucking balls and doing that squat thing she likes to do. What I mean is, when some girls ride cock, they sit on it. But Elizabeth squats on cock–that takes very strong leg and cunt muscles–and rides it hard. By squatting, the cock goes deeper inside her pussy. This girl is a sexual athlete.

Of course, it’s nice that her tits are absolutely huge, much bigger than ever, but it was never specific body parts that made Elizabeth special, and that’s still the case. This girl loves being a nasty, slutty (and now I’m going to say it) whore on camera, a total man-pleaser if ever there was. She’s a fuck toy, a fuck doll, and in the video that airs tomorrow at SCORELAND (photos today), she’s your personal fuck doll.

Elliot James has known Elizabeth for a long time, even before she was a porn star. In fact, Elizabeth credits Elliot for getting her into adult modeling. Elliot is too humble to admit to that, but I asked him to write his memories of meeting Elizabeth, and here’s what he had to say:

“I used to go on Sundays to a photo event called the Las Vegas Bikini Photo Shoot run by Adam Martinez at the Glass Pool Inn on the Las Vegas Strip. (They had an above-ground pool with big windows.) Amateur photo shoots were very popular throughout the western states during the 1990s. Guys would sign up, pay a fee and bring their cameras. The girls would bring their swimsuits. They’d get about 30 or more people, all there to hone their modeling or photo skills. It was bikini glamour posing, nothing nude. At the end of the day, several models would win a prize.

“I met Elizabeth at a shoot in 1993. She wasn’t as nearly stacked as she is now, but I was still very impressed. Later on, I recommended she try professional modeling for men’s mags. She had the magic. Elizabeth sent her photos out, and that was the beginning. A few years later, she wound up being photographed by SCORE‘s contributing shooters in Los Angeles and San Diego. She eventually relocated to California since Vegas at that time didn’t offer a lot of opportunities for models. She’s accomplished a lot since then, more than I would have ever predicted. Elizabeth loves what she does and that’s important.”

That’s right, Elliot. I also love what Elizabeth does, especially in today’s scene, and that’s also what’s important.

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Yeah, it was a magazine-only contest, but we’ll take any excuse to show pictures of Beshine

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 7, 2011 in Contest, New at Scoreland, New DVD Releases, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

Germany’s Beshine has the biggest tits in all of Europe as far as I know, measuring over a whopping 59 inches or 150 centimeters at last count. That’s pretty much five feet around! Along with Beshine’s first appearance in May ’11 SCORE, she autographed one of the enormous bras she wears in her pictorial and interview for a magazine-only giveaway contest. This contest drew the most mail since we started the bra giveaways in March ’07′s issue with Denise Derringer. Beshine’s ultra-rare item is a one-of-a-kind collectors’ piece. It’s a 40K Tango 2 made by Panache. (Sounds like a nuclear missile.)

The winner was T.A. from Tennessee, and these shots of Beshine signing the bra he now owns show why you might want to grab a copy of the magazine once in a while (in addition to your SCORELAND membership, of course). Because you gotta be in it to win it! T.A., a SCORE reader since 1995, said he was “really stoked by the news. I entered the contest on a lark. Just a fan of women like Beshine. The more you could put girls like Beshine in the magazine, the better!” We’re stoked by Beshine.

To veteran readers and members like Mr. T.A., Beshine is a reminder of the big 1990s except she goes way beyond the extremes of breast expansion. Beshine is an Otis Sweat fantasy girl painting come to life.

Other SCORE guys say “This is the type of woman that made me a SCORE man in the 90′s and will keep me a SCORE man in the future.” “Please: Beshine and Minka scene and photo set!” “Amazing woman. Bold decision to go that big. Keep Beshine coming back!”

Beshine appears in The Tit-ans, her only DVD to date.

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